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Q: I was born May 22,1943 in Igalo, Yugoslavia (present day Montenegro) 35 Kilometers south of Dubrovnik. I am constantly feeling malefic forces in and about me. I see other people moving through life at a nice pace and I seem to be constantly battling/rowing up stream. The last five years have been especially trying. What can I do differently? I am about to close down my business… what career should I pursue? Are these forces/planets going to continue to challenge my every move? What have I to do to change this path?
A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You do not give a time of birth in your e-mail. I had to cast a chart for an arbitrary time of just after sunrise. So, I don’t know what you Ascendant is or the exact degree or sign you Moon is in — it could be in late Sagittarius or early Capricorn. It does, in any case for a T-Square with Mars in Pisces opposite Neptune in Virgo. That is a confusing configuration as there may be much stress between your desires and ambitions and your feelings, emotions and imagination. You have a stellium (4 planets or lots of energy) in Gemini. So, you may have an overload of mental energy. There is a configuration called a Yod which indicates very much adjustment to life’s circumstances is required of you. Your Moon partakes of this configuration as well as of the T-Square; so, you are inherently “wired” in a tense way. This aspect configuration could account for your feelings of being surrounded by malefic forces. The planets do not cause anything; they simply reflect the energetic influences operating in the cosmos at the moment of birth. I sometimes suggest people go to the library and read the headlines in the newspapers for the day after birth to get the flavor of the day they were born. Our personal psychology is an imprint of the birth moment. When people have two stressful configurations as you do, I often suggest psychological or spiritual counseling, even vocational counseling to help find clarity in dealing with the tension and stress. If you can give me you birth time, perhaps I could be more specific.

(A response is received giving approximate birth time).

Thank you for giving me an approximate time of birth. I set the chart for 8:30 PM (20:30) which gives a Sagittarius Ascendant. With so many planets in Gemini, it would seem you are in the right area of work. Postage stores seem to be successful where I live (California, USA); I see more and more opening and none closing. But it must be different where you are. The main thing I see in your chart is that Pluto has been going through your first house of self-image and personality for the last several years. That can correspond to a difficult time of many changes. In addition, this past year, Pluto has been opposed by Saturn across your first and 7th houses, making life difficult for both you and your wife. You have just, at the same time, experienced your second Saturn return which can make a person feel depressed. If you do sell your business, you might want to look into some other area that involves communication, transportation, media work, newspaper work, etc. Your progressed Mercury has just entered Leo (changed signs); so, I would expect things to start getting better for you soon.

Q: I was wondering what is the significance of 29 degrees of a sign, as a critical degree? I searched books but the explanation seems extraordinarily vague. And would my sun at 28Gem59 degrees be close enough, just short of my 01 Canc er47 descendant, in the 6th? My son’s sun is also at 29 Cancer 14 in the ninth. How would these be interpreted or viewed? Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The 29th degree and the 0 degree being critical degrees comes from the horary astrology tradition. Twenty-nine degrees of any sign is 0 degrees of the next. I have often used the analogy of the 29th degree being like a person about to step outdoors. He is still in the house (in this case sign) but all his attention and intention is on going outdoors (into the next sign). The 0 degree is like a child who’s just been let outdoors to play — wildly exuberant, too energetic. In the horary tradition planets at 29 degrees are significant of “death” of whatever they symbolize in the horary chart. For example, if the question is, “Where will I find the ring?” and the planet that symbolizes the ring is at 29 degrees, the answer is that the ring will not be found. In a natal chart a 28 or 29 degree Sun is significant because by progression it changes signs very early in life, at age one or two. The person then goes through the next 30 years with the progressed Sun in the sign after its birth placement. My son, too, has a 28 degree Cancer Sun; from the time he was two until he was 32 (when it progressed into Virgo) he manifested many Leo characteristics. When it is the Sun at 29 degrees there may be some critical issues around identity and purpose in life.

Q: I was wondering about the day formula and night formulas for part of fortune. I read Martin Schulman’s book on this Arabian part and it made complete sense to me. But it was entirely based on the day formula. I was born at night and was wondering if the night formula would be more accurate or at least was is the logic behind that formula. For me, day formula my part is in Gemini in the sixth house night formula my part is in Cancer in the seventh house Thanks for your help.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I have always used the formula for the part of fortune in which it falls in the house where the Moon would be placed if the Sun were on the Asc. Go by your own life experience. Which seems to fit you better? I don’t pay too much attention to the part of fortune unless is conjuncts a planet.

Q: Hello and thank you for replying. I was looking for more insight but now it comes out I have a 3rd aspect pattern, the Yod. I’m sorry for the confusion, but the T-square in mutable signs (or T-cross) I was talking about is formed with Moon opposed to Mercury, both squaring AC. If this is true, then that’d make 3 aspect patterns. How do you handle this? Anyway thank you again for your answer and keep the site going. it is great.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: When looking for major configurations, I do not use the lunar nodes, the part of fortune (or part of anything else), the AC or MC, Chiron, the Vertex, the East Point, etc., etc. I just use the planets. So, I would not consider Moon/Mercury opposition square the AC to be a T-Cross. Moon/Mercury refers to modes of thinking (emotional and rational). Usually any aspects between Moon/Mercury are beneficial; but, the opposition gives awareness, the ability to reflect on things. According to R. Ebertin the combination of Moon/Mercury/AC equates to “Love of conversation or talk with other persons. An active exchange of thoughts. An acquaintance dating from one’s youth.”

Q: I have a Saturn conj. Sun transit coming up in September and I was wondering what I could expect. Will it play a big role as I am a Capricorn rising with a Saturn in Aries singleton in the 3rd? I’m a little wary because not too long ago I had a Pluto conj Moon transit that turned out to be extremely difficult in my life. Thanks for your help.

June 20, 1967 – 8:53 PM – Elmira, NY

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The planets ALWAYS carry their natal implications. Since Saturn rules your Asc. (personality) and is twice a singleton, I would imagine that its transit over natal Sun would correspond with a time of integration of your will and sense of purpose (Sun) and your personality. There is no natal major aspect between Sun and Saturn, and Saturn natally is part of a Grand Trine in Fire (creativity). So, I don’t see any reason to be wary. Plan carefully and take responsibility for your life is the best advice. The transit of Pluto over your natal Moon was a different story! Natally, Pluto is squared by your 12th house Moon; Pluto is also conjunct Uranus. So, the transiting conjunction of Moon/Pluto would have brought along with it some very heavy baggage and corresponded to a difficult time in the life. Your interpretation of the North Node in Taurus in the 4th house [second e-mail] is correct — “a need to get in touch with inner foundations, gut instincts and emotions (nurturing part) in order to build self-worth, values and home.”

You say that when you maintain boundaries you find yourself isolated but a lot happier alone. That sounds healthy to me! Where do you get the idea that it is not good to be a “loner?” Who needs parasites in the life! It is far better to be alone. Anyway, with Moon in the 12th you need time alone to nurture your self with your creative activities. If you feel “overwhelmed and a little inadequate” in groups, just “fake it until you make it.” I suspect your “boundary” issues stem more from Mercury in Cancer in the 7th trine Neptune in Scorpio in the 11th. It is all too easy (trine) for you to loose your self in a group (Neptune dissolves). Mercury in Cancer is far too subjective and emotional vis-a-vis relationships and public relations. Actually, the Saturn transit will probably be very helpful to you.

Follow-up: Thank you so much…this was extremely helpful and makes perfect sense, jibes with my experiences. Sometimes integrating all chart factors can be a little confusing, esp. with ones own chart but your answers really inspire me ‘trust’ my instincts more.

