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Q: My Uranus and Pluto is in my partners 7th House and My sun is in his 5th house. What does this mean?
A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: If your Sun is in your partner’s 5th house, that means you are good playmates, lots of fun and romance along with creativity. As for Uranus and Pluto in his 7th, anyone born in the same year as you would bring their Uranus and Pluto to his 7th; it is a relationship he has with all his peer group.

Q: I am so hoping you will answer me back, I got your email from your web page. My question is; Is compatibility based upon your North & South nodes, with your spouse? I have a North Node in Scorpio, South in Taurus. My husband’s North is in Sagittarius, South in Gemini. I’m a Virgo Sun/Aries Rising/Sag Moon, he’s a Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising/Sag Moon.

We are currently going through a separation, and I am looking for insight. Anything you have to offer (including suggestions for additional reading material on the topics) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: When one person’s planet (s) conjuncts either of the nodes in the other person’s chart, that usually indicates an important and often long-lived relationship. We often see that between parent and child charts, as well as spouses. It sounds like your Moon may be on your spouses North Node. But then so is his own Moon. Was he born near an eclipse? Since you both have Moon in Sagittarius, which is good for compatibility, the problems may be linked to your Virgo Sun which squares his nodes, Moon and Sun.

Q: I have recently established a friendship with an Aries, 25th March 1969, 5am, Utrecht, Netherlands (Europe). My birthdata is, 7th August 1968, 2.55am, Changi, Singapore. I am curious as to whether there is relationship potential here. We live in different countries (me in the UK, he in Holland) but when we are together (as friends) I feel very happy and at ease. For some reason I am unwilling to declare my feelings for him out loud. We do have some difficult Saturn aspects so I wonder if this could be the reason? Would you please tell me your thoughts?

P.S. – Thank you for such a wonderful archive collection – you’re all doing a great job.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your Sun and that of the other person are compatible since both are in Fire signs, yours in Leo and his in Aries. That gives lots of creativity, fun and joy plus romance. You would get along together on the conscious level very well. But your Moons (the Moon is the basic planet of love and nurturance) are in a difficult (quincunx – 150 degree) relationship. Your Moon in Capricorn is nurtured by structure, propriety, traditional stability. His is in Gemini and is nurtured by ideas, communication, travel and variety. Your Saturns are conjunct in Aries — that is good for a long term relationship and a willingness to work at it together, although it is not necessarily always easy and comfortable. You might be reluctant to express your feelings to him because a Moon in Capricorn square Saturn can indicate fear of being hurt or rejected dating back to experiences in infancy or early childhood. His Moon in Gemini is on your Ascendant; so he is receptive to you and to who you are as a person. There is a lot of potential in this relationship — on paper. The real test is how it works in real life, and much of that depends on the backgrounds, cultural and familial, and conditioning of each of you.

Q: When looking at multi-planet configurations such as grand trines, t-squares, yods, etc., are the nodes, ASC, MC, chiron, part of fortune counted in the aspect? For instance in my chart Uranus (Leo) and Venus (Aries) trine each other and both trine my ASC (Sag.) Would this be considered a grand trine in fire? I also have Mercury inconjunct both N.node and Jupiter and the latter two are sextile. Is this a yod (Mercury focal point)? Mercury seems a key planet in my chart by other aspects. I also noticed that I have 1/2 a grand sextile captured by my Saturn-Mars opposition (Saturn/Chiron/Sun/Mars). My birth data: March 31, 1957 11:05 p.m. New York, NY. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: When considering Major Configurations, I use only the planets (and usually I do not count Chiron). I would say you do have a Grand Trine in Fire because I use a 5 degree orb. Venus is trine Uranus; and Venus is also conjunct the Sun which is within the 5 degree orb of trine to Saturn in Sagittarius (this is called “transference of light” when the Sun or Moon is involved in a conjunction and/or wide aspect). I do not count the Nodes or the Asc., Mc, or Ic. You have a Kite configuration because of the Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars sextiles Venus/Sun and Uranus (a wide aspect to Uranus).

