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Aries In Karmic Astrology

Aries and Past Life Lessons

The lessons this lifetime brings to the zodiac sign of Aries are designed to develop self-confidence and individuality as well as build self-esteem and independence.

Individuals who are born under the sign of the ram find the lessons being learned in this lifetime to revolve around finding and asserting themselves. The challenges set forth for this warrior will be to make a distinctions between being assertive and being aggressive.

Past Life Experiences of the Warrior

Lessons Aries must learn are designed to develop self-confidence and individuality, build self-esteem and independence. This often leads people to see the ram as self-centered, egocentric and basically full of themselves. The challenge is for the Aries to develop individuality and still consider other peoples needs and desires.

Certainly a shadow characteristic of the Ram is the trait of aggression. Past lives of being a warrior in battle or pioneer in conquest have developed this dynamic attribute and in some cases overdeveloped. If not put in check the Aries becomes an intimidator and bully.

During this lifetime, Aries will need to gain the knowledge required to balance these traits by learning to recognize the difference between assertion and aggression, standing up for themselves without waging war. The first sign of the zodiac will also have the opportunity to develop patience and tolerance.

Family, Relationships and Karma

Aries are very loyal and protective of their family. Again these traits are that of a warrior working in the guard. They are loyal to their family as they were loyal to their king, they will protect their family with their lives, as they once did for their county and the royal family.

On the other hand, this is not a person to go up against, as there is still a lot of fight left in this strong-willed soldier. They will win and more importantly, ensure their opponent looses.

Business Karma

Those born under the sign of Aries are the epitome of “mover and shaker”. Able to spot an up and coming trend before the trendsetters, the ram is a dynamic individual who has a knack of finding just the right answer at just the right time and who know just what to do with the information. They have the ability to think quickly on their feet and are usually right.

Due to the rams past lives as warriors they are natural born leaders. They are ambitious and enthusiastic; they see an opportunity and run with it. They have an innate ability to motivate the pack when a project has lost its direction or a deadline is looming. However, do not expect them to explain themselves or their actions and never expect them to admit a mistake. They also want what they want, when they want it and do not accept it any other way. If an Aries is to succeed in this life time they will have to learn a little diplomacy and the gentle art of persuasion.

Aries – To seek the freedom to act and to express yourself freely

They may talk about “what they would do” or they may tie themselves to a weight or obstruction and thereby wait for freedom or permission to act (and wait a long, long time). Very likely the tie is merely a string! Remember, just because you are busy and active does not mean that you are getting any nearer your goals. Harness your drive to a good plan and you can go far!

“Action follows thought.”

Amazon warriors, Greek athletes, athletes in general, old warriors, i.e. Napoleon, inventors, independence/dependence dialogues, freedom/ imprisonment dialogues, boundary issues, illnesses suffered because of immunilogical or boundary diffusing.

Some women have breast problems with prominent Aries characteristics (The Amazon Women had to cut off one breast for greater accuracy).

Aries with severe headaches will often not be exercising and circulating their blood to the extent they need.

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