Q: Finally, I have found out my boyfriends birth time and would like to know how his solar return plays into my birth chart (or is my solar chart more appropriate?). I’m looking for a commitment leading to marriage. Also, do you think you could email me his solar return? Lastly, the Pluto book by J. Green is unbelievable. There is a wealth of knowledge there and the charts are a bonus. I keep going back to it because it was a lot to try to digest at once. Heavy stuff! I now want to find a good book on synastry, any suggestions?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: An Interpreted Compatibility Report is available through this site, and might answer many of your questions (doubts?) about this relationship. The report discusses both of your individual expectations and needs in relationships in general, and then goes into how you relate to each other specifically. If you are interested, let me know. I have not heard of the technique of comparing one person’s Solar Return chart to another person’s natal chart. Interesting idea, but it sounds like “apples and oranges” to me. We often compare a couple’s progressed charts, however. The SR is the last chart to be considered after looking at a person’s natal chart and progressed chart. The house the Sun is in (in the SR chart) and planets on angles tell something about the “flavor” of the coming year. If you just want your boyfriend’s SR chart, that is $5.00, but there is not interpretation included. I would suggest the you purchase an astrology program such as Win-Star by Matrix in Big Rapids, Michigan, so you can run your own charts and reports. They have several and some are both efficient, simple and inexpensive (around $100 last time I looked). I do notice your boyfriend has Fire but no Air, while you have Air, but no Fire (the Leo Asc. doesn’t count, but could be “false advertising” since there are no planetary energies in Fire to back it up — “what you see is not what you get” situation). Yours is a case of each filling in the other’s blanks. As you know, the Sun progresses one degree per year (a year for a day). So, your Sun has progressed 34 degrees, or is at 4 degrees Leo (giving you Fire by progression). Your boyfriend’s Sun has progressed to 0 degrees Libra (giving him Air by progression). That is interesting to note. Marion D. March & Joan McEvers have a book, “The Only Way to Learn About Relationships,” that gives comprehensive information on synastry techniques plus example charts.

Q: I am attracted towards a girl and thinking of making her my life partner. I am an open minded guy and not bothered about her caste of religion. My biggest fear is our compatibility with this girl. I love her so much that I don’t want to see her suffer due to incompatibility with me. She is happy to be my wife, but it seems she is too much carried away by emotions and thus lacks the required far-sightedness.

My details are:
Date of birth:10th October, 1976
Place of birth: Chandigarh (INDIA)
Time of birth: 5:20 PM

Her details are:
Date of birth: 11th january.1984
Time of birth:7:10 AM
Place of birth:hyderabad (INDIA)

Please help me regarding this issue. Waiting desperately for your suggestions.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: For the type of question your asked, I recommend the Interpreted Compatibility Report that is available through this site. If you would like to consult an astrologer who practices both Indian (Vedic) astrology and Western tropical astrology, try contacting James Braha at [email protected]; his website is

Q: I would like to ask u a question regarding marriage. I was born on 19th Oct 1981 in Lahore, Pakistan at 4:44pm. According to an astrologer, I’ll be getting married soon – that is, in 2003. What are our predictions . Will I be getting married within relatives? If yes can you tell me the first letter of my future husbands name? Thanks.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not and cannot make specific predictions about marriage, births or deaths from the horoscope. All I can see from looking at yours is that you most probably will marry at some time in your life, and perhaps more than once because you have many planets in the sign Libra and in the 7th house of marriage and partnership. I cannot tell whether or not you will marry a relative nor what the man’s name might be. I know a little bit about the type of astrology practiced in India, and perhaps in your part of the world as well. They do use techniques by which they claim to be able to predict these sorts of things. Perhaps that is because the social structure is so different there than it is in the west, more traditional and static.

You might try someone who practices Indian/Vedic astrology such as James Braha at [email protected].

Q: Hello again Eleanor. After discovering my Moon singleton in Sagittarius, I read your article on moon singletons and was intrigued, by your chart examples particularly. On a hunch, I decided to look at my ex boyfriend’s chart, with whom I had an intense relationship and we still seem very much connected, often I run into him (and we live in New York City!) on odd times – my last birthday was the last synchronistic moment – or I just seem to know when I’ll see him or hear from him. Anyway it turns out he too has a Saturn in Aries in 8th singleton as the only fire sign planet (mine is Saturn in Aries in 3rd, only personal house planet) AND a Moon in Gemini in the 10th singleton as the only planet in a universal HOUSE where as my Moon in Sagittarius in 12th is the only universal SIGN planet. As I am a Gemini Sun, Capricorn rising. He is a Capricorn Sun, Leo rising…. to say this would have had an impact, I think would be an understatement and so much about us is much clearer to me now! We both are writers but have very different styles, in life too, he’s very ‘public’ though very sensitive, I’m much more the loner; yet our sensibilities were always similar which I think baffled us. It’s just so fascinating. Any other insights would be welcome!

Birth info for ex:

December 31, 1968 – 8:40 PM – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I apologize. Your Saturn is not two times a singleton. Ironically, another woman wrote the same day as you. Her birthday is also June 20, but a year earlier than yours and the place is Brooklyn, NY, not Elmira! I got them mixed up. It is her Saturn that is twice a singleton. You must be using the Placidus house system. I use Koch and that puts your ex’s Saturn just into the 9th instead of the 8th. It probably functions in both. Anyway, if you use Placidus, then the Moon would be a singleton, too. Off hand I do notice other connections, particularly the oppositions of the personal planets. Your Mercury opposes his, and so are your Venuses opposed; and your Venus is on his Asc while his Sun is right in your first house. It is easy to see the attraction between you two. The Saturn and Moon singletons may have made you too similar to live together for very long. Was there an element of competition in the relationship? Your Mars opposes his Saturn singleton (his sense of authority).

Q: Hey! I know I’ve asked you about this before, but I had a question about synastry in general. I have been reading up on the posts from July (?). You made a note at one point about Mercury squared Mercury, and the conflict usually inevitable with that link. We had discussed, months back, a more subtle means of understanding, however, and I wondered if you remembered. I had mentioned that I was drawn very strongly to Pisces, though I have little water, a moon in Gemini, a Merc. in Sag, and a ton of Virgo. But my Merc. was also conj. my Neptune, which gave it a very Piscean flavor. (Just an example) I doubt that computer-generated reports are capable of this kind of detail. Is it possible to make people more aware of this, so as not to disappoint them or over generalize? I find it difficult to ever downplay the power of a conjunction and I know you understand this. Thanks!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The only way to make people aware of the generalization of computer generated astrology reports is to get them interested in studying astrology! I never went to an astrologer until I was one myself, at least had taken a beginning course and done a few charts and interpretations for family and friends. Then I drove the astrologer crazy asking “How did you get that? Oh, is that what you think a Mars/Pluto conjunction means? Why do you say my son will be a good cook but burn things? Is that because he has Moon in Aries in the 4th?” The poor guy just wanted to get his $50 (it was a long time ago!) and wing it on intuition.

Most people think astrology is a fun parlor game or a form of fortune telling. The only way to conquer ignorance about astrology or anything else is through education. And, education, or ability to be educated, is predicated by curiosity, interest in the subject, and eventually love for it.

I do agree with you, as do most astrologers, that the conjunction is an aspect of greatest power. The energies of the two (or more) planets combine to function as a unit, and they cannot be interpreted separately. For example, your Mercury/Neptune combines reason, logical and linear thinking with imagination, intuition and vision, or holistic feeling/thinking. Your Mercury does not function as a “stand alone” energy and neither does Neptune. The visions (Neptune) get analyzed (Mercury) and the reason is colored by imagination. If you look at the charts of famous, powerful people you will find many of them have several conjunctions. George W. Bush has three (if you use wide orbs): Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Venus/Pluto, and Moon/Jupiter (this one you will find in the charts of many, many politicians!).

Q: If A’s Chiron conjunct B’s descendant at 20’Taurus, what is that suppose to mean? Thank you!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It sounds like you are asking for a “cookbook” formula: “A’s” Chiron on “B’s” Descendant = whatever. Without having both charts and looking at, other planetary placements and aspects in each one and from one to the other, any “cookbook” answer I would give on a single particle of the sysnastry would be just B.S. (“beautiful stories”).

