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Aries On Eleventh House Cusp

Aries in 11th house – Aries on the cusp of the eleventh house.

Your actions are probably inspired or (strongly) influenced by your social circle(s) and/or by the collective needs of society or humanity. Be careful that you don’t fall into the idea that you are a leader just because you do something first.

You may find that you may be the first one, but that no one else is following you. If this doesn’t concern you, go about your merry way.

But if you are taking action to generate a following, you may want to consider taking initiative for something bigger than yourself.

With Aries on the cusp of the eleventh house, the “I AM” quality can find the significance of being “at one with” – in other words, the at-one-ment. Here the “I AM” is demonstrated in all of its relationships, first with self, then with others, then with the world. By reaction to the fifth house, it demands that these be creative relationships.

The eleventh house is related to the middle of the fourth quartile, and this fourth quartile concerns itself with the fulfillment of the “WE” concept or, in other terms, universality. So the “I AM” is now being prepared for its final initiation, not so much as “a being” but as a “universal being.” This is where Aries on the cusp of the eleventh house can provide the leadership for universality of self where others are concerned.

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