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Starting in 2003, Ask the Astrologer was answered questions of general astrological interest free of charge for posting on the website. The questions and answers are available in the Ask the Astrologer Archives.

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Q: I have a question about house systems, Koch, Placidus, Equal House, Campanus, etc. Which should be used under which circumstances. My first astrology teacher said Equal House was the system of the ancients, and therefore most accurate. I have also heard that Koch should be used for predictive uses only. However, many European astrologers use Koch for natal as well as predictive.
This has long been a point of contention and confusion for me. Particularly, because in my own natal chart, I have a singleton Mars in Pisces in the 11th house in Placidus and in the 10th house in Koch. I would love to hear your views on this topic. I enjoy your site very much.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Almost every astrologer has a favorite house system that works for him or her. My suggestion is that you cast your chart in all of them (assuming you have a computer) and watch the transits, both past and present. See which systems fits or works best for you. Or, to be more objective, pick charts of famous people whose lives you are familiar with and do those charts in every system.

My preferences are Equal House, Placidus and Koch. I have a friend who does horary and mundane astrology. He uses Campanus for natal, Regiomontanus for horary and Koch for mundane. It works for him, but not for me.

Good luck with whichever system you choose.

Q: Could you please tell me what the significance of a planet is in an intercepted house? My Neptune in Libra in the 5th house is also part of a Yod configuration for me so this is particularly important (I think). For your reference, my DOB is Aug. 7, 1956, 1:00am, 42°N 19′, 83°W 02′. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You do not give the place or whether the birth time was standard or daylight (EST, EDT, CST, CDT). I assume it was EDT. In which house system is Neptune intercepted in the 5th? A planet may be intercepted in one house system but not in another. I don’t pay too much attention to it. As a teacher once said, “There are no brick walls in space.” I cast the chart in Koch and Neptune is not intercepted, nor is it in the 5th; it is in the 6th. It is part of a Yod comprised of a sextile from the Moon/Pluto conjunction, all quincunx the Mars singleton in the 11th house. The Mars singleton (2 times a singleton) is something I would put much more weight on than the Neptune. Neptune probably adds confusion to an already intense and tense emotional nature (and relationship with the mother).

Follow-up: Thank you for your speedy response. I was asking a general question, because I thought that the idea of intercepted houses would be of interest to your readers. However, the coordinates given for my birthplace is Detroit, Michigan, USA (I assume EDT, although I do not know if DST was in widespread use in 1956. I do know certain communities/states used it but which ones when prior to 1965-66 is a mystery to me). The interception occurs in the Placidus house system, most widely used here. Why do you prefer Koch? Isn’t it preferable for predictive astrology only (at least, that’s the presumption I have encountered.)? A discussion of the different house systems and their history, uses, pros & cons, etc. would be a most interesting addition to your website. I include my placidus chart for your reference. Again thank you for your interest in my query and the insightful information.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Detroit, Michigan was on EST when you were born. The chart (Placidus) is accurate. I redid it and came up with the same Asc. Neptune IS in the 5th house, but is not intercepted in Koch. However, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury ARE intercepted in the 10th/4th in the Koch system. Are your issues with Career/Domestic or Groups/Creativity? That’s how you tell which chart fits you. I use Koch because the webmaster who posts my articles prefers it. Years ago I saw a presentation at a planetarium given by Rob Hand. He visually demonstrated on the planetarium ceiling the various house systems and explained how different systems cut up the celestial pie in different ways. After seeing that, I concluded the Equal House system made the most sense because it is consistent. Just try doing a chart for someone born in Ft. Yukon, Alaska! I never did understand the reasoning behind using one house system for natal work and another for predictive work. I have found that many astrologers like to complicate things unnecessarily. This luxury is thanks to the advent of computers which have made chart calculation effortless and instantaneous. When we had to “hand calculate” charts, only “mathophiliacs” would bother with numerous house systems, Arabic parts, asteroids, mid-points, et al.

Q: I am quite confused about relationsip with my boyfrend, so I hope for some insights from you about our potentials. The thing is that we are together for 6 years and there were so many emotional ups and downs that I feel a little bit tierd. My b.d. 01.01. 1977,11:55am, Belgrade,his: April, 7th 1976, 04:00am, Belgrade.What are your thoughts? I hope for your short insight because I don’t have money to consult astrologer (student from Serbia…) and this is very important for me. I also wonder if you could reccomend some books for the bigginers in psyhoastrology, I am styding psyhology hoping to become therapeut and I am interested how astrology can be applied in this field. Hope not bothered to much.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You do not say why you are confused about your long time relationship with your boyfriend. What I see in your chart is that you are an ambitious person who wants to get to the top, to be a leader and respected figure in your field. You are capable of hard work to get there. You will, however, have to overcome some obstacles in terms of others who would hold you back and resist your forward progress.