Chiron generally stands for “the wounded healer.” It represents some area of our life or personal psychology that is wounded and can never be healed, but, because of the suffering we have experienced through it, we are able to heal others. “A” may wound or heal “B”, or vice versa. Where in his or her chart does “B’s” Chrion come (yes, it is in Taurus, but from what house and what aspects are made to it from other planets in “B’s” own chart; next, what about “A’s” Chiron?); it is not a simple thing.

Also, I would look at Chiron last of all after the other personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and social, cultural planets (Jupiter and Saturn), and outer or transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). I know some astrologers have made the claim that Chiron has to do with relationships and marriage. I don’t know where they get that idea! I certainly have not found it to be the case! It would likely be a rather difficult, if not miserable, marriage if Chiron had anything to do with it.

Important things to look for in long-term and family relationships (and marriage is a family relationship, or 7th house matter, as opposed to a 5th house romantic relationship) are cross-chart Saturn aspects. Saturn = duration through time. And, a planet(s) in “A’s” chart CONJUNCT one of the Nodes in “B’s” chart and vice versa.

Q: My boyfriend and I have had an on/off relationship for the last 27 years. During that time, neither of us has married anyone else. I wonder if we’ll ever really get it together? Can you see any answers in our charts?

My dob is Apr 30, 1944 – 11:00am Colchester, England; my boyfriend’s is Oct. 9, 1944, 3:45am, Richmond, VA.

Thank you so much.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: My question for you is: why do you want to be married? I assume that’s what you mean when you wonder if you will “ever really get it together?” You are both 58 years old; so having children is out of the question — unless you plan to adopt grandchildren. Some women marry late for “social security” reasons, a bad idea. The dynamics of a relationship change when a romance becomes a marriage. As I am always telling clients, the 7th house (marriage, partnerships) is NOT the 5th (love and romance). What works well in the 5th can be a disaster in the 7th (why do you think Saturn is exalted in Libra and the 7th house? Relationships/marriage-partnerships take work). The 5th house is ruled by Leo/the Sun and there is no planet exalted above the Sun — the sense of individuality, personal creativity and fun. Romance, children and other 5th house activities bolster the sense of purpose and “ego.” One can be self-centered and feel good about it. In the 7th, cooperation is the name of the game. One is no longer free to “be me!” Limits (Saturn) are placed on individual wishes and desires in deference to the best interests of the relationship and the other person. If you have a good relationship that has worked for you for 27 years, why “fix it, if it ain’t broke?” — unless, of course, you want to end it. Some relationships can only be resolved through marriage and a subsequent divorce. Don’t ask me why, it just seems to work that way.

I notice you are experiencing your second Saturn return (Saturn transiting its natal position), and your boyfriend will experience it soon. Usually the first Saturn return (at age 28 – 30) is the difficult one, as we have to accept the responsibilities of growing up. The second one is usually easier because most people have had careers and families. There may be anticipation of retirement and grandparenthood. But when there are unresolved issues from the past, such as a relationship or career that didn’t go the way one thought it should, the second Saturn return can be very hard, or sad. Facing mortality is one of the biggies. “Oh, so I’m not going to live forever, oops! I just had a 40 year guaranteed roof put on the house, and I probably won’t be here in 40 years. That damned roof will outlive me!”

I suspect your boyfriend is as deeply committed to you as if you were married (Venus in Scorpio and Sun in Libra). My advice is to enjoy your life and this relationship and don’t worry about making it “kosher.”

Q: I’m only a novice when it comes to astrology. But in our communications, I do notice you have Moon opposite Pluto. Would you be so kind as to explain just how that particular aspect applies to your life? Reason: I have Cancer Asc and then N. Node/Moon and Pluto in my 1st in Pluto. I had a toxic mother who brought me up in an abusive cult. Hopefully, your mother was kind, gentle and loving? And yes, when you get a chance, do put your palms on your scanner and send. Or even scan the “old” palm print you had made way back when. I’ve read thousands and continue to look for just that out-of-the-ordinary palm and those line configurations that I’ve never seen before. I suppose being an astrologer is like that for you?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You’re funny! I doubt there is any person walking this earth with a hard Moon/Pluto aspect who had a mother that was “kind, gentle and loving.” Oh, she thought she was, I’m sure. But both my sister and I thought she was the “Dragon Lady.” By the way, my sister (3-1/3 years younger) also has a Moon/Pluto opposition. At the end of an astrology class, my students asked me to share my chart. My best student looked at it for a few moments, furrowed her brow and asked, “What your mother a little bit mean and cruel?” My answer was, “leave out the ‘little bit’ and you’ve got it!” Moon/Pluto is the “toxic mother.” Even her milk was “poison.” Both my sister and I were unable to keep food down until we were put on formula. Mother didn’t take kindly to that early “rejection” of her by us. It was our fault, of course.

I notice that you have a triple conjunction, Moon/Pluto/Jupiter and it squares a Sun/Mercury conjunction. I think the cult involvement relates to Jupiter being part of the Moon/Pluto configuration. Jupiter amplifies and exaggerates everything it touches as well. You have Neptune in the 4th house and the Sun/Mercury in the 10th, the parental houses. Neptune in the 4th can be an alcoholic parent or a delusional one. (One man with Neptune in the 4th said his father had a whiskey still in the family home’s basement when he was growing up!) Neptune rules both your 9th house of religion and ideology and the 10th house. I suspect your mother may have been close to being certifiably insane. I know my mother probably could have benefited from psychotropic medications, anti-depressants, etc. had they been available. But she was so in denial that anything was ever wrong with her (it was always everybody else’s fault or they made her do it, classic projection), she might not have sought help.

Whenever the Moon is conjunct, opposite or square one of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) it correlates to strange circumstances around the mother or nurturing parent (person). One man with Moon/Neptune conjunct, thought his mother was a “saint.” She was physically weak and often ill. His first wife drank and died of cancer and he had a relationship with a woman addicted to prescription pain-killers. (Neptune rules drugs and alcohol.)

Q: I have been reading your column regularly. I would be grateful if you can shed some light on my career and family life. I read my astrology a couple of years back and the next few years were supposed to be the best in my life.

DOB – Jan 31, 1967- 6:18 PM – Tirupathi, India

Thanks a lot in advance.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your natal chart shows Jupiter as a singleton planet (only personal sign and only universal house). Jupiter is the planet of luck, good fortune, and protection and is related to religion, philosophy, and foreign travel. It is well placed in its sign of exaltation (Cancer) and in the 12th house which it co-owns along with Neptune. Transiting Jupiter has just made a return to its natal position and will soon cross your Ascendant. That should indicate the beginning of a very good period in your life with opportunities for expansion, exploration and learning arising.

The 10th and 4th houses of the horoscope show the career and family life. Venus rules your 10th and is in its sign of exaltation (Pisces) in it’s own house (7th); so, success in a career dealing with the public would be promising. Venus in Pisces in the 7th may not be so good for personal relationships as there is a tendency to expect too much of the partner or to be too idealistic about her or him. Your home life looks good as well. You have a Grand Trine (luck) in Water with Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house, Saturn in Pisces in the 8th, and Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th. (In Indian astrology these are “moksha” houses and indicate great spirituality).

You did not ask a specific question; so my answer has to be somewhat vague.

Q: I absolutely love reading the “Ask the Astrologer” online Q&A. I would like to know how my career and love life look for the year ahead. I was born April 15, 1967 at 11:10pm in New Bedford, Ma. My husband and I divorced last year after a ten year relationship. We had no children, but always thought “someday.” His birth data is February 11, 1946 at 4:12 am in Providence, RI. Recently I have been thinking about having children, but I am not sure we will get back together. I’m starting a new career in the mortgage business. An astrologer told me about a time to watch, January 2005, when Pluto will go over my ascendant. She said that’s a “biggie.” And for now everything that starts will have some sort of “ending” to it because of this Pluto in my twelfth house. What does it all look like? Thanks!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Good luck in your new career. Also, thank you for the complement on “Ask the Astrologer.”

