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Aries In Karmic Astrology

Aries – To seek the freedom to act and to express yourself freely

They may talk about “what they would do” or they may tie themselves to a weight or obstruction and thereby wait for freedom or permission to act (and wait a long, long time). Very likely the tie is merely a string! Remember, just because you are busy and active does not mean that you are getting any nearer your goals. Harness your drive to a good plan and you can go far!

“Action follows thought.”

Amazon warriors, Greek athletes, athletes in general, old warriors, i.e. Napoleon, inventors, independence/dependence dialogues, freedom/ imprisonment dialogues, boundary issues, illnesses suffered because of immunilogical or boundary diffusing.

Some women have breast problems with prominent Aries characteristics (The Amazon Women had to cut off one breast for greater accuracy).

Aries with severe headaches will often not be exercising and circulating their blood to the extent they need.