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Aries and Libra Opposite Signs

aries libraEvery sign has its opposite sign which supplies a mirror reflection of the qualities which appear to be lacking in the first sign.

Aries is the sign of the self and self development. The natives of this sign are considered to be open, forthright, direct, courageous, and enthusiastic. The majority of Aries people have immediate access to their will and their drives, so they are easily able to initiate the action it takes to get the job done. They take the shortest possible route to achieving their goals. This enables them to follow any course of action, whether romantic, business or social, with great zest and a total lack of ambivalence. They don’t care if this course of action creates conflict. There are, as in all cases, exceptions to that rule. There are exceptions for every single case I site. Please take it for granted that when I say “are” I mean “generally are”.

Opposite Sign of Aries

The sign opposite Aries is Libra, the sign of diplomacy. Libra people want to generate peace in their surroundings. Libra is the sign associated with the significant other and with the need to create relationships. Libras are constantly considering what will make them happy in relation to what will make their partners happy. They are often willing to compromise their own positions in search of that illusive point of harmony, of equilibrium. If you take one point of view, they want to take the other in order to maintain a balanced point of consideration. Libras need to be fair. Just as the legal system insists that each defendant have an advocate to explain his side of the case, so must the Libra demand consideration of all the facts of a situation before they decide their course.

Aries and Libra going off to a job interview

Pretend you are an Aries going off to interview for a new position. The first thing you do is decide that you truly want the job. The next thing is to get fired up, enthusiastic and read up on all the things you need to know about the company. You tell them why they need you and what you can offer them. Then you don’t take no for an answer.

Now switch hats and pretend you are a Libra. You are not sure you want the job, but you do want to consider all the possibilities. You will investigate the company, finding out what strategies they use in order to market their goods and services, trying to comprehend their needs. Instead of telling them what you can offer them the first thing you do is to bond with the person who interviews you. You tell them that creating relationships is the key to doing business. Libras certainly know how to use their charm and tact in order to create alliances. Perhaps it was a Libra who said you catch more fliess with honey than you do with vinegar.

Aries and Libra at a clothing sale

You are now at a clothing sale with an Aries friend and a Libra friend. Who will get the garment of their choice? Well it depends.

If what it takes to get the garment is the speed with which to cross the room and snatch the clothes off the rack before anyone else does, then the Aries will probably win. From the moment the Aries walked into Bloomindale’s and spotted that red suit on the center left rack, she knew she had to have it.

Your Libra friend on the other hand has been casing Bloomingdales for three weeks in preparation for that sale and has found the very same red suit. She has also been looking at the black sweater, the navy blazer, a beautiful peach blouse and so on. In the meantime she has charmed every salesperson on the floor. One of her new friends at Bloomingdale’s has offered to set aside that suit for her when it goes on sale in her size. Now who do you think is going to get that suit?

Perhaps you will recognize the difference in strategy when I mention the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars was the god of War in mythology and represents in astrology what it means to be a warrior and a man. Mars/Aries is aggressive, assertive, forthright, tough, courageous and self interested. The problem with the typical Aries is that they often don’t take the feelings of others into consideration before embarking upon their course of action. Their eye is only on the task at hand and its completion. Aries people always take up their challenge with great focus, and although this often makes them successful, it can simultaneously lead to their downfall in the area of relationships.

Opposite Sign of Libra is Aries

The sign opposite Libra is Aries, the sign of warrior. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus who prefers to attract favors to her rather than pursuing the object of her desire. Venus, known in Greece as Aphrodite, was the goddess of love, beauty and the arts. Libras are lovers not a fighters. Venus is less interested in questing than she is in improving those qualities which make her desirable as a lover or as a business associate. She learns how to package herself and her ideas in the most pleasing manner and then sees who takes the bait. She doesn’t ask directly for what she wants; that would be way too Aries/Mars.

It is difficult for Libra to make decisions and this often creates the very conflict that she seeks to avoid. Libra must learn to deal with the evitable loss of harmony that comes when you must be clear about what you need. You can’t always please people.

The Aries/Libra Axis in Astrology

In astrological terminology a predominance of planets in Aries means that you will lead a life that bears a greater resemblance to that of a man. This is true regardless of your sex, or for that matter your sexual preference.

If you are an Aries-type man you may find it easy to live up to societal expectations of a traditional male. You are a courageous pioneer. You love to treat your business or social life as a challenge. You enjoy the opportunity to prove yourself in sports, racing fast cars, and being active whether physically or sexually. If you are a Libran female you might likewise find it easy to follow the proscribed feminine route. Creating relationships is easy for you. You enjoy the arts, dressing up, and flirting outrageously. You may also enjoy the more intellectual pursuits associated with Libra, such as the law or politics. You pursue those abstract theories and interests with grace and a natural sense of symmetry and fairmess.

If on the other hand you are an Aries female you may feel uncomfortable with the Libra role. You think that women who pursue the Libra course are simpering and disingenuous. Why don’t they just come out and say what they mean? You always do. You may love sports, in fact be a bit of a tomboy. You also love your independence and don’t want to have relationship or obligations effect your decision-making process. As a Libra male, you may feel rather nerdy, intellectual or effete. Other men think you are a bit feminine. You have always enjoyed the arts and particularly love fixing up you home to make it look beautiful. You always try to be fair and considerate to others. You are a gentleman.

