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The Aries Parent

If one of your parents is an Aries, they’re fun since they like to play and have a good time with you. But they can be very busy and might seem to always be running around like crazy. Tell your Aries parent you want time with them when that happens — they’ll probably slow down right away and do something with you.

Sometimes Aries parents get angry quickly, yell at you and then forget about it just as fast. Just give them time to cool down and explain nicely that they hurt your feelings. Most likely they will be glad you were open with them.

Aries Children

You are exciting! You’re always ready for an adventure. You love to be the leader. Kids like you because you will climb trees, play sports or other games at a moment’s notice. You laugh a lot. You are very brave and you can help other people get over their fear of the dark, thunder, snakes, or whatever they’re afraid of. You’re not very patient and can get angry quickly. Try to take a deep breath and count to 10 before you say something that might hurt someone’s feelings. It’s hard for you to sit still, so homework and chores can be boring for you. Just do the tasks anyway, knowing you can get outside to run around and have fun soon enough! Read more about Aries Children

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