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Aries On Sixth House Cusp

Aries in 6th house – Aries on the cusp of the sixth house.

You are very active in attending to your everyday activities (work, service). It’s likely that you do a LOT in your day, and most of it is done attending to the practical day-to-day details of your life.

You may find you have great dificulty in leaving the actvities and challenges of the day behind you. Rest and relaxation are not your strong suit as you are more likely to keep busy attending to the healing and wellness of others rather than your own. For this reason, take care not to run yourself into the ground being constantly on the go in the name of service.

Aries on the cusp of the sixth house is involved with the lesson of having developed the “I AM” – its awareness, its identification and application to all of this in the daily affairs of life. On the sixth house, we are involved with service to mankind, the public, and health. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house, so Aries can be very much involved with leadership in service organizations and service activities.

The lesson to be learned here is that this leadership and service should be done from the viewpoint of selflessness rather than selfishness – not as a reflection of the Aries person himself, but as a reflection of the qualities of service. They make wonderful executives and can do much when it comes to any type of organizational work relating to public needs and public wants, but must be extremely aware of the fact that they must learn to delegate authority; they must not try to do everything themselves.

Returning back to the quality of service, Aries should never be conscious of the fact that he is being of service, never expect the service to reflect personality and expect gratitude and a pat on the back.

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