The first thing you need to do when deciding what side of the axis you fall into is to ask yourself some basic questions. Nearly everyone I know, with the possible exception of three people, is predominantly Aries or Libra. If you don’t already know by this stage in the description you are probably more Libra. Having trouble making up your mind again? Just to be fair I’ll offer a short quiz.

If you answer yes to the following questions you are more likely to relate to the Aries side.

  • Do you love watching the NHL, the NFL, the NBA, and can’t wait for spring training?
  • Do you enjoy going to the auto show, boat show, RV show?
  • Do you enjoy competitive environments at work as well as at play?
  • Do you keep track of your sexual conquests or business victories?
  • Do you feel like you are on a quest when you undertake a new project?
  • Are your own interests your top priority?

If you answer yes to the majority of the following questions you are more likely to relate to the Libra side of the axis.

  • Do you prefer a fine bottle of wine to a cold draft beer?
  • Do you enjoy going to a massage therapist for a thorough spoiling?
  • Do you read Architectural Digest or Interiors?
  • Do you enjoy spending time deciding whether to wear the blue tie or the striped one in order to make the right impression at that important business meeting a la American Gigolo[1]?
  • Do you prefer to have a number of options from which to choose when deciding what you are going to do for the next hour, week and decade?
  • Do you like a sense of harmony at work or at home?
  • Do you go out of your way to avoid conflict?
  • Are relationships your top priority?

Now that most of you, except for the Libras, know which side of that axis you fall into let me complicate the matters for a moment. These signs often reflect elements of their opposite sign at times because, as I mentioned, the opposite sign supplies a mirror reflection of the qualities which appear to be lacking in the first sign. This can be a good thing because my suggestion for a successful life is to balance all your axes. In other words there are times when independent action is the right course, and times when relationship interests are paramount. There are times when you need to have conflict and argue, and times when you need to create peace. There are times when the masculine side of your nature is useful, times when the feminine side should take over.

If you constantly live on one end of this axis you tend to get stuck in one role. Let’s say you are an Aries/Mars type female and often take the lead in establishing relationships. There may be times when you want the man to take the lead but you are stuck in a rut. You have cultivated one side of your nature to the exclusion of the other. It could be that as a Libra-type male you always attract dominant women who make you feel weak. Perhaps there are times when you want to play the supporting role, but not all the time.

Examples of Aries or Libra types

Bill ClintonAn example in the public domain of a dominant Libra side is former President Bill Clinton. (He was not born a Libra, he’s a Leo.) His Libra side allows him to connect with others in a charming fashion. This also serves to shove his wife unceremoniously into the Aries role as the dominant aggressive female. (She was not born an Aries either; she’s a Scorpio.) She often takes the role of the heavy while he takes the role of conciliator. Clinton also chose Aries Al Gore (March 31, 1948) as his running mate. This should be a clue to all the Libras who are still trying to decide which sign is the dominant one in your life. If the majority of important people in your life act like Aries types, then guess what that makes you?

Walter ChryslerThe classic Aries-type male may be embodied by automobile pioneer and mechanic Walter Chrysler born April 2, 1875. Libra Ralph Lauren (October 14, 1939) made his fortune in the feminine world of fashion. Barbara Walters (September 25, 1931) made her living on the ability to create rappore with strangers. Walters became an expert at understanding how to create relationships through her interviews – a great female Libra-type. Aries Danica Patrick (born March 25, 1982) made it in the all male world of race car driving.

Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van DammeSteven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme may seem similar in many ways. Both are great martial artists and actors. I am sure they have both learned how to deal with conflict. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they were both Aries – but they aren’t. One of them took up ballet as a child – that’s the Libra.

Can you guess which one is an Aries and which one a Libra? Seagal was born April 10, 1952 and Van Dame was born October 18, 1960.

Lady Margaret ThatcherLady Margaret Thatcher (born October 13, 1925) both had to learn the concepts of fairness (Libra) and fight her adversaries (Aries) in the British Parliament. Thatcher also favored a ladylike Libra image.

First female Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi(born March 26, 1940) has also acted as a lightening rod for conflict (Aries) as well as compromise (Libra).

Naomi WattsFamous Libra beauty and actress Naomi Watts (September 28, 1968) dated the handsome and talented Aries actor Heath Ledger (April 4, 1979). Opposites often attract – who wouldn’t be attracted to these two?

Interestingly enough, Naomi picked fellow Libra Liev Schreiber (October 4, 1967) as her eventual mate. I guess like attracts like in this case. I wonder if they take turns deciding who is going to play Aries?

Brigitte BardotAlthough there are beauties of every sign, this Libra beauty made Wayne and Garth say “We are not worthy!” Heather Locklear (September 25, 1961) joins another Libra beauty Brigitte Bardot ( September 28, 1934) in being the supreme love objects of their day.

These Libra women were almost as well known for their relationships as they were for their art and beauty.

Alec BaldwinFor an example of how the transits actually work, look at the lives of Aries Alec Baldwin (born April 3, 1958) and Libra Kim Kardashian (born October 21, 1980). Both Alec and Kim are having intense learning experiences about how to behave appropriately, how to express their anger and how to deal with relationships. They both have a 1-7 relationship to Saturn at this time, exposing them to criticism about their choices and behaviors. I doubt that either Kim or Alec have a dominant Saturn but I certainly see the effects of this planet on their lives right now. Do you?

[1] Film made while Pluto signifier of prostitution was in Libra, the sign of fashion and beauty.

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