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Aries June 2017 Horoscope

Aries June 2017 Horoscope Monthly Overview

Aries, in the first week of June your sign ruler Mars moves into the soft and sensitive sign of Cancer, where it will be until July 20th. This is a period when the focus is very much on your local environment, home and family. June will be quite harmonious whilst July is more intense. You will tend to be more emotional in this period, and fiercely protective of family boundaries.

As Venus, which naturally bonds with Mars, also changes sign at approximately the same time, moving into Taurus, there will be harmony between you and loved ones, and a very favorable economic climate. Clearly the early summer is going to be pleasurable for you, and you can expect to both get money and spend money, especially if you have initiatives for home improvement, gardening and other domestic interests. This is a good time for love, and the pleasures that come from a stable relationship.

During the last week of June there is even more focus on family life, and it is good to gather the family together to enjoy life. Perhaps relatives will be joining you at this time, and it is a very active period for being with brothers and sisters. By this time however, there may be some family feuding, not least because of your own strong feelings and opinions. Don’t forget diplomacy.

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