Your boyfriend’s chart indicates a person who can be somewhat self-absorbed and may be very domineering to get his own way; at the same time, he can be very needy and dependant; he also may think he is entitled to have things go his way.

You both are having a Pluto transit over your natal Neptune. That means it is time to wake up to reality and let go of romantic dreams and illusions.

Q: What does it mean if your Ascendent/Descendant signs are reversed in the solar return chart. My natal Asc./ Desc. is 1Cap47/1Cancer47. In my solar return chart this year the Asc is 29Cancer37 and Desc. 29Capricorn37. I read some kind of foreboding interpretations,for example :This flip-flop version of the natal horoscope may see some element of life turned upside down. It seems that control has been given over to others. This appears to show an accidental debilitation, perhaps a fleeting moment of bad judgment that carries wide ramifications.

In the SR chart the moon is in the fourth and saturn is in the eleventh conjunct node. Thanks for your help and insight. 6.20.67 Elmira, NY 8:53PM

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The important thing to look at in a Solar Return chart is the position of the SUN! along with the aspects it makes and the house it rules. Forget dire predictions! With the Asc/Dc reversal, it might mean you have to deal with partners and the public more than usual. The Moon in a Solar Return chart is not too significant unless it aspects the Sun and/or is on an angle. Use a Lunar Return chart for any month in question. To test the validity of Solar Return charts for you, run off a decade’s worth, put in the transits to them for those years and to your natal chart. First, make some notes about what happend in any year you’re looking at, the sort of events or relationships (move, accident, job change, new boyfriend, breakup of a relationship, birth of a child, deaths in the family, illness, etc.) and the months of that year in which they occurred. To start, just do last year’s SR or the most recent year’s in which some significant things happened.

Q: Thank you for the opportunity to ask something that has been bothering me for ages now. Cutting to the chase……I wish to know if in the very near future it would be a wise decision for me to open my own New Age bookshop/giftshop. As this would involve a loan I am quite worried with the Pluto aspects in the upcoming years. My husband is definately against me borrowing money for this venture, but as Saturn is hovering in my 7th house etc, things are relitively unstable and I feel the need to pursue this so that I am able to support our two children should things not work out in my marraige. Do you think this is a wise decision or will I be jepordising my financial future for years to come. I feel the need to begin manifesting one of my long term dreams, but our 20 year relationship is suffering ( we met very young!). If this sounds viable, what date or month would be most beneficial in 2003. ( 18th Dec 1968 ~ 4:45 am ~ Melb ~ Australia ) Thanking you for your wisdom, it is very much appreciated. With Love.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: My advice is often “when in doubt, don’t” and that goes for your situation.Transiting Saturn is opposing your natal Sun. It is time to concentrate (Saturn) on working out your relationship issues with your husband. Transiting Uranus is squaring your natal Moon/Neptune conjunction. The New Age bookshop is a dream (Neptune) and that’s being activated by Uranus. If you go into it now on the basis of a loan (most small businesses fail because of undercapitalization) you may get a rude awakening along the line. If you are worried about your financial future, you’d do better to go back to school (Jupiter is transiting your 9th house now) and train for some field that you are interested in and in which you could earn a good income.

Q: I am a 24 yo african american femal who is an aquarius & am interested in an older african american scorpio (he’s 43 yo) I want to know if his relationship will blossom into something more committed & will he fall in love with me.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It is difficult if not impossible to give specific answers to your questions because you sent no birth data on yourself or the other person (dd/mm/yyyy,time AM/PM, Place/city/state). So, I have to go on Sun signs. You are anAquarius — a mental sign, progressive, independent, oriented toward group goals. He is a Scorpio — an emotional sign, possessive, intense, jealous, resourceful, powerful and manipulative. Normally Aquarius and Scorpio are not compatible; both are stubborn signs (fixed signs), each one wants it his/her way and finds it an huge challenge to adjust. But, there may be other things in the two charts that indicate compatibility such as your Moons and Mercuries in compatible signs.

Q: I have three questions: 1.) What is my unique approach to work and career in general? 2.) Which careers would I enjoy most and be the most productive with? 3.) How should I use my abilities to give me the best advantage in them? (Born 12-25-77 at 6:17pm, in Woodland, California.)

