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Aries On Fourth House Cusp

Aries in 4th house – Aries on the cusp of the fourth house.

The foundation of your personal or private persona and life built upon your ability to take action in your family and/or home environments.

You may feel most ‘at home’ doing things around the house, or being in action for your family or closest loved ones.

You may find that your eagerness to do things for your family and friends may be perceived by them as being overbearing or overprotective.

Be aware of your tendency to do things just to be doing things – you may find that you are doing more damage than good, generating more things to be done rather than really resolving or completing anything. But no one can ever doubt your desire to do whatever you can for your loved ones.

In the fourth house we are dealing with how we influence and affect others. Here, again, the activity of Aries should be involved in helping others cope with life, helping others to find meaning to life, helping others to find direction in life. This is the beginning of the second quartile, so Aries now has to learn to take the “I AM,” the awareness of self and self-identification as a leader, into the everyday affairs of life.

The only problem is that Aries might become involved by assuming the duties, the burdens of others, because Aries can discharge responsibilities so much better than the average person. The tendency might be for Aries to do it in less time and more efficiently than others. This robs other people of the opportunity of doing for themselves. Even if they make mistakes, at least they can learn from their mistakes, and Aries, often by taking on the responsibilities of others, really cheats others out of the lessons involved in doing.

Here is the involvement: in teaching other people how to cope with life and also with the spiritual interpretation of the sign of Aries, finding their own techniques for individual survival and individual expression. Often, Aries tends to think more of the glory of being the leader rather than letting any of its sheep become individuals. Aries can often be the shepherd and the rest of the people are members of the flock, whereas each member of the flock should be taught to stand on his own two feet and to find his own survival and his own expression, rather than leaning just on the Aries leader.

With Aries, by reaction to the tenth house, the authority that accompanies leadership can become perverted, for Aries could want to rule, but the ruling of Aries never involves dictatorship as it would with some of the other signs. It is more the type of leadership which is doing for the sake of others.

The third decanate of Aries, ruled by Jupiter, is very much involved with propaganda. It is very important for a person with Aries on the cusp of the fourth house to discriminate where spiritual truths are concerned. He should disseminate or spread spiritual truths. Aries can always be a champion – he can be a champion of truth, or he can be a champion of the people, but he should be very careful not to put too much stress on material things.

Another lesson here is for Aries to control thought and emotion. He must harness both and then direct them into worthwhile activities for the good of others. He should give his soul a chance to express the unselfish potentiality within, through his powerful emotions and will. Aries has to recognize his soul as the great Oversoul and therefore a part of ALL. He has to direct his great capacity of love as the tender love of a mother for her child, and direct the compassion toward the aid of those who are in distress, regardless of who they might be.

In this life and in the afterlife, the environment of anyone with Aries on the cusp of the fourth house is determined by the strong desires and emotions now. Those people with Aries here, if they are level-headed, can reach the highest goals if their desires are set on high spiritual levels.

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