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Aries Physical Appearance

ARIES March 21- April 20

Ruler: Mars / Element: Fire/ Mode: Cardinal

Aries consciousness as symbolized by the Ram: Spontaneous action, life force, uninhibited energy, the creation. The symbol for Aries resembles a ram’s horns spiraling outward from a center point not unlike science’s “big bang” universe creation hypothesis.

Aries Physical Appearance:

Aries is muscular and energetic. Shoulders are broad and hips are narrow. Medium height is typical, although there are some short wiry and muscular types.

Aries Physical AppearanceAries rules the top of the head and eyes. Therefore, the hair and eyes are noticeable in some way. Intense color contrast is typical. Wiry and curly very blond, very red, or very black hair seems typical. The head may rise up at the crown. A distinctly balding sign. Very shiny black or ice blue eyes, full of zest and spark. The nose is prominent in two styles: sharp and aquiline (like and eagle) or sharp and upturned with the nostrils showing from the front. Often, the mouth is sharply drawn and compressed. This is one of the longest lived signs, provided premature death by war or accident does not occur.

The Aries type projects dynamic force and pizzazz. Remember: you need not be an Aries to be an “Aries type”. Only one of every three or four people truly fits their Sun Sign physical profile to perfection. An Aries appearance can also be produced by a prominent Moon or Ascendant in Aries. A prominent Mars near the Ascendant can also demonstrate the martial “Aries look” and temperament.

Aries Temperament:

Impatient, spunky, positive, cheerful, energetic and fun loving. Aries can also be irritable and prefers to accomplish all tasks without delay. They have an ambitious manner and are somewhat unconscious of their effect on others. Always game for a new project, Aries folks like to carry out their plans and satisfy their urges NOW! This is an independent and passionate sign.

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