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Aries Tattoo Designs

Aries Tattoo Designs Ideas

Aries is not only the first sun sign but is also a fire sign, so naturally Aries are some of the most aggressive and passionate people out there. Those born under this sign are fiery and getting a tattoo that incorporates fire is a great way for them to show off this side of themselves. Red is the color for this sign so adding red to any tattoo they get is a must.

Aries Tattoos Great Ideas for Zodiac Tattoos

To give you more of an idea on the style of Aries tattoos also known as ram tattoos you can custom design, you should remember some important elements that you need to take in consideration before designing Aries Tattoo.

Aries being the first of the twelve wonderful zodiac signs (cute aries tattoos) is mainly associated to the constellation of Aries and is portrayed by an animal called the ram. If animal designs bore you, you can choose an Aries glyph instead which almost look like the letter “V” only halfway coiled down ends that embodies the horns of the ram.

Aries depicts the fire element which can provide you an idea how the design can be manipulated in a more artistic way. Since people who are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries are known to be impulsive and strong, it can be envisioned how many ways Aries tattoos can be incorporated into very unique and powerful tattoo designs. It always makes sense to take some time researching about how you relate yourself with your zodiac sign prior to the tattooing process.

The Aries glyph tattoo designs are best placed in body parts such as your shoulder, ankle, upper back or your wrist. These are eminent tattoo pieces which can be inked to lovers side by side to show intimacy.

Since people who are born under the sign of Aries are known to be very blunt, forceful and bold, you can celebrate your sign by making inimitably humorous design which can be more appealing than most Aries tattoos’ styles.

Furthermore of Aries Tattoo, if you consider yourself as a courageous person you can demonstrate your sturdy fighting spirit through a tattoo that would mark your skin with an emblem of courage.

Ideas are almost endless once you find the perfect inspiration for the Aries tattoos you fancy.

It would be better if you could keep your selection to only few (Aries Tattoo) art ideas wherein you can meet with your professional Aries tattooist to brainstorm your visual insights and come up with the final piece. Put into mind that your creativity is the main key to achieve the astrological Aries Tattoo you’ve always wanted.

Your mind is the best creator of Aries Tattoo.

Aries Tattoo Designs

The Aries man or woman has plenty of personal pride in who they are, so getting their last name in red ink or with blazes of fire around it would be a great tattoo choice.

Arians are highly loyal and patriotic, a flag or symbol of their nationality would work well. Or simply inking the word “Loyalty” to show their strongest virtue.

A Phoenix tattoo would be perfect for this sign. The phoenix is a mythological bird, which rises from the fire of its own destruction and is reborn. This represents that despite everything an Aries has gone through in life they have the strength to rise from it and be reborn from the flames. It represents their strength, incorporates the fire of their sign, and since each astrological year begins in Aries it connects to the rebirth of the bird.

Aries is represented by the ram. Rams are an animal which characterize leadership. An Aries can get either a whole ram or simply the ram’s horns tattooed. The glyph symbol, which looks somewhat like a ‘V’ with curling ends, is a good way to represent the ram as well without getting the whole animal tattooed.

Other animals that represent strength and leadership would also work. For instance a dragon tattoo, would not only stand out like an Aries often does, it would also represent their dominating personality.

Quotes on strength and leadership are a great idea as well. Aries are not ones to back down from any kind of struggle and this is something they are proud of. A tattoo that says “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger” in red writing (or any other saying that represents their willingness to go through whatever life brings). Such a tattoo can be placed on their back as a way for them to show others that they simply grow even stronger from adversity.

Their birthstone is the magnificent diamond, which will work well as a wrist tattoo. An Aries wouldnt mind getting a tattoo on their wrist because they arent shy about everyone seeing it and their definitely not afraid of pain.

Aries is a cardinal sign which means they want to lead and even rule others maybe rule the world if they could. A tattoo that shows the globe in an eyeball to represent that they have world domination on their mind symbolizes their hidden desire be a big global influence.

Aries are usually very impulsive and somewhat dramatic don’t be surprised if an Aries friend or family member gets a bold tattoo on impulse!

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