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: 1. Your chart indicates a pioneering, energetic and extroverted approach to work and career. But what unique qualities and approaches do you feel you have to offer?

2. Please be specific about general areas of interest regarding career paths, i.e. theatre, the fine arts, science (biology, astronomy, physics, ets.), medicine, law, architecture, landscaping, sales (what areas?), the ministry, foreign service, etc., etc., etc. Aries alone on the MC with Mars in the first could be anything from a soldier of fortune to an actor to a surgeon, etc.

3. What are your ideas and feelings about your abilities, strengths and weaknesses regarding work and career? If I knew how you are expressing your energies, I could be more specific in my answers.

Q: Hello – I was born 6/16/63 at 5:03 pm. in 02169 Quincy Mass. My guestion is I am in recovery clean for 18 plus months and am wondering if I am going to be alone forever? Am I doing all this hard work for nothing? I feel like I’m at the same place I was 2 years ago just without drugs or alcohol.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: From what I know of addiction recovery, it is a long process and requires one to be consistently involved with a group such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, and consciencenciously work the program with a sponsor. When you truly turn your life and your will over to a higher power, you probably will not ask if you are going to be alone or wonder if you are doing hard work on yourself for nothing.

Your chart shows potential for significant spiritual growth in this life as seen in your Neptune singleton on the Asc. Neptune at its highest is universal love and compassion and a sense of union with the divine. At its lowest, it is escapism, especially through drugs and alcohol. You also have a Saturn singleton which at its best symbolizes self-disciple, responsibility and constructive effort toward long term goals. At its worst, it corresponds to depression and self-defeat. Because Saturn is associated with clinical depressions, you might want to see your physician for a check up and to discuss anti-depressant medications and/or a referral to an M.D. psychiastrist.

Q: Hi, I have the moon in my solar return chart in the 6th house, capricorn. From what I have read that predicts ill-health for the year. This moon has one aspect to the vertex, a semi-sextile in the fifth house. There are good health aspects with Leo asc. and Jupiter conjunct it. Plus, this trines the sun, Pluto, vertex, and mercury in Sag. in the 5th house. Neptune in Aquarius is in this house, also, and is not well-aspected. Good health or bad health? Should I be aware of anything in particular? I do have some real concern. My birth information is December 7, 1962 @ 5:00 a.m. in St. Petersburg, FL. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You must be speaking of your up coming solar return chart for 2002, not for this past year. In that chart, according to my computer’s calculations, the Moon is in Capricorn but on the cusp of the 4th/5th houses, not in the 6th. Uranus is in the 6th of health, work and service and is well aspected to Saturn in the 10th (career) and the 1st. When a planet in the 6th aspects a planet in the 10th it says something about work or the job and career, not health necessarily. In a solar return chart, the Sun is much more important to look at. Yours is in the 3rd house of close environment (neighborhood), communication and short travels. The Sun is conjunct Pluto. This should be good for speaking and writing. The Sun/Pluto is trine Jupiter which indicates luck in relationships with like-minded others, with groups. It is difficult to predict from a solar return chart alone. You have to look for repeated themes from the natal chart. Also look at the relationship of the houses. For instance, The solar return chart Asc. is the same as the 11th house cusp of the natal. That is relationships with groups, like-minded others. Your natal Asc. is near the solar return 3rd house cusp. This repeats what I said in the above paragraph.

Q: Hi… I have pluto in the first house 9 degrees from Libran Asc. My pluto trines my Gemini singleton Moon, which is in opposition to my Sagittarian 3rd house Neptune. I was born 1/1/1980 so Pluto was also in sextile to Neptune. Transiting Pluto will soon conjunct my Neptune and lately I have frighteningly accurate ‘feelings’ or intuitions about people and things that are about to happen. I wish I could just turn these feelings off. Please could you tell me whether this is something that will pass or has something been activated that will stick with me forever? If so, how would you advise I channel this influence. I sincerely thank you for your time.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: If you could send me your birth time (am/pm) and place (city, country), perhaps I could answer your question with more accuracy.