Follow-Up: Thank you very much for your insight. This is the first time I have heard of the “transference of light.” Astrology is fascinating, amazing, and extremely complex. So much subtlety. No wonder it takes more than one lifetime to master 🙂 You state “and usually I do not count Chiron.” When do you count Chiron?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I would consider Chiron only when it is in close conjunction (within 5 degrees) to a natal planet, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. If it is conjunct one of those personal planets AND on an angle (first, fourth, seventh or tenth house), then I certainly would pay attention to it.

Q: It seem that I have no planets in my 7th house. Is a permanent relationship impossible for me? What kind of person am I supposed to be looking for? Also, my sun is in Cancer and in my 12th house. I read that I will become a recluse in my old age. Is there anything in my chart that indicates when I should take a big step to change my direction in life? dob: july 14 1959 time: 6:31 am place: alexandria, la

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Just because there is no planet in the 7th does not mean you won’t have a long term relationship. The ruler of your 7th, Uranus, is in your first house conjunct Mercury. You want a partner who shares your unusual interests and with whom you can communicate on a deep level. The co-ruler of your 7th, Saturn, is in your 5th house of romance, fun and games. You also want a partner who will share a long term loving and romantic relationship. Sun in the 12th does not necessarily mean you will be a recluse. George W. Bush, the US President, has Sun and Saturn in the 12th. He is not really a recluse, but his style of governing (to the dismay of many) is very secretive. A 12th house Sun craves privacy, although it may at the same time require the person to do some sort of universal service in the public arena. I do not see anything in your chart that would prompt your question about taking steps to change your direction in life. What is happening in your life? What direction is it going? Where would you like it to go?

Q: I am trying to find out my ascendant, and have a rough idea, however my mother was under anesthetic as I was a planned ( and 2 weeks waiting ) caesarean, so nobody really knows. I do know I had a major hip operation about 6 months after birth and was in a plaster for the following two and a half years. I would imagine all of this must show up strongly in either my first or fourth house? But I don’t know, can you help here? My data is 15.11.79 , Ascot, U. K, 1979. I have thought about the twelfth house being an area to look at, simply because the development of my left fima /hip during the gestation period, was restricted and I was apparently growing without enough room to move. I hope this helps, what do you think?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It would be helpful if you could find out what time your mother went under anesthesia for the C-section. Was it in the morning (8, 9, 10 AM?) or afternoon? I have just become the grandmother of a C-section baby girl. Her mom went into labor the night before and checked into the hospital at around 9 AM the day the baby was delivered. Theresa was born at 1:42 PM.

I arbitrarily used 10 AM and that gives a Sagittarius Asc. with Neptune conjunct the Asc from the 12th house side. At about age 6 months the Moon would have progressed to make a quincunx with the South Node and a semi-sextile to Jupiter conjunct the North Node. The quincunx aspect often has to do with health matters and Jupiter rules the hips and thighs as does Sagittarius.

That’s the best I can do without further information to guesstimate with.

Q: I have the distinct feeling I’m at a crossroads in my career. I used to earn a living by writing as a journalist, freelance, and as a translator. But sometimes now it feels like I’m just not able to write anymore. Dull sentences, mistakes, general sloppiness. My intuition has evolved a great deal the last two years, I started painting again, after having gone through a divorce and meeting my current boyfriend, but I don’t want to make painting my profession, because I have to provide for my children. Definitely lived out my Pluto in 7 by taking back my own power. I have a loaded Eighth house: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Pluto near its Cusp. When I was a child, I wanted to become a detective. Could you give some advice please? It would be very much appreciated. DOB: Sept, 3rd, 1957, 4.45 PM, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Thank you so much!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It is interesting that you said when you were a child you wanted to be a detective! You have a Scorpio MidHeaven with Pluto and many other planets in the 8th house. That sounds like you really knew where your talents lay. If you are a journalist now, could you be an investigative reporter? You know, dig deep for the details and trails of suspicious and interesting stories? Or, write detective novels. They could be fact based, but written as fiction, the stories would not expose you to liability suits. It sounds like you have had much stress in your life in the last few years, and the art is probably a good therapy for you. You said your intuition has evolved. You don’t state whether or not you have been doing any new (to you) spiritual or psychological practices such as yoga, meditation, journaling, etc. And you don’t say why you divorced and why it is your responsibility to provide for the children (how many?); can their father assist financially? Just going on your chart, it seems important that you honor both your practical nature and your highly intuitive side. How you combine these is up to you. There are so many choices: financial consultant; detective of any sort; medical diagnostician; and the field of writing — but in some new area for you.

