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Aries On Eight House Cusp

Aries in 8th house – Aries on the cusp of the eighth house.

Your sense of self is likely affected by or in response to the actions of others. You may be benefitting from the actions of others rather than on your own merits, garnering wealth and abundance from or through them (and you may be seen as truly blessed or as taking undue advantage of others).

Or you may be frustrated that others want to give you wealth or abundance rather than allowing you to earn it for yourself (and you may see this as a way for them to control you or have power over you).

Either way, your self-identity may come through how you are able to get others to take actions on your behalf, or on how the actions of others benefit or detriment you.

Now, Aries on the cusp of the eighth house implies that the individual must become involved in Metaphysics, and undoubtedly, will in the latter part of life. The location of Aries here is in the middle of the third decanate and demonstrates the need to find the polarity of the “I” in relation to the “WE.” The identification of this must come from a spiritual awareness – the spiritual fulfillment of the “I” in relation to others and how it is used in unselfish service to others.

Since it is in the eighth house, directly opposing the second house, when you think in terms of service, would it be service from the viewpoint of economics, or to do the job for somebody? This would be the improper or the negative approach to the service aspect.

Being on the cusp of the eighth house, Aries must learn to help others to help themselves – to become aware of themselves as “a being” and also to teach others the responsibilities to life. By so doing, Aries can give a foundation to the lives of other people, and this foundation will carry the other individuals through life no matter where they are and when the Aries person is not around.

Too often, Aries on the cusp of the eighth house wants to be involved with people from the viewpoint of service, but it could be the aspect of “see what I do” or “look what I’m always involved with” – that sort of thing.

We are dealing with spiritual values as opposed to the material values of the second house – Aries on this eighth house cusp practically demands that the individual become actively involved in some Search for Truth and realize that through Truth, he can find himself, and in finding himself, he can see relationship between himself and others. This could bring about a high level of leadership on the part of the Aries individual.

Aries in the northern part, or houses one through six, leadership could demonstrate itself in economic employment, executive-type positions – this sort of thing. In a higher octave of the southern part of the chart, the leadership could be mental and intellectual – the spiritual, the esoteric.

Any horoscope with Aries on the cusp of that eighth house also has a lesson of the manner in which people end things – whether it is the end of a friendship, the end of a job, the end of a way of life, or the end of a way of thinking. It must be done on a broad-base philosophy.

What is also needed with Aries here is the unification between the astral and the etheric bodies and the balancing of these vibrations. Aries here warns the individual about the awakening of the kundalini improperly and this can be done through abnormal creativity. Actually, with Aries on the cusp of this house, the individual could be raised to great spiritual heights. Undoubtedly, there would be more obstacles, and if the individuals gave in to these obstacles, he could have his own personal purgatory in life.

Another goal is for the person to pay better attention to the building of a better astral body, which is concerned with desires and wishes. In other words, Aries here requires the refining of desires and wishes. It does not mean that desires are denied, but placed on a higher level – not merely the physical gratification. With Aries on this cusp, if this is done, the individual will find that after death, he will be on a higher level on the astral plane.

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