This past year must have been a rough one! There was a transiting Saturn/Pluto opposition which hit your natal Saturn/Mars opposition. That Saturn/Pluto opposition correlates with the terror attack on the WTC! When Pluto goes over the ASC and into the first house, many things change. Sometimes a woman will have cosmetic surgery, other people loose weight or gain it or take up physical fitness training; others go into long term psychotherapy. The aspect from transiting Pluto to natal Sun/Venus and natal Pluto is a trine (you have a natal Sun/Venus trine Pluto) as it goes over the ASC. So, I would expect any changes, however drastic, to be fortunate and for the better in the long run. If you have already divorced, then perhaps the worst is over.

The transits to your husband’s chart last year were not good, either. Saturn went over his natal Uranus and Moon (the unexpected end or loss of home and wife) while Pluto opposed those planets, bringing upheaval and change. At the same time, Uranus was transiting over his natal Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aquarius in the 2nd house. His sense of identity and finances were shaken up. Jupiter was transiting through his 7th house. Now, this sounds wonderful, but it often coincides with a period when a marriage breaks up. upiter is great expectations. Great disappointments frequently are the result of that! Either the spouse wants more freedom or the person wants more from the marriage, perhaps things the spouse cannot give. It is a good thing you did not have children. If you had, it would have made the separation all the more difficult and painful. And, I expect the marriage would have ended, children or no children.

Q: Are there free natal charts that tell you where eros & payche are in natal charts? I was born 2/13/52 @ 7:23 AM in Milwaukee, WI. Very curious.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: According to the asteroid ephemeris in the back of “Asteroid Goddesses” by Demetra George, your Psyche is eleven degrees (retrograde) in Virgo in the 7th house and Eros is at fifteen degrees Taurus in your 2/3 houses (on the cusp of 2 and 3). I am curious why you want to know about asteroids. They are just big rocks floating around in space and are not really of much meaning to anyone but a very advanced astrologer who would use them to confirm things indicated by the basics of the chart.

Q: I have a question about one of my singletons. I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 12th house as my only water planet. Because it is in the 12th, and therefore above the horizon, it is usually felt or seen by others (I think I read that in your twelfth house article). I am, however, very aware of being different, having always felt like a stranger in a strange land. The only major aspect to Uranus is an applying sextile to my Saturn in Virgo (in the 10th). Obviously there are career elements involved, but I don’t have any idea what else it could mean. (My Uranus also Quintiles my Mars and Jupiter (in Virgo) – I love Quintiles, personally, but didn’t know if you would find that significant in any way). Any thoughts? Thanks!

P.S. My moon in Gemini is also a singleton, twice. So I realize that my life is also heavily guided by this as well. 🙂

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: A twelfth house singleton can be denied, repressed, projected, overcompensated or sublimated. Many people do deny the outer planets and especially if they are in they are singletons and/or in the 12th house. Fortunately for you, this is not the case — denial, that is. You are quite conscious of your Uranian qualities. The quintile aspect (72 degrees) is an indicator of specific sorts of genius, depending on the planets and signs involved. For this aspect, allow no more than one degree (71 to 73). What is your particular genius?

A singleton Moon in Gemini would indicate a bright, curious “eternal child,” forever asking, “But why, Daddy?” It can be highly creative.

Q: Finally I find a place to ask astrologically based questions! I was reading through the answers and found some really interesting replies. I do natal charts myself but am no good at synastry readings. I have a really weird relationship with a co-worker and wondered if it could be explained by something in our charts.

His birth data is: born -4/21/61 at 6:44 pm Fresno, California.

Mine is: born – 2/25/54 at 8:00 am, Cody, Wyoming.

I am the only female where we work and he is, according to his own words, deathly afraid of women. He is married, somehow or other, to a woman (born 11/11/57 time unknown) who literally fell on him during a cruise. She completely runs the show and I would expect him to be Mr. Mild Mannered all the time. Well, not with me he isn’t. He becomes really aggressive around me to me and everyone else. I would think he would avoid me. No, not that either. He likes to hang out with me but God help anyone who gets in the way of one of our fights. They start with harmless seeming discussions and have ended in shouting matches a couple of times. We end up missing each other however and make up. Why would we be so aggressive around each other? I am not a yeller by nature. More of the get mad and never speak to the person again type. My boss would probably also be grateful for working this problem out! Many thanks in advance!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I notice both you and your co-worker have Moon/Mars conjunctions. That means you get a certain amount of nurturance out of aggression and fighting. The Moon is the basic planet of love (early experiences of warmth and mothering); so, perhaps your fights are a kind of love-making. His Sun in Pisces opposes your Pluto in Virgo. Sun/Pluto aspects between charts indicate power struggles. His Moon/Mars conjunction also squares your Pluto, while his Uranus is in a wide conjunction to your Moon/Mars — sudden explosions of anger. Your Moon/Mars conjunction in Cancer opposes your Saturn in Capricorn. That is a set up for confrontations with authority figures and men. You also have a natal Mercury in Aries (that likes to argue and debate) square your Moon/Mars, further indicating a “touchiness” or even “chip on shoulder” which may be unconscious. Because of the aspects from his chart to yours, you push each other’s buttons. My advice is to behave professionally in the work place and check yourself before getting involved in an argument. You must by now be able to tell when one is coming on. Politely excuse your self from his presence, go to the ladies’ room, until you cool down. I’d also suggest you look deeper into the attraction that seems to be going on between you. It does not sound like a good thing to have going on at work.

Q: What’s your take on least-aspected planets, (or even most-aspected planets), particularly if said planets are singletons? I have been to Robert Couteau’s site but find it very confusing and I haven’t seen another site that really explains this phenomenon. Thanks!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Robert Couteau refers to the role of the least aspected planet in the context of astrocartography. I know next to nothing about astrocartography. And, I have not paid much attention to the least and most aspected planets in the chart. Singletons are what I concentrate on. Why don’t you ask Mr. Couteau? If it is confusing to you, it is probably not worth your time bothering with. Stick to the basics!

Q: I have some query if you are kindly spend some of your precious time and answer these query …I will be grateful to you …. Query no 1. Myself and my father together we run a small business of data analysis…we started it on 13 Jan 1991 …for last 1.5 yrs our business is falling down…..what is the future of our business . Query no 2 I am separated from my husband as he is an alcoholic for 4 yrs…I have a 7 yrs old daughter…what lies in my future…will there be any other man in my life or am I going to spend my rest of life alone….when my happy days will come (will it come?)….what lies in my future. My birth details are : 1st Oct 1965 / 7.20 pm/ Calcutta / India Madam I am waiting eagerly for your reply….Thanks

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: To answer your first question about the downturn for the past year or so in your family business: I suspect that is connected with a more general downturn in the world economy and the “ bubble” bursting. As the general economy picks up, no doubt your business will, too. Your chart shows you are going through a period when you are likely to feel sad, disappointed or depressed (transiting Saturn is opposing your natal Moon). Also, everyone your age (born in the mid-1960’s) is going through a period of crisis, adjustment and re-defining of self-image. I have several relatives born in this era and although they live in different countries and cultures, they are all, to one degree or another, facing these similar issues (Pluto transiting through Sagittarius is squaring the natal, generational, Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo). Your chart indicates you are a very romantic and highly creative person. Now, however, s the time to focus on your family (father, daughter) and the business as well as your spiritual life. That will bring you happiness in the present, and may also open doors to much future happiness. Things should start seeming more positive to you in the next few years.

Q: As planets in the first house color the ascendant so much, would it be feasible to suggest that one might even begin another set of houses for themselves (in addition to the first set) starting with the planet in the first house? For example, if John has a Sag. ascendant and a sun in the first house, could he then attempt a new set, starting with the first house in Leo? Just to see where his planets would fall then, or even indicate possible synastry connections not evident otherwise. I’d guess it would serve as an undertone, like a dwad or a decanate for a planet. Just a thought.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your suggestion of setting up a second chart using the house cusp that is ruled by a planet in the first house as the Asc. is intriguing. But what if there are more than one planet in the first house? Would you use several charts? For example, the person with Sun in the first might also have Venus and Mercury. Do you set up a chart with Taurus and also Libra as the Asc. and two more with Gemini and Virgo? I have noticed that my sister seems to live her chart backwards. She has Neptune in her first house (with a Virgo Asc.) and all the personal planets on the west side of the chart. She acts as if she has a Pisces Asc. (she also has Venus in Pisces — so maybe I’d have to do a chart with Libra on the Asc. too).

