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Are Your Children Typical of their Zodiac Signs?

children zodiac signsHere is a quick description of the children of each zodiac sign.

The Aries child

These children are in a hurry to explore the world – but on their own terms. They want to do things for themselves. They are inpatient and get bored easily. They have dynamic personalities and independent spirits.

The Taurus child

They have a sense of peace and tranquillity and are very sweet children. They like to know what to expect and they don’t respond well to being pushed. They need to discover their own capabilities in their own time. They are very loyal.

The Gemini child

Put them on a computer- they want information! They get bored easily and love things that move fast. They learn to ride a tricycle or bike early. They want to talk on the phone before they can even talk! They make friends easily.

The Cancer child

They like to “play house,” even the boys. They are very sensitive, and sometimes moody. They want to feel needed and are in tune with the needs of others. They are gentle and kind and like to take care of someone or something – like a pet. They can put up a shell so their sensitive side doesn’t show.

The Leo child

These little hams love attention and want to be noticed. They are naturally creative and do things in their own unique way. Even though they are funny and cute, they also have a natural authority and dignity that demands respect. They will always retain their sense of fun and childlike joy.

The Virgo child

Their minds never stop. The wheels are always turning. They understand the world of work and will have very early opinions about what they want to do when they grow up. They are kind and considerate. They want to help and feel useful.

The Libra child

These children are both sweet and smart! They know how to get their own way with their parents without ruffling any feathers. Other people are important to them and they want a busy social life from the “daycare age” on. They love books so read to them a lot.

The Scorpio child

They have much courage, willpower and determination from an early age. They are acutely sensitive, yet they keep their intense feelings under wraps. They are very perceptive about other people and their motives. They have a lot of courage to overcome hardships.

The Sagittarius child

They have a great sense of humor! They love to laugh and play and clown around. Having to dress up or be confined goes against the grain. They have an open and friendly approach to people. They jump right into things and have no fear of new situations.

The Capricorn child

These children have a rather serious approach to life. You might say they have a wise head on young shoulders. They want both recognition and respect. They like to learn how to accomplish practical tasks. Firm guidelines help them feel secure and that everything is under control.

The Aquarius child

These children are free spirits with a strong urge to be different. They may develop at a different pace than other children. They have minds that are both logical and intuitive. Their crazy antics will amuse and surprise you. They will want to find their own way in life.

The Pisces child

Their sensitivity gives them a gentleness with others. They don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. They put other people first and reach out to give support to those in need. They have wonderful imaginations and are intuitive. They like to have a little glamour and mystery around them.

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