My sense of things is that the “frighteningly accurate ‘feelings’ or intuitions” will dimminish with time; or you will become accoustomed to it. Ask your Higher Power (God or whatever you call It) for guidance. I went through a period in which I would get sudden terrible depressions for no reason. I would note the time and date the depressions came on and then watch the news. The depression always corresponded with a disaster involving large numbers of people (I have a Moon/Pluto opposition and Pluto by transit was squaring that opposition). I most likely did not know anyone involved in these incidents (including the Chernobel disaster). In meditation I asked what I was supposed to do — the answer was to go into meditation, silent prayer or go to sleep. I also asked that if there was nothing I could do about the situations, to please remove the intense feelings. I never experienced those depressions after that. Now, maybe Pluto had moved on out of orbit. I don’t remember now.

Q: Is there anything in either my natal or progressed chart that explains more of how I’m increasingly more intuitive, psychic, and able to communicate with spirits? This has happened suddenly about 2 and a half years ago. I’d just like to pin-point it.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Yes, there is something going on, but not necessarily in the natal or progresed charts. It is the transits that likely correspond to increased intuitive and communicative abilities. About 2-1/2 years ago Pluto transiting in Sagittarius started its long lasting conjunction to your natal Neptune and at the same time Uranus started its transits back and forth over your natal Sun in Aquarius. Uranus/Aquarius is connected with what we call “telepathy” — or what I call the transference of thought from one being (energy vortex) to another. I think it may be a sort of hearing that is too subtle for scientific instruments to detect. They have discovered that ears not only receive sound waves but also emit very subtle sound waves. So, you could have telepathic communications with the living (incarnated humans, animals and planets), the spirits (excarnated beings), as well as views of future events or people (two of my grandchildren have communicated with me shortly before they were conceived). Neptune/Pisces rules the boundless; so, the Pluto/Neptune contact could help dissolve the boundries for you between gross matter (physical bodies) and subtle matter (astral or etherial bodies) and thus be able to communicate with or even see, smell and hear spirits. My opinion is that most people have “psychic” experiences and have them frequently. But our culture discourages acknowledgement of such things. So people tend to keep quiet about the experiences, or they may go into denial and not even acknowledge to themselves their own experiences.

Q: Congratulations on a wonderful site! It is extremely informative and serious and I especially like Eleanor’s psychological approach. I have a question concerning my career. I was born on September 22nd, 1968 at 00:20 AM in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. I’m a translator and so far, I’ve worked both for the big organization and with children (as a teacher). I quit my job last February, and since then haven’t been able to find a steady and satisfactory one (to my great surprise). Now, my question is: what kind of career would be best for me and where do my talents lie? Although it seems obvious that a 3rd house stellium in Virgo suggests writing, I find it difficult to interpret Jupiter (ruler of the 6th) in the context of a multiple conjunction. Singleton Saturn in the 10th trines its dispositor Mars in the 2nd, and Mars sextiles its own dispositor, Mercury, which should be pretty good, but in what sense?. What puzzles me even more is the Yod with Saturn (co-ruler of the 6th) as the finger. Since Saturn is in Aries and Mars is at a critical 0 degree, do you think some kind of pioneering activity could be involved? In what field? Also, I have been thinking lately that this Yod is actually a Boomerang (I don’t know whether you take it into consideration at all), with Venus (and possibly Mercury) in the 4th , acting as a release point. As you can see, Venus is also the final dispositor. Could I use it to bring everything into harmony and how? What do you think about the possibility that I work at home? I’m open to any suggestion and look forward to your advice.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It is not surprising that you are having career problems with transiting Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius squaring your Virgo Stellium! Venus is the final dispositor of your chart and is the co-ruler of your 10th house of career. It is well placed in its own sign. Uranus in Aquarius is now trining the Venus/Mercury conjunction ; so, opportunity for something new and unusual is there.

The Venus/Mercury does turn the Yod into a “boomerang.” There is a tendency with the “boomerange,” or closed Yod, to avoid the issues, dilemas and paradoxes implied in the Yod and, instead, focus on the opposition (a two-times singleton Saturn opposes Venus/Mercury) which often manifests in relationships of all kinds — parental, career related, romantic, friendships, etc.

You may be correct about some sort of pioneering activity — perhaps starting your own business or contracting your services as a translator from home. Consider the archetypes and symbols associated with Virgo — technical expertise, practical intelligence, problem solving, working and serving in some area of health and wellness such as diet and nutrician, aroma therapy, color therapy. And, of course, there is always technical writing.