Q: I was wondering if a premature birth would have any relevance on the natal chart, specifically if it could alter the characteristics of the three primary signs (Sun, Moon, Ascendant). A friend mentioned that her son was born two months prematurely and that she wondered if this might color his energies one way or the other. I haven’t heard any mention in my studies on this topic. My thought was that since ‘spirit’ knows the circumstances under which it was to be born, that I didn’t feel that that the spirit would incarnate expressing their energies any other way other than the birthtime. I don’t know if this was an uninformed personal view point or not….. Any light you might shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You are correct. A soul takes a body (gets born) when the coordinates are right for it and also when its chart meshes with the parents’ charts. Babies can come very early or very late, but, in my experience, they come when their charts go with the that of the most influencial parent or both parents. I’ve looked at a lot to premature, normal, and late births over the years and compared those charts to parents charts. Babies always come when they want to for their reasons!

Q: Do you think you may, at some point, write a series of articles on the meaning of singletons in relationship charts? (i.e. composite, Davison etc.) Or even in the regular synastry charts. Because singletons tend to guide much of a person’s own chart, I assumed extra meaning would be found when it came to relationships. Your natal singleton series was a total success in my opinion!! 🙂

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thank you for the suggestion. I do use singleton planets when evaluating synastries between people. I do not use composite or other sorts of charts for couples or groups because I believe those charts reflect how the world sees the couple or group as a unit.

As for synastry, it is very helpful to know when one person has singletons and the other has a missing function. For example, my sister has a singleton Venus in Pisces in the 7th house; I have missing Air. She has many planets in Air and I have many in Water. Her Venus is the only planet in Water. She tends to over-emotionalize and does not seem to intellectualize as much as I would like (she has 3 planets in Aquarius). She thinks I am too intellectual (I overcompensate my missing Air) and not emotional enough. I have Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Water signs. When I try to describe to her my deep, dark feelings and why I would not readily let my anger or rage out in expression, she simply cannot get it (Venus in Water wants lovely, nice feelings). So, in synastry, one can find the areas where communication of one’s being is difficult, if not impossible.

Again, thanks for your suggestion.

Q: The website is fantastic and the knowledge imparted is terrific, thank you.

My question is regarding synastry and midpoints. If person A’s natal sun/moon midpoint of 24 degrees Leo is conjunct Person B’s natal venus/mars midpoint of 28 degrees Leo what importance and meaning/interpretation is this regarding the relationship. Also, a meaning/interpretation of a sun/moon or venus/mars midpoint contact from A’s natal chart to B’s natal planet(s) (or visa versa). There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information regarding midpoint contacts in synastry. One other question, if I may, when comparing progressed planets to progressed planets between person A and person B is the interpretation the same as read for regular synastry comparisons? Or do you only compare person A progressed to person B natal and visa versa? Sorry, I think I got carried away on the questions but there is so much to synastry. Thanking you in advance for information on the above and any synastry book suggestions that might deal more with the above questions.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: To answer your questions: 1. I never heard of comparing midpoints to midpoints. It would be significant if person A’s Sun or Moon conjuncted person B’s Venus/Mars midpoint. You could read the interpretations in Reinhold Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences. 2. It is usual to compare one person’s progressed chart to the other person’s progressed chart , and it is also good to compare one person’s progressed chart to the other’s natal chart and vice versa. Comparing progressed charts shows how the two interact now. The comparison of natal to progressed indicates how one person’s inherent qualities (natal) are affected by (or affect) the other’s present attitudes and feelings (progressed). Comparing progressed charts can give insight into why a marriage breaks up or takes place at a particular time.

