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Aries Diet Horoscope

Already tried all diets? Astrology now offers a solution, because these are exactly the successful diet horoscope tips and tricks you need. A diet that is just perfect for you. Because your character is the secret behind both becoming slim and staying slim!

Aries: ‘If you’re hungry, you just can’t wait’

Aries, you are the first zodiac sign and, true to your sign, you want to be the first in everything. Spontaneous and dynamic as you are, you will also be the first to try out a new diet. With the risk that you easily quit after an impulsive start … you are seduced by quick and ready – made dishes.
Relax, Aries!

Aries Diet Horoscope

Aries Diet Horoscope

Remember all those nights that you searched trough the contents of the refrigerator, while a good night’s sleep would have helped you also. Aries, if you are tired, you don’t always need to recharge your engine. Treat yourself and have some peace and quiet. Your excessive eating is often a result of anger attacks, impatience or purely physical frustration: because you are so full of energy, you also want to express it. This is done, for example at the table.

Now accept a new challenge: start this diet with your well-known enthusiasm and don’t give up! You ‘ll surprise yourself with your own perseverance. And others wills soon see you as an example.

The Aries Diet

Day 1
Breakfast: an apple and a cup of black or herbal tea
Lunch: ½ fried chicken and a big glass of apple juice
Supper: ½ fried chicken, an apple, a cup of tea


Day 2
Breakfast: A fruit salad of melon, orange, apple and some sunflower seeds
Snack: A large glass of grapefruit juice
Lunch: an tin of salmon (natural) with horseradish, 4 to 5 artichoke bottoms, a glass of water
Snack: a glass of vegetable juice
Supper: ¼ fried chicken, tomato sauce with tabasco, some asparagus and 150 gr. cucumber slices with a little basil and 2 tablespoons of dressing. A glass of water
Evening snack: a whole – wheat biscuit and a chocolate drink based on milk powder


Day 3
Breakfast: an apple, black tea
Lunch: 2 slices of roast beef, a few tomato slices. Tea or a glass of water
Snack: tea or herbal tea
Supper: 2 thick slices of roast beef or roasted turkey, a few tomato slices, a few lettuce leaves with optional dressing. Tea or water

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