It is definitely something to experiment with. I would be interested in your findings. Check out some famous peoples’ charts and see what you come up with.

Q: When is the grand trine that is coming up between Venus, Saturn and Uranus? How will it affect us? Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Between September 3rd and 6th Venus will be at 26 degrees Libra to 28 degrees Libra, Saturn is at 27+ degrees Gemini and Uranus is retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius. This Grand Trine is in the Air element and so it involves ideas, mental images, communications of all sorts and relationships of all sorts. Grand Trines are “closed systems” and people may be caught up in a world of their own ideas and thoughts. Anyone with planets at the late degrees of any sign will be affected to some extent by this configuration. How a person is affected depends on that individual’s natal chart.

Q: I just found your site and absolutely love it. The questions and “excellent” answers are of a great benefit. Thank you Eleanor Buckwalter and others that provide the answers.

My question is regarding a particular synastry aspect. I am quite versed in astrology and synastry but not quite sure how to interpret the “power and/or stimulation” between two people when A’s planet completes a grand trine of B person’s natal trine. Example is: A’s moon is in Pisces (2deg) and trines B’s Venus in Cancer (8deg) and B’s Moon in Scorpio (18deg)…B’s natal moon is trine natal Venus. The degree of orb between A’s moon trine to B’s Venus is 6deg but is more than 10deg trine B’s moon. Would this still be considered a completion of a grant trine from A’s chart to B’s chart by ELEMENT (all in water) rather than by aspect? There is also a cross aspect of B’s chart completing a grant trine in A’s chart, that being: B’s Mercury (22deg Gemini) conjunct Uranus (24deg Gemini) forming a grand trine in A’s chart to Saturn (22deg Aquarius) and Mercury (17deg Libra) conjunct Jupiter (25deg Libra). A’s natal Mercury/Jupiter is trine natal Saturn…all in Air. The orb of aspect is much closer in this configuration. I know one can read each aspect separately but what other “powerful and/or compelling” meaning would this have between two people? I can verify that there is definitely a very strong communication rapport as well as an emotional one (B’s Venus 8deg Cancer conjunct A’s Cancer Ascendant 8deg). I am most interested if A’s moon (2deg Pisces), making a grand trine (by element or aspect) to B’s Venus/moon natal trine will make for a “strong” harmonious interaction between them, i.e. will A’s moon give a soothing and security feeling to the emotions of B who has natal moon (18deg Scorpio) square natal Pluto/Saturn conjunction (12deg/16deg) in Leo? Oh, that trying to penetrate the secretive, intense emotions of a Scorpio moon.

The overall chart comparison between A and B (both by inspection of each natal chart as well as comparison) is predominantly harmonious with about 5 challenging aspects, 2 of which are easily adjusted to and 3 which will definitely give it some life and spice…sure don’t want to fall into boredom.

Thank you soooooo much. I eagerly await a reply.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thanks for the complement on the site. Credit goes to webmaster Dwight Ennis and owner Carol McKenna.

Your question is rather long and complicated. My answer is rather short and simple. When a planet (especially Sun, Moon, or personal planets) combines from chart A with similar planets in chart B to form a Grand Trine (or other major configuration), the influence is often a binding or bonding one. If the element of the trine is Water, then there is an emotional bond, in Air it speaks of intellectual, mental rapport, in Fire there is inspiration and lots of fun, in Earth there is a practical genius between the people (financial ability, producing goods — making things, gardening, cooking, etc.). With a synastry Grand Trine (or other major configuration) there is always the possibility that the two people will be caught up in a world of their own and unconsciously exclude others. This can be a problem if the others are their children.

Q: Since today is the day that Pluto goes direct again, I’m hoping that you can shed some insight about my past few months and the near future. My birth date is September 8, 1950 in Webster Groves, Mo. at 1:02 PM CST. Over the past few months, Pluto has been in retrograde approaching my Sag Asc of 14 degrees 25 minutes, squaring my Sun of 15 degrees 33 minutes of Virgo, being in sextile with my Neptune of 15 degrees 57 minutes of Libra, and conjuncting my Chiron of 15 degrees 57 minutes of Sag. All this to go along with a transiting Uranus which is in retrograde and was opposite by natal Venus of 28 degrees 26 minutes of Leo and the fact I have a Uranus singleton.

I’m not by nature an emotional person, but my emotions were highly charged and stressed in the early part of the summer, but now recently seem to be returning to my considered level of normal. My wife’s health (8/17/50 in Astoria Oregon at 8:21 AM PDT), while not too serious, has been suffering, my closest co-worker abruptly decided to quit and go to law school back east and has dropped all contact, and although I got one of the largest bonuses in the company, I have a feeling of uncertainty regarding my current employment. In addition, while not being a practicing Catholic since my late teens, I was before that as an alter boy and the full 9 yards. I’ve never thought that there was anything unusual with the relations I had with the priests as an alter boy or when I worked during the summer at the church facilities, but with the breaking sex scandal about priests, I always looked for the name of one particular priest to see if his name popped up. In June, I found his name among those being charged for sexual abuse (he is now dead) for an incident that occurred during the same months that I had contact with him. As I said, I don’t recall anything out of line, but the discovery did startle me.

Since Pluto is now going direct and covering the same ground as it has the past few months, can I expect continued turmoil or will the fact that it is going direct bring more positive elements to it? Thanks!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Pluto going over one’s Asc. certainly tends to bring about changes — changes in roles, appearance, perceptions. Life may be a “roller-coaster ride” for a few years until you get used to the Pluto vibration. Pluto squaring your Sun might make you feel somewhat apprehensive and uncertain about your current employment. Pluto coming out of the 12th house (the past) seems to have brought up the priest scandal for you in a personal way. There was probably nothing out of line in your case. Maybe there was not any in case. I am somewhat suspicious about the magnitude of the scandals. I recall a few years ago all sorts of women were coming out of the woodwork and accusing their fathers of sexually molesting them; they suddenly “remembered” the incidents while undergoing psychotherapy. It seemed to be an epidemic. I suspect there may be the same sort of group hysteria with the church thing (and I am not a Catholic).

Whatever issues Pluto has brought in the past few months can be expected to begin to heal as Pluto goes forward. With Uranus opposing natal Venus the study of astrology should be easy and attractive. That probably ties in, too, with your coworker abruptly quitting and moving away.

I’ll look at your chart and your wife’s when time allows.

Q: When looking at multiplanet configurations such as grand trines, t-squares, yods, etc., are the nodes, ASC, MC, chiron, part of fortune counted in the aspect? For instance in my chart Uranus (Leo) and Venus (Aries) trine each other and both trine my ASC (Sag.) Would this be considered a grand trine in fire? I also have Mercury inconjunct both N.node and Jupiter and the latter two are sextile. Is this a yod (Mercury focal point)? Mercury seems a key planet in my chart by other aspects. I also noticed that I have 1/2 a grand sextile captured by my Saturn-Mars opposition (Saturn/Chiron/Sun/Mars). My birth data: March 31, 1957 11:05 p.m. New York, NY. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: When considering Major Configurations, I use only the planets (and usually I do not count Chiron). I would say you do have a Grand Trine in Fire because I use a 5 degree orb. Venus is trine Uranus; and Venus is also conjunct the Sun which is within the 5 degree orb of trine to Saturn in Sagittarius (this is called “transference of light” when the Sun or Moon is involved in a conjunction and/or wide aspect).I do not count the Nodes or the Asc., Mc, or Ic. You have a Kite configuration because of the Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars sextiles Venus/Sun and Uranus (a wide aspect to Uranus).