Q: I was hoping you could help me out with a relationship problem I am experiencing. I have been with the same person for over one year now, and it is obvious he is jealous of me and often misunderstands my actions and words. Lately, he starting to yell at me over what he perceived, which completed blindsided me. Since I have a particular aversion to being yelled at, I walked out of the car and called a taxi and went home. I know this person loves me but it is obvious we have communication conflicts, which usually result in each of us not talking to each other for days. I am at the crossroads of leaving or staying right now, and I’m search for all information I can get my hands on. Without boring you any further, I was wondering if you could shed some light on him (or us) and possibly give me some insight as to how to communicate with him effectively. And of course, whether or not I should even try. I do love him and it is very important that I understand where he is coming from and whether or not if his love is worth working for. I AM at my wits end. Thank you for listening.
Me: January 13, 1965, 6:30 p.m., Toronto, Canada
Him: March 6, 1964, 7:45 p.m., Richmond Hill, Canada
A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I will look at your charts when I have a moment. However, just from your note, I can tell you one thing. You are in an abusive relationship! You really have no choice but to leave it as soon as possible. It can only get worse, and may well end with physical violence in addition to the psychological violence. A jealous, irrational person is impossible to deal with. I would also suggest you get some counseling to help you understand this relationship (in retrospect, I hope), how you got into it and how to avoid similar ones in the future. You are asking a question that is typical of an abuse candidate: “. . .important that I understand where he is coming from and whether or not his love is worth working for.” He should be asking if your love is worth getting sane for! I think the honest answer to your question is, “NO!” I doubt very much if this person is capable of loving. Until I can look at the charts…

Follow-Up: Thank you! Sometimes it is necessary to get a subjective opion and to hear you thoughts from someone else’s words.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: To say that you and your boyfriend have very different styles of communication is a gross understatement! You have a well-aspected Mercury-Venus conjunction. That is a refined mind and diplomatic and gentle style of expression. I am sure you are very clear and rational in the things you say. No wonder it is a shock to you that someone you thought loved you could misunderstand and misperceive your words. As for his Mercury: he has a Mercury-Mars-Sun conjunction. That is harsh, perhaps cruel, and angry verbal expression. With the Sun as part of it, I suspect he only listens to the noises in his own mind and does not (perhaps his brain chemistry is off) actually hear what other people are saying. To compound this, there is a Uranus-Pluto opposition to the Mercury-Mars-Sun. The combination of those planets is often brutal self-expression. This can be the signature of the bully. Rational sanity as you and I might understand it, is not possible for them. Interestingly, I have never seen this combination in a woman’s chart, but often in the charts of very problematic male partners of female clients. Mars with Uranus and Pluto can be uncontrollable fits of rage. It is almost as though the person were overtaken by the outer planet archetypes of chaos and destruction. He also has a Saturn singleton; so I suspect he may be a person who feels inadequate and is, therefore, a “control freak.” However charming he may be (and there are elements of the chart that indicate great charm, even a “con artist”), or however lovable he may act when it suits his purposes, watch out.

This bring me to your chart. It takes “two to tango.” Your Moon singleton in Gemini is square Saturn in Pisces (in your 7th house of other people). Perhaps something in your upbringing seemed to condition you to accept harsh treatment from significant others. This could have been a disciplinarian parent, an alcoholic parent or an ill or absent parent. Just knowing you may be unconsciously vulnerable should help avoid abusive relationships in the future.

For the past year, transiting Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius have been activating both your chart and your boyfriend’s, squaring the Uranus/Pluto in Virgo which your whole sub-generation shares. In fact, he will soon have Saturn opposing his Moon for the second time. In February of 2003, Saturn makes a station to go direct right opposite his Moon. He may be feeling depressed and he may be projecting all his internal (and external) problems on you or others close to him.

Q: I am a novice astrologer using my friends’ charts as practice 🙂 and have a question about pregnancy.

