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Aries Cartoon Character

Tigger from the popular Winnie-the-Pooh animated feature film is a good representation of the personality of those born under the Sign of Aries. He loves everyone and everything. In order to show you how much he likes you, he has to bounce on you!

tiggerAlthough an Aries person does not normally bounce, exactly, they can get in your space, not to mention your face, with an aggravating frequency. No matter what is going on, they need to be right in the middle of it. People born under the Sign of Aries know what they like, and they do their best to get it – bar nothing!

If an Aries person, like Tigger, does not get what they want, they are immediately hurt to the core that someone would have the temerity to hold them back from their desire du jour.

Tigger, too, has no wish to hurt anyone — he only wants to help. If either Tigger or an Aries person feel like they are not doing the best that they can do, they hide away in their secure and private space and don’t let anyone near – until they feel better and more like their usual ebullient self, of course!

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