Follow-up: I have a follow-up to the e-mail sent yesterday on multiplanet aspects e.g. grand trine. I have a closed configuration in my chart that I would appreciate any clarity on that you can provide. This also involves my Saturn-Mars opposition. It is Saturn trine Venus/Sun sextile Mars. Besides the yod are closed configurations involving minor aspects significant? Birth data: March 31, 1957 11:05 p.m. New York, NY. Thanks again.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You have a Grand Trine in Fire which becomes a Kite because of the Mars opposition to Saturn (a point in the triangle). This brings greater awareness than the Grand Trine alone would have. Any hard aspects to Grand Trines are positive for they tend to add motivation to this, sometimes all too easy, configuration. A Fire trine gives self-confidence, physical activity, enthusiasm and a dramatic flair. There is usually an extroverted nature. Fire people are perceptive and can inspire others. The danger with all closed configurations: Grand Trines, Grand Crosses and the closed Yod (or Boomerang) is that the person becomes complete within himself, living in a world of his own. It may be very difficult for other people to get through to him. You mention the Yod as “involving minor aspects.” I do not consider the quincunx (150 degree angular relationship between planets) to be a minor aspect, even though it is usually so defined by the books. It is like an opposition that isn’t quite! So it can involve frustration. The signs in quincunx have nothing in common with each other; so they have to find some way to adapt and combine the energies of the planets involved. For example, Aries is Cardinal Fire; Virgo is Mutable Earth and Scorpio is Fixed Water. In that Yod all the modalities (styles of motion) must somehow work together. The elements, too, have to cooperate. Fire and Earth makes dust; Fire and Water makes steam; Earth and Water make mud. Put them together and you get something like an oven/kiln in which to fire pottery. When you have an opposition, such as Aries and Libra, you have the same modality, Cardinal, and complementary elements, Fire and Air (both Yang); so they work together much easier. There is a sense of awareness with oppositions. With the quincunx one may be tempted to feel an awareness, but then gets a surprise, it is something different than expected. In answer to your question, no, I cannot think of any closed configurations involving minor aspects. There is a minor closed configuration involving three planets in semi-sextile. Sun at 10 degrees Aries, Venus at 10 degrees Taurus and Mars at 10 degrees Gemini. Sun and Mars are connected by the sextile to each other and both are semi-sextile to Venus. Any transiting planet at 10 degrees of any sign is likely to touch off this configuration.

Q: You may have answered this before, but I hear different things from different astrologers. In synastry, some aspects, even potentially difficult ones like squares and sesquehadrates (sp?), are better than no aspects right? Thanks!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It is difficult to imagine any synastry (comparing two charts of people in a relationship of any kind) where there are no aspects between them! Such charts would be “invisible” to each other. So, even potentially difficult/challenging aspects are better than none.

When doing synastry, be sure to compare the progressed charts, as well as the natal charts. And, do not forget midpoints. If person A’s Sun is on person B’s Venus/Mars midpoint that is important.

Q: My Uranus and Pluto is in my partners 7th House and Mysun is in his 5th house. What does this mean?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: If your Sun is in your partner’s 5th house, that means you are good playmates, lots of fun and romance along with creativity. As for Uranus and Pluto in his 7th, anyone born in the same year(s) as you would bring their Uranus and Pluto to his 7th; it is a relationship he has with all his peer group.

Q: What is the significance of a missing element? Specifically, my chart shows no water.

03/20/1972 – USA 2:50 PM CST – Kermit, Winkler County, TX

I have cast it several times, using different methods, and have consistently come up with similar results (though abandoning Sidereal time does change my Ascendant and Sun Sign).

Thank you for your input.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Whenever there is a chart with a missing element (or missing modality), there is a chance that the five psychological defense mechanisms may come into play at some time during the life: denial of the qualities of the element, repression, over-compensation (exaggerated expression), sublimation, or projection. Often, I have noticed a person born with a missing element is surrounded by family members who have a plethora of that element. For example, I have no Air. My parents both had Air sign Moons (father was a Sun/Moon Gemini) and my sister had a stellium in Aquarius (Sun/Moon/Mercury). In that family, I felt “odd man out.” My granddaughter has no Water. Her mother, father and brother all have lots of Water. Usually the tendency is to over-compensate on the missing element.

No Water = get really involved with feelings and emotions.
No Air = become obsessed with ideas, writing, speaking, etc.
No Fire = very dramatic and romantic expression (Rudolph Valentino, the romantic lover).
No Earth = very strong emphasis on the material plane (J. Paul Getty millionaire).
You may find yourself being attracted to friends and lovers who have much Water; or, like my psychiatrist, working with people who have emotional issues. I don’t think a missing element is anything to be worried about. We all tend to build in or fill in those qualities we are missing one way or another. Look at progressions. The Moon, especially will progress through all the signs, elements and modalities during a lifetime.

When we look at a chart with a missing element, we often are looking at the chart of someone who is a genius in relationship to what that element signifies. For example, many people with no Air are known for their expertise in communications or writing — Wm. F. Buckley and Charles Dickens.

Wm. J. Clinton has no Water; he could be a genius at manipulating the mass consciousness, a master of the emotional level (water). He does have a Moon singleton in the 8th house, as well as Neptune (along with Venus and Mars in Libra) conjunct the Asc. Those two things (Moon singleton and Neptune on the Asc) would give the public the impression of emotional empathy as well as security and glamour.

The absence of Water indicates a “hidden Grand Trine in Water.” The absence of an element (in your case, Water) can indicate that you are a master manipulator, totally in denial about your feelings, you project your feelings onto others (i.e. “women are so emtional!”), over-do the emotions, or go into a profession wherein you can sublimate your emotions — psychiatry — “let’s deal with your emotional issues!” Many wonderful psychologists and psychiatrists have no Water. I, who have no Air, once said to my psychiatrist, who had no Water, “What does a swamp say to a desert?”

I hope the above is helpful.

Q: I am so hoping you will answer me back, I got your email from your web page. My question is; Is compatability based upon your North & South nodes, with your spouse?

I have a North Node in Scorpio, South in Taurus. My husband’s North is in Saggitarias, South in Gemini. I’m a Virgo Sun/Aries Rising/Sag Moon, he’s a Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising/Sag Moon.

We are currently going through a separation, and I am looking for insight. Anything you have to offer (including suggestions for additional reading material on the topics) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: When one person’s planet (s) conjuncts either of the nodes in the other person’s chart, that usually indicates an important and often long-lived relationship. We often see that between parent and child charts, as well as spouses. It sounds like your Moon may be on your spouses North Node. But then so is his own Moon. Was he born near an eclipse? Since you both have Moon in Sagittarius, which is good for compatibility, the problems may be linked to your Virgo Sun which squares his nodes, Moon and Sun.

Q: I’m curious to know what a solstice point means. Aquarius/Scorpio, Leo/Taurus and Aries/Virgo are all solstice point combinations but what does that mean for their relationship. What about other relationships? I understand that the distance between one side and another always falls in a certain category. Feel free to link me to a page.

A: by Dwight Ennis: Solstice Points refer to a planet’s position. Also called the planet’s “Antiscia Point” (from the Latin ‘antiscii’ and the Greek ‘antiskioi’, meaning ‘anti’ – opposite – and ‘skia’ – shadow, or, ‘shadows on the other side’ ), is the planets distance from Zero degrees Cancer or Capricorn (whichever is closer), projected to the other side of Zero Capricorn. This is not the same thing as the Solstice Point referring to the Summer and Winter Solstices, defined as that point where the position of the Sun reaches maximum declination (degrees above and/or below the Ecliptic).

For example, a planet at 14 Gemini 00 is 16 degrees 00 minutes from 00 Cancer 00 (Cancer being closer than Capricorn) Since 14 Gemini 00 is less than 00 Cancer 00, we add 14 degrees 00 minutes to 00 Cancer 00, giving a Solstice Point of 14 Cancer 00 for that planet. If the planet’s position were instead at 14 Leo 00, this position is GREATER than 00 Cancer 00, and is 44 degrees 00 away, so we will SUBTRACT 44 degrees 00 minutes from 00 Cancer 00 to arrive at a Solstice point 16 Gemini 00.