Q: Hi! I’ve had my chart printed out by 2 different online astrology site, and both read differently. One says I have a grand square in fixed signs and the other shows its not quite a grand square. Also I’m curious to know more about my 9th house Saturn in Leo. Thanks! DOB: Feb. 5th, 1977. Location: Chicago, IL USA Time: 12:42AM CST.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I would say you have a grand square in fixed signs. Jupiter is about 5 degrees out of orb of opposition to Uranus, but is well within orb of a square to the Sun; Saturn is opposite the Sun, although in a very wide square to Jupiter, but in a close square to Uranus (a singleton, by the way); the Sun and Uranus are in orb of a square. It may be a bit loose for a grand square, but the translation of light through the Sun’s being in aspect to the three other planets should make it operate as a grand square. Only your could say for sure based on your experience. Grand square, especially fixed sign, people often are very stubborn and determined; once in motion they stay in motion and on track toward their goals. The grand square is a closed system; so they are capable of going on alone in the face of all obstacles. They often found companies or social movements. Saturn in the 9th in a fixed sign opposing the Sun may symbolize a parent (father) with harsh or strict ideological, religious or ethical principles (like a “hanging judge”) who opposed and attempted to thwart your creativity and spirit (Sun). You, as an adult, may have internalized the perfection demanding parent figure. However, you probably have help from the Uranus singleton on your Asc. That would cause you to have marked rebellious tendencies. If the parent(s) was conservative, you may be a radical liberal; if the parent(s) was liberal, you may be a reactionary conservative — a “contrarian.”

Q: Had a lady said that I have Saturn and Mercury as singletons in my chart. She also said that I have a loose T-square involving Saturn, (Venus/Neptune), and Mars and that anyone with strong Taurean placements would tend to balance me. Taureans are wonderful people but then to be a bit too stubborn for me. Therefore, I highly disagree with her insight and wanted to get your insight on the matter. My birth data is: 12/21/62 at 1:27 pm in Charleston, SC.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You, you have a singleton Saturn (only Air = communication, relationships, intellect) and Mercury (only cardinal/action oriented), and you do have a very loose T-Cross in fixed signs (stubborn, stable, unbudgeable). I tend to agree that Taurus might be too stubborn and conservative for you. Taurus would turn your T-Cross into a Grand Cross. But, how do you feel during the month when the Sun transits Taurus, about April 22 to May 22, each year? That’s how you might feel being around a Taurus type in a long term and close association.

Q: I have a list of current transits where Uranus is in trine with my natal sun until about March 2003, but I was doing some checking myself and I do believe Uranus will make a trine again with my sun later that year in Oct/November into Dec 2003 when Uranus goes retrograde back into Aquarius before its final change into Pisces. My natal Sun is at 28Gem59. I know that all the planet that retrograde do this before changing signs, but does this count as a transit also? Just wondering, am I correct?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Yes, this definitely counts as a transit! I use a 2 degree orb for outer planet transits. So, on March 25, 2002 Uranus reached 26 Aquarius 59, making an approaching trine to your natal Sun. It later went on station and retrograded back over the degree and minute of your Sun (a 2nd trine), and will go direct again and make a 3rd transiting trine to your Sun. I consider the entire time from the 2 degrees before the exact aspect (Mar. 25, 2002) until Uranus enters Pisces (Mar. 2003) to be a long transiting trine. You might even extend that period through the fall of 2003 because Uranus retrogrades back into Aquarius and makes a station at 28 degrees 53 minutes in Nov. 2003 (makes a STATION in trine to your Sun, a 4th trine).

Q: I am looking at a friend’s chart and see a Mars-Neptune opposition. (Mars in Gemini, Neptune in Sagi.) Because I remember your singleton conjunctions article, I wondered if singleton oppositions would apply. These are his only two planets in mutable signs. Any thoughts?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I have only considered conjunction singletons (and only when the orb is close, 3 degrees + or -) because planets in conjunction have to combine and function together as a unit (like a 3-legged race).

You could observe the “singleton opposition” and pay particular attention to the mutable qualities of your friend’s psychology. The pathology for mutable is hysteria, panicky attitudes when feeling out of control. A friend of mine has a singleton Uranus as only mutable and tends to really “loose it” — makes mountains out of mole hills — when he feels out of control (he also has a rather paranoid (a cardinal psychopathology) singleton Moon in Capricorn so has security issues).

I would be interested in your observations on this person as well as any other “singleton oppositions” you may encounter.

Q: Can you explain the “transference of light” theory again, using an example? It may answer a few questions for me.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: “Transference of Light” — aka Translation of Light — occurs when two planets in no aspect to each other are each aspected by a third planet. The term comes from horary astrology.

