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Aries psychological profile

Aries is involved in a dynamic which has to do with the definition of Self. He is the child of the zodiac, full of physical energy, lust for life, and a passion for the present moment. By nature warm, Aries may charm others with the simple zest with which he greets life. Enormous potential energy lies within Aries, and he is happiest with a creative project into which he can pour his spirit.

And yet Aries, by definition a young energy, must overcome insecurity and gain experience and perspective, so that his efforts are not judged naive. Aries is a forceful sign, rugged, lusty, adventurous, and willing to risk. He burns with a bright flame, but must take care not to “burn out.” Ruled by Mars, the warrior god, Aries enjoys passion, struggle and healthy competition, but can occasionally become pushy, bossy, or warlike.

The most common criticism of Aries is that, on occasion, he is simply unaware of the existence of others. Rapt with enjoyment of his own being, others may become simply a screen upon which he projects his one-man show. This complaint can be devastating for Aries, since he doesn’t intend to injure or snub others, and is often unaware that he delivers monologues, performs precociously, ignores people, or says and does things without considering how others will feel. Guilt can torment Aries when he realizes he has been unkind, since this was not his intention. When Aries realizes that his deepest insecurity – fear of being engulfed by others – is at the root of such problems, he can overcome this troubling dynamic and find great satisfaction in healthy human relationships that embrace his self-expression.

Sometimes-paradoxical questions which will be important to Aries’ long-term development are:

  • “How can I be myself and also relate fairly and fully to others?”
  • “How can I maintain personal freedom within society’s laws and limits?”
  • “How can I build a healthy relationship with excitement, by taking risks judiciously?”

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