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Aries Character From The Movie Troy


This page uses the movie Troy to illustrate character that personify the Aries sign of the zodiac.

Just for fun and variety in learning more about your Sun Sign, I’m describing Aries Zodiac Sign using character from the movie Troy.

Aries and … Achilles!
Achilles is a typical Aries

Achilles is a typical Aries

Great Aries roles are Russell Crowe in Gladiator and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Brad Pitt plays a great Aries role in Troy, the role of Achilles.

Here are some great Aries lines spoken by Achilles in Troy:

  • “We men are brutish things.”
  • Hector killed Achilles’ cousin and now Achilles has killed Hector, Briseis’ cousin. Briseis asks, “When does it end?” Achilles replies, “It never ends”. He is sharpening his sword with a flint, a scraping sound.
  • “These men [the Myrmidons] have bled for me.”
  • “Let me tell you a secret, something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be more lovely than you are now. We will never be here again.”
  • “And do you worship Aries, the god of war, who blankets his bed with the skin of the men he’s killed?”
  • “Trojan soldiers died protecting you today. Maybe you should do more than pity them.”
  • [removing helmet] “Now you know who you’re fighting.”
  • “You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.”
  • “They are waiting for me at the River Styx. They say ‘Welcome, brother'”
  • Briseis: “Why did you choose this life?”
    Achilles: “What life?”
    Briseis: “To be a great warrior.”
    Achilles: “I chose nothing. I was born and this is what I am.”
  • “You won’t have eyes tonight, you won’t have ears or a tongue. You will wander the underworld blind, deaf, and dumb, and all the dead will know, ‘This is Hector, the fool who thought he killed Achilles.'”

Keyword Aries qualities I love … action oriented, get the ball rolling, cut to the chase, make it happen, vividly alive and in the moment, fast forward, not a moment’s hesitation, courageous, plain spoken winners!

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