My girlfriend is trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. She has BEEN pregnant, but it was in her 20’s and she had an abortion. Is there something in her – or any female’s chart – that indicates pregnancy or difficulty becoming pregnant? Her birth info is 5/31/1964, Detroit Michigan, 1:30 PM. I know that she has a natal moon sq mars, which indicates a difficult pregnancy/or birth; if Pluto was involved it could indicate barrenness, which isn’t in her chart. She currently has both transiting Neptune and Uranus retro in her 5th house, which I thought was the house, among other things, of children and pregnancy. My feeling is that she won’t get pregnant this year, but I’m sure you can shed much more light on this issue for me. Also, does the sign on the cusp of the natal house indicate ease/difficulty getting pregnant? And what would indicate that a pregnancy could happen for someone this year?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: In answer to you questions about your friend’s chart and, at least temporary, infertility, there are indications of difficulty becoming pregnant in her chart. The Moon is in a wide square to Mars and a close quincunx (150 degree aspect) to Pluto. The quincunx is a paradoxical aspect. She was pregnant when she did not want to be, and is not pregnant when she desires to be. That aspect also often has health implications. Alan Oken says that Moon with Mars and Pluto often indicates barrenness and/or miscarriages and abortion.

It is true Neptune and Uranus are transiting her 5th house of children and creativity. In fact Neptune went on station retrograde in May very near the degree of her Moon. It went over her Moon for the second time in August and in October goes stationary direct again near the degree of her 5th house Moon. In October of 2003 it makes a station again near (just ahead of) her Moon. I am sure the romance of having a child has captured her. Neptune can be elusive or illusionary. It may also mean adoption. If she does not become pregnant, and medical tests determine she cannot conceive, she may adopt a child during this time. Or, she might take fertility drugs and have a multiple birth pregnancy.

I have not noticed that the sign on the cusp of the 5th house has much to do with ease or difficulty of getting pregnant.

One good indication that a pregnancy could happen for someone during a particular year is a Moon/Jupiter contact. You can even see it in a man’s chart. If a person has Moon in the 4th or 5th and Jupiter is transiting over it, a pregnancy is likely if a person is in childbearing years. Even the trines from transiting Jupiter can indicate ease of conceiving. In fact, when one of my grandchildren was conceived, transiting Jupiter was trining my Sun and Jupiter and with the other, Jupiter was opposing my Moon. Jupiter was conjunct my son’s Moon with the first one and square his Moon (but trine his wife’s Moon) with the second pregnancy. The first child is a boy, the second a girl. You might want to look at your friend’s husband’s chart as well.

Q: When doing a synastry comparision chart I encountered a case where his North Lunar Node is conjunct her Descendant (an orb of 00,80!). What can you tell me about this specific aspect. Thank you in advance and congratulations for the sight!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not pay too much attention to the Nodes. But the North Node is often said to be the path of growth and the future. So, if his North Node is on her descendant, his being her partner might aid his growth and evolution. I would recommend that you look at the planetary contacts and aspects first before looking at Nodes to angles. A Node conjunct a planet is much more meaningful in terms of a long-term relationship that is a learning situation (a marriage or other family relationship).

Q: My question involves career. I have been hardworking my whole life but in the past couple of years, and especially since graduating college, have felt like doing nothing. Saturn has just recently passed over my moon, which activated a natal T-square, but it has since passed (I think) and I’m not quite sure why I still lack motivation these days. I have also looked to my MC which is directly conjunct my Saturn, and sextile my Uranus. Now, I don’t know how well these two planets get along, but might this be causing some of the problems. At my wits end here. My b-day info is 12/31/79, 5:20 AM, Wash DC.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Although Saturn has passed a conjunction to your Moon, it is still transiting within orb of a square to your MC and natal Saturn! That would not seem to be conducive to career motivation! Maybe you or your boss expects perfection from you. This square is in mutable signs; so there is probably a lot of expenditure of nervous energy and scattered-ness. As to the natal sextile between Saturn and Uranus, that should give the opportunity to combine traditional methods with innovations. However, transiting Uranus is still square natal Uranus! So, that might add to the sense of being blocked. Back to the Moon: although Saturn has moved on, Pluto is still in your first house and opposing the Moon. You are going through some deep changes and resistance may very well have set in. Try to relax as much as you can and go with the direction your life seems to be moving in. I realize this is a difficult period, but it will pass!

Q: I was born 1/28/59, 8:19 am, Kenmore NY. My husband’s data…11/17/54, 10:25 am, Saint Louis,MO… I met a man born 6/27/65, Joliette,Quebec, Canada… no time available. My husband and I have an intense grand cross that forms in our synastry. I love him, dearly but I am so frustrated by the constant stress… I can’t take it!!!! We can barely communicate but we have so much potential. Our 8 yr. old son has behavioral problems and we all fight about everything. I keep thinking it doesn’t have to be this way… but it is! I finally have put my foot down in certain areas! I hope things will change for the better.

