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Aries On Tenth House Cusp

Aries in 10th house – Aries on the cusp of the tenth house.

Your actions are usually taken for public or professional identification or gain. Your self-image is rooted in your public and professional role(s) and the actions you take in that (or those) roles.

It is likely that others will measure your professional credentials or your public credibility by your activities and actions and results of those actions.

You may be seen as assertive or aggressive, and your temper may be well-known among your colleagues and in industry circles.

Here we are involved with the authority of leadership, whether this leadership demonstrates itself in government or profession; this is immaterial. The leadership that we are thinking of now is related to the fourth house because of the reaction here of the fourth and tenth houses. In order to achieve balance, the leadership quality of Aries on the cusp of the tenth house must direct itself through the fourth house purpose: this is the influencing, and affecting of all units of manifested life.

The leadership of Aries really should demonstrate itself as an authority in some area of life or function through activities of life which would qualify or condition or guide the thinking of mankind. Here Aries can be involved in mass movements, mass thought.

On a purely mundane level, here are the advertisers who condition and shape and mold the thinking of people towards a product. On a higher octave, the responsibilities of Aries here is to have the proper leadership in directing people properly in life and influencing mass opinion in and through spiritual and intellectual activities.

With Aries on the cusp of the tenth house, one of the dangers that we must take into consideration is that he should not pursue any leadership activities purely from the viewpoint of the honor that he would receive, or the respect from others. Here is prestige that the person would be seeking, rather than from the service that could be rendered.

If Aries is ruling your career, it is most likely that you will have Cancer on the Ascendant, and Cancer Rising people are naturally shy and, dare I say it, introverted.

And shy you may be- in every area except your work. When you are out there in the world, you are determined to be the best that you can be at what you do.

With Aries in the career zone, you attack your public life with an Arian daring and indomitable will. There is also an impulsiveness in this area which may be contrary to your usual caution and you may find yourself jumping into something feet first and without thinking.

Mars is the planet that rules your career, and this is where your energies are directed- regardless of where Mars resides in your chart. When it comes to work, you readily respond to, and are excited by, challenge. While your tendency may be to retreat to your shell in other parts of your life, when your career is in focus, you are not afraid to charge ahead.

So, when it comes to career choices for those with Aries on the cusp of the 10th?

  • Think about things to do with fire and heat: anything that fights it, works with it, contains it or uses it.
  • Think about things to do with leadership: anything to do with corporate leadership
  • Think about things to do with Mars: anything to do with the military, sports or moving body parts.

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