Basically, any two points in the zodiac equidistant from 00 Cancer or Capricorn 00 where the Sun, in its annual travel, would be at the same degree of declination (North or South) though traveling in a different direction in declination.

A conversion table of Solstice Point positions can be found at…

As to their meaning, symbolically they represent points where planets “casting shadows” on each other in an astrological sense. Some say they refer to “debts” of one form or another. More information can be found at these sites…

Many pages of other sites can be found by going to…

and performing asearch for “Antiscia”

Q: I’d be grateful if you could shed some light on the complicated aspects of my moon [which is also the asc lord]. I am into vedic astro. but I find personality analysis more intriguing in the western. I am more of airy types according to vedic and watery types according to western, but I can identify with both!!! Is the fourth ray energy too expressive?


BTW, my birth details- 26-04-1975, 10.53am, New Delhi

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your Moon in Scorpio makes an opposition to your Taurus Sun (and Mercury) indicating you were born on a Full Moon, an indication of great awareness. The Moon is part of a Grand Trine in Water, associated with the theatre arts, spiritual longing, and mathematics and music. The Sun/Mercury sextiles Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Cancer making the Grand Trine a Kite, which gives more power and opportunity for expression than a simple Grand Trine has. In both the Western and Eastern systems, a Sun/Mercury would give mental or airy qualities, while the highly aspected Moon gives emotional, watery qualities. The Air/Water combination is good for expression and communication of the sensitive, emotional and rhythmic qualities of water. Your chart has enough fire and earth to add spirit and enthusiasm plus groundedness and practicality to your expression. By “fourth ray energy,” I assume you are referring to Alice A. Bailey’s “Teachings on the Seven Rays of Djwhal Khul.” The fourth ray is the ray of “harmony through conflict” and is the ray of “harmony, beauty and art.” Humanity itself is the fourth kingdom of nature, and the point of balance between opposites, the world of the personality and the world of the soul, objective and subjective forces, illusion and reality. How can that be too expressive? I don’t understand the question.

Q: Could you please tell me what aspects my north and south node make to my boyfriends planets in our synastry chart and the same for his nodes to my planets? And I would also be interested in knowing all the other aspects our planets make to each other as I have a copy of our synastry chart but I don’t know how to really read it.

My birth details are: April 16th 1981 – 1:25 pm – Maryborough, Victoria, Australia His birth details are: December 12th 1974 – 9:15 am – Madras, India

Thanks in advance.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your question would require quite a bit of time to answer and I am afraid I cannot do that without charging you a fee. An Interpreted Compatibility Report is available through this site which discusses how the two of you interact in the love relationship and I think it includes the Nodes. Personally, I think the nodes are only important if one person’s planet(s) conjunct a node(s) in the other person’s chart and vice versa. We usually find that sort of connection in long term relationships such as family members and very close friends from childhood on (who seem like family members). Frequently we find them between married couples (marriage is a family relationship), but not often in romantic relationships. I will check your charts to see if there is such a conjunction, or more than one such.

There is a trine aspect between you North Node in Leo and your boyfriend’s in Sagittarius. However, there are not planet/node conjunctions between you. His own Mercury and Neptune conjunct his N. Node while your N. Node conjuncts your Asc. This indicates his path of evolution is through his own intelligence and imagination while yours is through developing your own creative talents and abilities. You are, it would seem, on parallel tracks of development.

Q: First, congratulations for the site. It is very informative and yet friendly and generous. My question is about having both a grand trine in air signs and a T-square in mutable signs in my chart. These 2 patterns are connected together by the moon. The trine is formed with Uranus in the 2nd in Libra, Mars in the 6th in Aquarius and Moon conjunct MC in Gemini. I’ve read that an opposition or a square to one of the trine elements could be an outlet for the trine energy: Mercury in the 3rd in Sagittarius is opposed to the Moon; Venus in the 3rd in Scorpio is square Mars. Could you help me understand how I could channel energy out of this trine?

The T-square is formed with Moon in the 10th in Gemini opposed to Mercury in the 3rd in Sagittarius both squaring AC in Virgo. The possible way out of this T-square is through the 7th house in Pisces. Right?

And just like that, I have both the north node and Chiron in the 7th. Is there a duty I have to fulfill there?

Now, back to my first question, what could be the effects or how could I best take advantage of both the grand trine and the T-square which are linked together by the Moon, the Moon being a singleton – only planet in universal houses? Tricky question, isn’t it? And I’m no astrologer. If you could help me, I’d be very grateful.

Data: born 11/25/1969 at 00:17 in Mahajanga,
Madagascar, female.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thank you for the complement on the web site. Credit goes to Carol McKenna and especially to our webmaster, Dwight Ennis.

In looking at your chart, it seems you include the lunar nodes in the T-cross. I use only planets (and not Chiron) when considering major configurations. What I do notice is the Grand Trine in Air, which is actually a Kite because of the Moon opposition Mercury (which speaks to mental and communicative ability). You also have a Yod with Mercury sextile Uranus both quincunx Saturn; that also would indicate unusual mental and communicative abilities. A Moon singleton in Gemini on the Mid-Heaven certainly would suggest a career before the public in some field of communications, publication, media, teaching, etc.

Instead of the Moon connecting two major configurations, it is Mercury (your ascendant ruler!) in its own 3rd house that connects the Kite and the Yod. Mercury is the “lynch pin.” The Moon/Mercury opposition is in Gemini/Sagittarius and relates to the world of thought, speech, communication, the media, travel and education.

Hard aspects (square, opposition, quincunx) to a Grand Trine tend to activate it and make it more productive, for the energy of the Grand Trine by itself tends to be lazy and take things for granted. On the other hand, easy aspects (sextile and trine) to a Grand Cross, a T-Cross or a Yod tend to ease the tension and stress symbolized by these configurations.

A North Node and Chiron in the 7th house indicates the path of growth and evolution (No. Node) and healing/teaching (Chiron) lies in relationships with others and with the public. The Moon in the 10th seconds that motion!

Q: Can You tell me how my Sagittarian lover will cope with the loss of his mother please?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I have no way of knowing how your Sagittarian lover will cope with the loss of his mother. You do not include birth data (mm/dd/year, time am/pm, place (city, state)). Without that, we are just discussing the generic Sagittarius archetype: the centaur, the archer, the protector god, the “king of heaven,” etc. The Sagittarius archetype of freedom and desire to explore the highest realms of philosophy and wisdom is not terribly concerned with personal relationships. To have any idea of what a person’s attitude and feelings toward “mother” are, we need to know the Moon sign and the aspects the Moon makes to other planets. And that can only be found in a timed birth chart.

Q: Can you tell me if my Neptune, Pluto, and Mars qualifies as a Yod? My program (Win*Star) doesn’t list it as one in the chart pattern section, but, an astrologer friend of mine said it does. I realize that Mars and Neptune are a wide orb of 6 degrees for an inconjunct. But, again, I’m wondering if I have the Finger of God pointing at a special destination.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: If all the planets involved in the Yod are personal planets, I tend to allow somewhat wider orbs (5 degrees is considered the max. for a Yod). But since two of the planets are outer planets (Neptune and Pluto) it is “iffy.” Neptune is a singleton, only water, so that may make it powerful enough to count. If it seems to work as a Yod in your personal psychology, then it is. Do you feel you have a desire to be a pioneer in communications of some sort; to write about unusual and strange things, etc.? Mars is in the 3rd house (communications, newspapers, media, short distance travel) and aspects Neptune (widely) the ruler of the third and Pluto, the ruler of the 10th house of career.

Follow-up: I think a Yod could possibly fit then? I’m a published poet and short story writer of twenty years that writes mostly uplifting inspirational and spiritually based material. I’m highly spiritual and always have been since at a young age, and one of the things I enjoy most in life, and feel a calling to do, in fact, is to act as spiritual counsel to my inner circle of friends and family with spiritual wisdoms I’ve learned along the way. Would that count? Example below of some of the material that spills forth….