For example, Jupiter and Saturn make no aspects to each other, Jupiter is at 10 Sagittarius and Saturn is at 23 Aries while Venus is at 17 degrees Leo. Venus is in a separating trine to Jupiter and an applying trine to Saturn; so, through Venus (the “translator”) Jupiter and Saturn are connected and may function as though they were actually in a trine to each other.

Q: Greetings! I am on the verge of my Saturn Return and I would like to know what to expect. I have Saturn Retrograde in Cancer in my first house, which has proven to be a stringent taskmaster thus far in my life. Quite unexpectedly, in the last few months, I have developed a renewed sense of purpose: after 11 years I have decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Nursing, new spiritual insights and observations have continued to unfold for me, and thanks to therapy and meds, my depression is finally under control after all these years. I feel prepared for my Saturn Return, but I’m guessing that I should still ‘expect the unexpected’. I would be most appreciative of any insight you could give me. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It sounds like you are prepared very well for your Saturn return. Saturn is all about maturity, growing up and accepting responsibility for one’s own life and recognizing one’s obligations to the wider community (career, position in the world). “Expecting the unexpected” involves Uranus, not Saturn (stability). Transiting Uranus is trining its natal position and squaring the natal Sun in your chart. This may bring unexpected surprises and sudden insightful revelations.

Q: My question deals with the degree of the ascendant in my natal chart. I have researched this area and have found little information on the subject. According to my birth details, my ascendant is in the 29th degree of Libra. Is this considered a critical degree? Is it possible to have one sign rising and another ruling the first house? I’m sure there are different ways of looking at this, and I am hoping that you can provide some insight on the matter. I appreciate any feedback, and thank you in advance!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The 29th and 0 degrees are considered critical degrees; this is a rule borrowed from horary astrology. There, they mean that the matter has already nearly reached finality (29 degrees) or not far along enough to bother with (0 degrees). In a natal chart 29 degrees on the Asc. is like being in your house with the door open about to step outside. You are still in the house, but your attention and intention are outside. In your case, your first house is ruled both by Venus (Libra) and Mars/Pluto (Scorpio).

Q: The composite chart of my friend (male) and I consists of 6 Grand Trines. Is this an unusual occurrence? We have Uranus conj. Jupiter in addition to Mercury, Sun and Moon all conjunct. The Grand Trines are as follows: Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury, Uranus/Saturn/Mercury, Jupiter/Saturn/Moon, Uranus/Saturn/Moon, Jupiter/Saturn/Sun, Uranus/Saturn/Sun.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: There are more significant things to look for in individual charts and those charts compared to each other when analyzing a relationship.

Q: I was born 4/3/67 at 1:34 a.m. EST in the West Lafayette, Indiana. I was told this means that I was born at exactly Capricorn 00, which is extremely rare. Why? What does it mean for my chart?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The chart shows a 0 degree Capricorn Ascendant. A zero degree Asc. is no more rare than any other degree. There is a 1 in 30 chance that the Asc. will fall at 0, or any, other degree of a sign. There is a 1 in 360 chance that it will fall at 0 Capricorn (or 10 Aries, or 29 Libra, etc.). What it means for your chart is that your whole first house is Capricorn and, therefore, ruled by Saturn. Since your Saturn is at 3+ degrees Aries, it squares the Asc. from the 3rd house. You may make great efforts to express yourself in a clear and organized way, or you may have problems with communications, etc.

Q: Last month I lost my job. Please let me know when I will get new job. I see no hope. 28.08.1971, 9.35AM, Indore – India

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I cannot predict when you will find another job. However, interestingly enough, your chart shows you are in a period of career expansion and it is a good time for such matters. Perhaps you could contact a Vedic astrologer, James Kelleher or James Braha. They could tell you which dasa and bhukti you are in according to that system. Even if you are having a Jupiter transit in your tropical chart (which I use), you could be in a Saturn or Ketu, Rahu period according to Vedic system.

Q: I saw a show sometime back about an astrologer that was given days, times, places of several people. Among those people were, I think, four serial killers. The astrologer was able to determine this without knowing the person’s name just by reading her chart or something like that. Were you that lady I saw? If not, do you know the lady’s name I am talking about. I really need to have my daughter’s chart read by this woman because I am in great fear for/of my daughter. I hope you are the lady that was on the television, because I really need to talk with her. Please respond asap.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not know the name of the astrologer you saw on TV. I’ll forward your message to a couple of collegues; maybe they’ll know. Why don’t you call the TV station you saw her on and ask them for her name and how to contact her by phone of e-mail?

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