I met a man a year ago. I had so much fun and happiness with him. It changed my life… I haven’t been the same since. I did NOT have an affair… but I can’t stop thinking about him. My grand earth trine/kite sextiles his grand water trine. Our charts form a grand sextile/star of David… the last sextile is wide. My merc 26 cap..sextiles his saturn 17 pisces/chiron 22 Pisces. 4 yods are also formed.. can you please explain the star of David formation in synastry as well as yods? and quincunx in a natal chart? 2 of the yods his planets complete by forming a sextile to my quincunxes… my Sun in the 12th quincunx Pluto in the 7th, his sun lands in my 5th… sextiles my Pluto…my Venus/Chiron conj my asc, quincunx my moon in the 7th…his Mars conj my Moon and his Venus/Merc conj lands in my 6th and sextiles my moon. Since I have the quincunxes so “there” in my chart I feel they are important to delineate… Esp now with transiting Uranus going over my natal Venus. I have never been able to find a delineation for the Star of David in synastry? Any light you can shed on this I would be grateful for!! Thank You!!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Both you and your husband have squares in fixed signs indicating you are each very stubborn. You both also have squares from Venus to Mars in fixed signs! That indicates you both actually relate through fighting and arguments. You both (indicated by the squares) carry a lot of internal or self-generated stress which you have chosen to project on each other. You both must have a lot of energy!

The other person was probably a refreshing break from home. With his Sun in your 5th, you would see him as fun and a playmate. But you seem much more suited to your husband. You two have a lot to learn from each other and from your relationship.

I do not know what a Grand Sextile/Star of David configuration means in synastry. It is rare in a natal chart and signifies the mutual and unobstructed flow of energy between six planets through a sequence of sextile aspects. This energy flow creates a powerful vortex. My teacher said he had only seen one such configuration in a natal chart. It was the chart of a severely retarded child!

Yods are considered paradoxical, requiring unusual solutions to resolve them. I do not know what they signify when formed by synastry, probably the same thing.

You do have transiting Uranus on your Venus, and that brings a tendency for sudden and electrifying attractions. At the same time, Neptune is transiting over your Sun. So, you are in a romantic mood and not seeing reality very clearly. Neptune on personal planets brings a longing for unconditional love. That is fine for doing spiritual work and practices, but can be disastrous when one looks for such love from another mere mortal human being. Don’t make any decisions concerning the marriage or entering any other relationship right now. When the transits pass you would probably regret those choices and wonder why you ever made them.

Follow-Up: Thank you very much for responding to my questions. In what I have been able to find re: yods in synastry is that when one person has a quincunx and another person’s planets sextile that quincunx and form a yod… it becomes a release point for the person dealing w/ the quincunx energy. Not unlike pulling someone out of their T-square by filling in the empty leg. It depends on which partner has the quincunx natally or which one has their nice little innocent sextile all of a sudden involved in the stress of a quincunx.

One thing that makes living with a quincunx so interesting as that you get the square energy while you get that trine energy during transits… so for example tran Saturn @ 26 Gem, trined my nat Venus while squaring my nat Moon. My orbs are tight. So, it is a very dynamic energy to deal with! I have studied astrology in the past but my teacher never delineated the quincunx. Now I am trying to really understand the energy of this configuration. Thanks again!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thanks for the feedback! It’s valuable to hear this sort of thing from people — how it really works in the life experience.

I noted after I wrote you that both you and your husband have Mars as a singleton planet! No wonder you fight! Mars is self-assertion and self will acted upon. It might be wonderful if and when you two “get on the same page.” Definitely high energy and high sex drive.

There are several (at least two I know of) books out on the market dealing exclusively with the quincunx aspect and the Yod configuration. In fact, the South Bay Astrological Society here in San Jose, CA will be having a lecture in October on that subject.

