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Aries In Love

If you are an Aries you are sensual and exuberant, passionate, idealistic and devoted, especially when you are in love. However, you are also impatient and you don’t like to feel restricted. Lovers trying to control your behaviour, quickly fall out of grace.


ariesWhen you are in love with an Aries, you should not be shy, subtle or hesistant. Flirt openly. Commonly suggest something impulsively. Do not mislead the Aries’, by letting them think you are not interested. But if all your effort results into nothing, you should withdraw immediately and try being unreachable.Whatever you do, don’t start asking, begging or whining. He/she does not have time for oversensitive behaviour or needs whatsoever.

How could anyone possibly be so charming? So stylish and so confident? Well that is an easy task for an Aries. Aries symbolized, as “the ram” are born dynamos. When you feel drawn to an Aries, it is because of their air of “self assurance, outgoing nature and raw sexual energy. They are ego-driven and obsessed with all that encompasses “success”, “stature and image”. They off the impression that they are “larger than life” and are ready for any challenge no matter what the obstacles are.

If you are exhausted from “the hunt” and want someone else to take the initiative of the chase, Aries is the sun sign to choose. They love to chase rather than be chased. They are natural born initiators. Aries are also known to be great sexual athletes. Many men born under this sun sign have admitted to sexually identifying with “Tarzan”.

When someone or something captures their attention, they look for immediate results and quick returns. Especially in sexual matters. “Patience is not a virtue that an Aries is know to possess. So….take a deep breath and read on-you are in for a wild ride.”

Clues to Allure an Aries

1. Aries love a challenge. DO NOT act interested in getting them into the bedroom. They need to feel they are responsible for the seduction. Do not be a sexual pushover.

2. Always look good-Aries are very image conscious-they must feel confident that you look great by their side. Throw out that old college sweatshirt and replace it with something sexy—preferably in red.

3. Obnoxious displays of wealth will entice this ego-driven charmer. Wear that gold Rolex and don’t be shy about showing those photos of your vacation retreat in the South of France. They love those who “reek of success”.

4. Always appear “ready for anything”. If you so much as yawn they’ll bolt…they love energetic partners.

5. Speak of your career in terms of “going to the top” at all costs. They love driven-ambitious people. Mention your university degree if any. Better yet have someone else make note of your achievements, as you are just to cool to mention them yourself.

6. Name drop….it does not hurt to mention your well-know acquaintances or friends…they love those in the limelight as that is where they think they should be.

Perfect Date For An Aries

The latest trendy restaurant or nightclub where your Aries can parade around in their latest get-up. They love fashion and looking good. A good sushi restaurant where all of the “crème de la crème” congregate. Or better yet a drive in your new Porsche…they love high-end autos.

A Perfect Gift For An Aries

Red, Red and more Red. Be it clothing or a new car. This is their color of choice. Books on money making or something associated with their favorite sport. Example: maybe a ski weekend in Vail? Or that Versace belt they cannot live without.

What should you talk about With An Aries?

Fame, status, winning, their brilliant career. Or better yet talk about your destiny for greatness and your business savvy. These topics are sure to impress.

Want to Allure an Aries into the bedroom?

All is fair in love and war.

One thing for certain: never forget that the Planet Mars, the God of War, rules Aries. Love is war to an Aries. Once they have conquered you, prepare to be history.

Playing hard to get will get you everywhere with this dominant sun sign. They require a challenge—so be one. Feign indifference. They will be all over you. Should you lavish them with compliments and praise, they will love it but will not be interested in you sexually. Intrigue is the name of this game. NEVER let them feel they have you before you have had your romp in the hay. If you do, chances are you won’t see that haystack. Timing is key with an Aries as they are hot in the beginning. Be bold and maybe confess a secret sexual fantasy that has yet to be fulfilled. This should tempt them into participation.

Or better yet, seduce them with the smell of battle. Consider the following battlegrounds: chess, backgammon, stimulating debate, poker or tennis. They are very competitive so entice them with the excitement of a possible victory (for them that is). They love to be winners.

Another interesting method is that of a new thrill. Can you offer them some new adventure they have yet to participate in. How about ski diving or a jaunt in a hot air balloon? This is a perfect seduction technique, as they love new experiences-the wilder the better.

Ready to end your relationship With An Aries?

Depending upon who does the “dumping” will determine how an Aries will react. Egocentric creatures that they are, should they end the relationship, your feelings will amount to nil in their eyes. However should you be the one to end it, you will have committed the inconceivable.

An Aries cannot comprehend why anyone would not want to be with them. Your best bet would be to handle their fragile egos with kid gloves. Example: “You are just too overwhelming for me”. “You deserve someone better than me”They will actually believe this drivel because what other reason could there be? If possible try to orchestrate the breakup by letting them think it was their idea. Or if you really want them out of your life for good, start behaving like a whimpering, star struck fan that cannot get enough of them. This will send them reeling, as they do not like weak partners. Do this and you can sure too never hear from them again.

At their best?

Aries at their best personify raw sexual energy and amazing personal magnetism. They are born leaders. Their energy can be intoxicating. They can help you rediscover that passion you have long been hiding. Those born under this sign have a lust for life that is unmatched.

Who’s hot:

Warren Beatty, Steve McQueen, Elle Macpherson, Shannon Doherty, Marlon Brando and Diana Ross

Who’s not:

Wayne Newton, Elton John, Tiny Tim, Doris Day, Francis Ford Coppola, and Debbie Reynolds.

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