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Aries On Ninth House Cusp

Aries in 9th house – Aries on the cusp of the ninth house.

You are drawn to activities which inspire you to take actions in alignment with philosophical and/or spiritual beliefs. Be careful that good intentions to share or teach your beliefs do not become dogmatic pressures on others to believe what you believe.

You may find that communicating the wisdom of your life experiences helps you find and/or define your self-identity. You may also find that your philosophical and/or religious beliefs contribute greatly to your self-identity.

Aries in 9th house deals with higher education, but, more, it requires that the person establish a philosophy and use his higher mind. The higher mind should be employed in attaining a philosophy of life. This is still involved with the third quartile of the “WE” concept, but represents the fulfillment of this, and this can imply the complete identification of self with others. The lesson with Aries on this cusp is proper leadership in higher mind activities, recognition of the higher self within, leadership in fields of study such as philosophy, psychology, and religions.

Another thing that anyone with Aries on the cusp of the ninth house would need is patience with others and also granting to others the freedom of expression, rather than “I am right – you are wrong.” There should be the respect given to the thoughts and opinions of others even though these thoughts and opinions might differ from the individual’s own thoughts.

Since Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the ninth house, there might be a tendency on the part of the “I AM” to be self-centered from the viewpoint of the world in relationship to Aries, rather than Aries in relationship to the world. By reaction to the third house, all activities of that ninth house must be applied or shared with others. Here, also, is the Christ Concept and can be the identification of “self” from the viewpoint of the Christ Concept, which is involved with Harmony and Wisdom.

The “I AM” quality of Aries on the cusp of the ninth house is always related to, by reaction to the third house, self-identification. So here Aries demands that the individual identify himself completely with the higher learning, the higher Truth, and these must be correlated with the “WE” concept because, again, knowledge is not to be used selfishly.

The lesson for Aries here is the sharing of Wisdom and Knowledge gleaned through study, through the use of the higher mind, through participation, and through the Christ Concept. The natural ruler of the ninth house, Jupiter, brings in that Wisdom as well and the Wisdom of the Masters. So, here is Aries as representing the leadership that should be developed in these areas.

There is further influence from Sagittarius here because Sagittarius is the ruler of the third decanate of Aries anyway. They are the spontaneous people and have enthusiasm for ideas and plans which interest them and a special ability to impart that enthusiasm to others.

It is not enough for them to believe something that is worthwhile; they must broadcast it to the ends of the earth. They can be very quick to attack falsehood and corruption, as they are striving for worldwide recognition of such Truths as they have found. They think quickly, and when well developed, realize that material knowledge, when completely understood with its spiritual aspects, will vanquish selfishness.

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