Q: I have recently looked into solar return charts. My question is whether planets in the the SR charts still carry their natal implications or do you look at the SR chart, when comparing with the natal chart, more in a ‘synastry’ manner than a ‘transit/progression’ manner. I ask because SR Pluto is conjunct my natal moon but I can’t say that I feel the same difficulties as when the transiting Pluto conjucted my natal moon awhile back. Also SR venus is conjunct my SR ascendant natal Jupiter.

Thanks again! 6.20.67 8:53 PM Elmira NY Andree

PS: After 2 1/2 years of studying on my own, off and on, I had my first ever reading a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic, definitely worth the investment.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Planets in a Solar Return chart, or any other — progressed, solar arc, transit — still and always carry their natal implications. I.e. if there is a Mars conjunct Saturn in the natal chart, both Mars and Saturn by transit, SR, etc. still carry each other, the flavor of their natal sign and house (in this example, if these planets are in Capricorn and/or the 10th house rather than Cancer and/or the 4th house, they would tend to be more positive and productive in which ever chart you were looking at). With the SR chart, look at planets in that chart in angular houses — that’s where the physical action for the year will tend to be — events, situations, relationships, etc. Do any natal chart patterns repeat? For example, is the Moon also in the same sign or house in this year’s SR as it was in the natal? Test SR charts for your self by doing them for past years and recalling what happened in those years. Then look for it in the SR along with the natal and any other predictive charts you might use. You can use a house for a month, too. The first house is the first month from your birthday, and so on. If the birthday is June 1st, the first house of the SR is June, then July, etc. But do use hindsight to check to see what works for your chart.

In your case of the SR Pluto on natal Moon, check any natal Moon/Pluto aspects; if there are some, it makes this more significant. Do the same for the SR Venus & Asc. conjunct natal Jupiter. You can compare the SR to the natal after doing the above. The SR is a transit chart for the birthday, plus or minus a day. There are online astrology classes offered and probably astrology clubs and groups in your area. I urge you to take classes and start at the beginning. Most self-taught astrologers, I have found, are not well-grounded in the basics: planets, signs, houses and aspects. They tend to go off getting confused by nodes, parts of this and that and many other extraneous things. If you read things online and astrology books, keep in mind that for an astrologer to publish and make a name for himself or herself, he has to write about some relatively obscure facet of astrology — such as using the mid-points to diagnose bi-polar disease or seasonal alcoholic binges. I recommend “The Only Way to Learn Astrology” by Marion D. March & Joan McEvers. “The Only Way” series runs several volumes and the first three are a “must.”

Q: Couple of questions. First, nodes and synastry. I KNOW the nodes are not one of your specialized areas. 🙂 And karma is a difficult thing to interpret regardless of experience or interest. However, I read in one of your Ask the Astrologer answers that you believe a person’s Sun on another person’s s. node MAY signify that the Sun person was the other person’s boss, father, husband, etc. and that there is likely unfinished business. I choose to take out the father possibility only because I have never associated the Sun with FATHER. Saturn on the other hand… But, regardless, is there anything else you might say about this one connection? In node-planet contacts, who generally feels the connection more? The node person? (I’ve gotten differing responses on that one). Do you know of anyone, (whom you trust as a decent astrologer), who specializes in nodes in synastry?

Secondly, hypochondria. I appear to have developed a mild case in recent years and wondered what you thought. (b info: 12-31-79- 5:20 AM, Wash, DC.) I know I have a bit of Virgo which might explain my response to possible transits affecting my health, mental or otherwise. Any thoughts? Thank you!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Concerning node/planet contacts, I have found they generally exist in long-lasting relationships. Another astrologer told me years ago that unless there were strong Saturn contacts and/or node/planet contacts between a man and woman’s charts the relationship/marriage would not last. I started to check this out by looking at family relationships because they are generally mandatory long-lived relationships. I did find planet/node contacts between parents and children and husband and wife in long marriages.

As to who feels the connection: they both do! Like any conjunction (and I only use the node/planet conjunction in synastry) between charts, the energies function together when the people are interacting. If John’s Mars is on my Sun, my being activates him to self-assertion while his self-assertion causes me to become conscious of my intentions and purpose or my will. This is very “yang” and we can accomplish much together, but also disagree and fight to assert our separate wills when we differ. Sometimes he will act the Sun and I the Mars and vice versa. If a parent’s node is on a child’s Mars, the child may rebel, causing the parent to become more “heavy” (parent’s s. node in Cancer conjunct child’s Mars) and authoritarian, leading to more rebellion and subterfuge on the child’s part (Mars in Cancer is usually passive-aggressive in expressing anger). Then the parent gets angry and acts the Mars while the child sabotages the parent.

