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Aries On First House Cusp

Aries on the cusp of the first house.

The sign of Aries offers to the individual good training for a higher and more spiritual life. Through the “I AM” concept of Aries, the individual has the ability of survival and the ability of expression. Here are two energies of different polarities acting on a single center. The energy of Aries can either tear down or build up.

Now, what would be the lesson of Aries on the first house?

On an esoteric level, Aries represents extreme momentum towards growth. Growth is the quality that we are looking for in every sign of the zodiac, and this growth will come according to the activities of each house. It is very interesting that, on an esoteric level, the primitive, or what is known as the primordial desires for manifestation in life in the body are represented through the Aries sign. That is why the “I AM” is always involved with the ego.

According to some esotericists, the ego of God is implied as being perverted here because the ego of God seeks manifestation, and, in man, the ego becomes perverted and self-centered, whereas the ego of God is to create and to make manifest all things. Aries emphasizes the idea of “self,” the basic original structure of the individual, the will to be made manifest. Actually, the duality of Aries insofar as ego or “I AM” where these two are concerned, we really speak about the ego of God and the ego of man.

Thinking in terms of reincarnation and karma, why would a person come in with Aries on the ascendant? What is the lesson involved?

From this viewpoint, the lesson involved here is the proper development of the “I AM.” The “I AM” in the form of a personality is important because the personality is what the world sees of you – how the world sees you as an individual, because this is the way you are presenting yourself to the world.

Of course, by thinking in terms of the duality, or balance of the horoscope, this personality should always be functioning for polarity through concern and consideration for others – first house balanced by the seventh house. The problem is that in order for a person to develop through Aries on the cusp of the first house, he has to remember that this “I AM” personality should not be self-centered selfish ego, but ego as it relates to life and to individuals.

The karma that could be developed here is the improper use of the personality – perhaps to be too pushy, too aggressive, too domineering, and too impatient where others are concerned. Aries has to learn to step down from his throne is a good expression to describe this. If Aries is on the cusp of the first house, it would imply a double dose of karma, because Aries also begins the natural zodiac.

So therefore, the necessity is implied here for new beginnings, since Aries does represent the new beginning, new year, the new life, the new planting of seeds. That is why Aries people are more aggressive. What is also implied is that the individual must also develop a well-organized personality and be consistent in its expression.


Aries in the 1st house:

You identify yourself through your actions and activities. Being still or stagnant is NOT for you – you are a ‘doer’, and if you’re not doing something, as far as you’re concerned, you’re not being.

You must be first! You lead the charge, and could care less if anyone else is following you or not. As soon as you are inspired, you are in motion. You may want to make sure that you’re not leaving others in the dust behind you…unless that’s your whole intention.

You are likely assertive, willing to take the initiative in most if not every situation. However, you are also passionate, and you can be rather intense for some. Your ‘passion’ can be perceived (wrongly or rightly) as aggression or anger, and it tends to be quick to make an appearance.

Be careful not to allow your passion to get the better of you. This house placement for Aries more than any other is apt to act before it thinks…and you may not be able to undo what you’ve done.

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