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Aries Rules the Head & the Archetype of the Body

Aries, a fire sign, rules the head. This is not meant to construe that people born under the sign of Aries are hot-headed. The key phrase for Aries is, “I am.” Aries typically have unbridled energy and a tremendous psychological drive to prove themselves. Aries need physical expression otherwise they may become depressed or overweight. They become accomplished by learning to think before taking action.

Aries and the Head, Brain, and Mind

The head, taken as a whole, is ruled by Aries. Mars and Mercury are the planetary rulers of Aries and they rule the left and right hemispheres of the brain, respectively. Ancient Wisdom texts state that our goal, as humanity evolves, is to develop in such a way that reason (Mercury), not blind force (Mars), rules.

During the month of Aries, and those with Sun, Moon or ascendant in Aries, we may experience headaches, sinus infections, toothaches, brain disorders, or even bumps to the head. Brain and nerve foods like wheat bulgur, oats, and barley may be nutritionally beneficial to eat. Aries should also eat plenty of fresh salads, especially lettuce, tomatoes and spinach; and drink cooling juices like apple and grape. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is important since Aries people can be prone to potassium deficiency.

The Archetype: The Heavenly Pattern of the Body

While Aries is normally associated in astrology with ruling the head, a lessor known esoteric fact is that Aries also plays an important role with the archetype, or heavenly pattern, of the human body.

The Ancient Wisdom texts state that it is from the fiery field of Aries where the initial impulses of life spark. Since the beginning of creation, the human family has been unfolded by the archetypal forces of the stars. An archetype is a thought-form. This spark, seed of life, is a “germinal idea.” The archetype can be thought of as a vibratory mold composed of mental substance. Into that mold the atoms are drawn and the body is formed. The quality and potency of the atoms is determined by the seed atom of the physical body which carries over from one life to another.

Esoteric texts say that the picture patterns of all that an Ego has been and has attained during past incarnational cycles is vividly outlined in the realms of mental substance. It is also said that by the use of the power inherent in this same mind substance that an individual can gradually alter both his personal and environmental archetypes. It is for this reason that the mind is considered the true inner path of purification and perfection and one of the most important of all the vehicles of spirit.

The statement in the Bible, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” has profound esoteric significance. It is said that it is possible to contact the archetype of any form, through concentration, intention, and visualization, and that when contact is established, the archetype reveals its very nature and life story through sound and light. This idea may have a profound affect on the way we think about maintaining a healthy body in the future.

Aries and the Body

Aries works with:

  • • Externally, Aries rules the head, face, nose, ears, and eyes
  • • Internally, Aries rules the brain, nerve centers, and arteries in the head
  • • Mars and Mercury are the planets transmitting Aries energies and they work with:
  • — Mars rules the left hemisphere of the brain, muscles, blood, and adrenal glands
  • — Mercury rules the right hemisphere of the brain and nervous and respiratory systems

Vitamins, minerals, cell salts, homeopathics, Bach Flower Remedies and herbs for Aries are:

• Vitamin C, B12, essential fatty acids, and folic acids
• Iron, phosphorus, and chlorine
• Cell salt is Potassium Phosphate
• Homeopathics are Aconite Napellus and Kali Phosphoricum
• Bach Flower Remedy is Impatiens
• Herbs are Bergamot, Borage, and Lavender

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