I do not have time to check your chart right now, but hypochondria is often associated with Virgo and the 6th house, as well as the ruler of the 6th house and planets in the 6th and transits to that house and those planets. Right now Saturn is finishing a transit of Gemini (squaring Virgo) and Pluto is at about 18 degrees Sagittarius also squaring Virgo. So, you are correct that the “bit of Virgo” in your chart may correlate to these transits affecting your mental and/or physical health — probably more mental as the Mutable signs are associated with ideas and thoughts.

Follow-Up: I wrote earlier about the nodes (and hypochondria) :). When I look at nodes in synastry I can’t help but look at trines and sextiles and squares as well as oppositions and conjunctions – only because I see certain trends (node-mars sextiles, for instance) and without the other aspects, there would be no T-squares, grand squares, kites, etc., involving nodes which I have also found in relationships. Many of them long term. Much of my research uncovered squares in abundance. I’ll give you some of the info I found on certain celebrity couples. 🙂

Michael J. Fox and Tracey P.: His s.node conj. her Chiron; north node sextile her Sun and Venus. Her nodes square his Sun.

Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack: Her nodes square his Pluto.

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen: Her s. node conj. his Pluto; both her nodes square his Jupiter. His nodes square her Mercury and Pluto.

Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates: His n. node conj. her Moon, sextile her Sun and Mercury and trine her Mars. Both his nodes are square her Saturn. Her north node is trine his Mercury.

Paul McCartney and Linda: His nodes square her Saturn and Uranus. Her nodes square his Mercury; north node trine his Venus.

Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks: Her nodes square his Sun; his s. node conj. her Saturn, both square her Uranus.

Paul Hogan and Linda K.: Her nodes square his Moon and Mars, creating a Grand Square. his n. node conj. her Jupiter.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thank you very much for the information. Come to think about it, my sister’s nodes square my Moon opposite Mars/Pluto! As children, we fought all the time! Her Mars/Saturn in Aries is on her own s. node. I’ll take a second look at squares to the nodes in synastry. It sounds true.

Q: My boyfriend tells me astrological charts are not correct because the stars have moved 1 cycle in the past 1000 years. Could you please explain. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: First, your boyfriend is only partially correct about astrological charts. There are two types of astrology calculation methods: tropical astrology (practiced in the West) and sidereal (practiced in the East and some Westerners do use a sidereal method). Sidereal means “star.” So, the sidereal method puts the planets against the constellations as you would see them in the actual sky. This method does a calculation to include the precession of the equinoxes which tropical astrology does not use. There is about a 24 degree difference between these charts. Any planets over 25 degrees in a sign in a tropical chart will still be in that sign in a sidereal chart. But, for example, in your chart, the Moon is at 2 degrees Aries in the tropical chart, and 7 degrees Pisces in the sidereal chart. [2 degrees Aries = 32 degrees Pisces – 25 degrees = 7 degrees Pisces.] If you want a good sidereal chart and reading, go to a Vedic astrologer.

To your personal question: you do not give your boyfriend’s birth time. But just looking at your chart and his solar chart, I would say you need a lawyer more than an astrologer. You have Pluto and Saturn transiting your personal money house and opposing your Sun in the house of shared finances. This is a set-up for a financial loss if you are not careful. Neptune is transiting your 10th house of career and reputation and opposing your 4th house of home. You mentioned it is your home that your are thinking of selling. This is why you need to talk to a lawyer; your boyfriend should have his own lawyer. It is foolish for a woman to sell her property and pool it with a boyfriend or husband because it then is no longer hers but community property and the other person can do with it as he likes. Your boyfriend has no Earth sign planets; so he may be very impractical with money. I may be wrong, but I suspect the move is his idea and not yours. If you want a relocation chart, contact Astro-Cartography; that is their specialty.

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