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Aries On Fifth House Cusp

Aries in 5th house – Aries on the cusp of the fifth house.

You find great pleasure in doing things that bring you joy and pleasure, especially with loved ones. You are apt to be assertive, and you like to take the lead in planning activities or dates.

Even if you don’t actually get to make the plans, once the plans are clear, you’ll likely take the initiative in implementing them. Remember that just because you like doing something doesn’t mean others will enjoy the same activities or how you want to do them.

That said, you often won’t be stopped if you’re the only one interested – you don’t need a following. In romance, you will often be the one to ‘make the first move’ in your relationships.

For men, this would be a fairly traditional role. For women, this would be rather unconventional. Be aware that if someone else makes the first move, you usually won’t respond at all if you’re not interested.

But if you are interested in the person, you will allow quite a bit of time to pass to ‘reset’ the circumstances so that you can take the lead.

Aries on the cusp of the fifth house  is involved with the “I AM” from the viewpoint of creativity. It is interesting that now in the Aquarian Age anyone with Aries on the cusp of the fifth house, the Aquarian Age itself will release the human soul from the blind beliefs of the Piscean Age. Through Aries, there will be no such thing as vicarious experience, and also the recognition that each person is a responsible being, working at his own alertness.

The pioneering aspect of the Aries sign will bring about great opportunities for great work to do in this new age. The time for anyone to start is now, for his personal soul evolvement. People must learn through their own wills and thoughts; they attract to themselves either great fortune or distressful conditions according to the type of thought held in their consciousness.

Now, enjoyment of the physical life depends upon the appreciation of the spiritual qualities. Aries on the cusp of the fifth can bring in soul evolvement and thus refine their bodies to a great degree and bring harmony into their surroundings and in their relationships with others. On the negative side, this can also cause indulgence in the grosser pleasures of life, forgetting the finer things of gracious living.

Aries on the cusp of the fifth house  incorporates some of the qualities of Leo, since Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house. It actually brings an outgoing personality. Leo has a more outgoing personality than Aries does, but the combination of the two can bring about an aggressive, forceful type of personality. The lesson to be learned here is how to use this personality in relationships with others, and being creative in the manner in which we work with others.

This Aries-Leo combination could bring in a dauntless courage and demands that it be used properly and developed into a most highly creative talent within the individual. If used negatively, it can make the individual foolhardy and reckless.

Aries, of course, is a fire sign and naturally represents energy, enthusiasm, and impulsiveness. It is also involved with the spiritual aspect of man. One of the problems with Aries is that the person could be too intense in what he does and must learn to temper this. Also, the value here for Aries is a lesson of humility that could come from the natural ruler of the fifth house, Leo.

Fire is always symbolic of spirituality, and with Aries on the fifth house, you have a double fire energy because of the Leo. Fire on fire could cause quite an explosion, and here is the temperance that is necessary with Aries in this location.

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