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I think it is definitely a Yod in your case. Your poetry certainly has the ring of Pluto sextile Neptune both quincunx Mars in the 3rd!

Q: I was reading a web site talking about your book of unaspected planets. I am very interested in this subject now that I have found out I have two of them. My Sun in Cancer (my 2nd house) and my Mars in Taurus (my 12rh house). The lady who told me about this also told me it is a sign of a very gifted person. Now I’m not sure how much you charge to look at charts but my birth information is July 13, 1977, Mississauga, Ontario, 3:10 am. I’m curious about what this means if this is such a “rare” thing. I had always thought it was my Gemini Asc and Moon that made me so flippy/floppy. Another thing I read about you is that you do parent child charts and family charts. This is something else I am interested in knowing more about. I have a daughter who was born July 5, 2001, 1:47 am, Kitchener, Ontario. And my fiancée was born May 7, 1977, Woodsotck, Ontario, 6:30 am. I’m not sure if you do much numerology but us three together is total synastry [her spelling] connected to my daughter. If you could write me back letting me know prices and what exactly it is you do, I would be very happy.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not have a book on unaspected planets; perhaps you have me confused with someone else. I use wide aspects, particularly with the Sun and Moon. So, your 21 degree Cancer Sun is NOT unaspected, nor, or course, is Mars. Mars at 27 degrees Taurus is in a sextile aspect to the Sun in Cancer, and since the Sun is the faster moving planet, it is an approaching sextile (more important than a separating aspect). I DO have an online book on SINGLETON planets. Your Mars is a singleton, the only planet in an Earth sign. Mars singleton’s can be problematic in a woman’s chart. There is something peculiar about the men in your life, especially when it is in the 12th house. At the same time you have a Neptune singleton on your 7th house cusp. That indicates possible deception by the partner, your inability to see other people clearly as they really are, and an alcoholic or drug addicted spouse, to list a few possibilities. You daughter’s Ascendant and Venus fall within a conjunction to your Mars singleton. She does have a Sun singleton, the only planet in a Water sign. Like a Mars singleton, a Sun singleton in a woman’s chart can be strange. It often indicates a degree of willfulness in the person, as well as difficult, perhaps domineering men, father or husband. With a Mars/Pluto conjunction in her 7th house, that indicator is reiterated; the husband, or male partner, may be a bully. She is just a baby; so it is not possible to tell whether she will use these energies herself, deny, repress, project, etc. them. Your boyfriend’s Asc. is in Taurus as well and within a conjunction to your Mars and your daughter’s Ascendant. Both the daughter and boyfriend (is he the child’s father?) have Moon in Capricorn, not good in a man’s chart, OK in a woman’s. He has a Uranus singleton in Scorpio, his only Water sign. It is in the 6th house of work, health and service. This could be a Uranus type job, electrician, scientist, etc., health problems involving the nerves (physical or mental health), erratic, and unpredictable employment patterns. Singleton planets emphasize the qualities of the planet that is a singleton, the sign it is in and the house it is in, as well as the aspects to other planets it makes. Try reading more about this in the Articles Section. The only charts I do are computer program generated ones. They are rather general and cannot answer your specific questions as they do not take into account individual circumstances, such as gender, social, ethnic, educational, economic background. They are $35.00 each. I only do personal consultations when the person can come in with specific questions which we can discuss face to face with reference to the astrological chart indications.

Q: Transit Pluto in Sag just ran marched through my life like a hurricane and transformed it. Yes, for the better once I got through life threatening surgery and left my old life behind… My ascendant is 13 degrees of Sag. I note Pluto has a long retrograde period….it will get to 15 degrees again before it goes direct….what orb do you use….need I be prepared again for nightmares? Anything preparatory you could tell me would be appreciated. 4/16/43 Roanoke, VA 11:45 pm Wartime My 26 degree sun is in Aries in the 4th house, Moon in Virgo in the 9th. Shall I send the chart?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Pluto did go retrograde and on station at 17 degrees 38 minutes Sagittarius on March 19, 2002. It goes on station to go direct at 14 degrees 54 minutes Sag. in August (26th). I use a 2 degree orb approaching and separating, i.e. 11 degrees to 15 degrees for a 13 degree Sagittarius ASC. Pluto through the 1st house, or any other angular house for that matter, brings major changes, sometimes they are “nightmares.” Many people move when Pluto transits the 1st or 4th houses. There are also often health issues that come up with these two houses being transited. I’ve known several women who have had cosmetic surgery and “transformed” their faces (1st house), other people loose (or gain) a lot of weight and no longer look the same. I’ll sun your chart to see if Saturn in Gemini or Pluto in Sag. are making aspects (square) to your Virgo Moon.

P. S. When Pluto goes direct, it will make a square aspect to your natal Moon in Virgo. This may correlate to a time of difficulties with women in general, with your mother or mother-in-law. If your mother is still living, it may be the time she passes. However, since Pluto natally makes no aspect to the Moon, perhaps not much will happen. Transiting Saturn through your 7th house will soon make a sextile to natal Sun. Since Saturn rules your second house, that may be a time when opportunities for a more stable income arise. But with sextiles, you have to act on the opportunities to take advantage of the benefits they bring.

Q: I want to know the stones favoring me. Please tell the accurate dimensions of the required stones and also tell the day to wear those stones and also the finger to wear them on. My brief profile:

dob: 10 Sept. 1980
place : Rourkela
time 10 am

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I am a Western tropical astrologer. What you need is an Indian sidereal astrologer. You are asking for a gemology prescription. Also, you do not state in which country Rourkela is. I would suggest you try James Braha (a Vedic/Indian) astrologer at [email protected].

Q: I’m a Sagittarius…. and I will like to know if it’s true that Sagittarians often have psychic experiences?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not believe Sagittarius is any more prone to having psychic experiences than any other sign, except maybe Pisces. Much depends on the signs in which other planets in the chart fall and the aspects (angular relationships) they make to each other. The Moon sign is as important as the Sun sign, perhaps more so, especially for women. I am not sure whether psychic ability shows in a chart any more than does artistic talent, scientific aptitude or financial acumen. And, there are many types of experiences that are labeled “psychic.” These include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition to name a few.

Q: I have been listening to rave reviews of you abilities for a week now. I purposely decided to give you a rest, because I know my friend has sent his cadre your way — he is so impressed.

I will also say that I know a good deal less about this than my friend, but he is educating me. I am sufficiently intrigued to want to read read read and learn more.

So I can’t resist asking a few key things. First, I was born January 17, 1969 in Detroit, MI at 11:10 a.m. Until I met my friend, I was simply a Capricorn, now of course I understand there is so much more . . . I guess I wonder, mainly, when and how some of the internal restlessness I feel may resolve itself. I also find myself, daily, asking whether I proceed with some of the greater life plans I have, or wait until all the circumstances seem “ideal” — especially in >the family arena.

I know this is vague — but I would really appreciate your thoughts . . . Thanks so much in advance. I hope this finds you well.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Looking at your natal chart, it seems that internal restlessness is an inherent condition. Perhaps outward activity would help resolve it, if it is too extreme. You have both Sun and Moon in Capricorn in the 10th house of career (houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 are angular houses and associated with activity and outward expression of energy). Your Ascendant is Aries and you have a Saturn singleton in Aries in the first house (another active house), (see my articles on singleton planets). Then you have Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (eccentricity, freedom from convention) in Libra, another Cardinal sign (Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and, like the angular houses, are associated with outward action and expression). Anyone with Cardinal planets in angular houses, like you, is bound to be restless and active. Capricorn and Saturn (both prominent and angular in this chart) are “perfectionists.” They tend to want it (whatever it is) perfect, or to do it to perfection, or they will have no part of it. So, please, do not put off your greater life plans until all the circumstances seem “ideal.” That is not going to happen. It doesn’t happen to any of us. We set our sights and go for it. Capricorn goes step by step in a methodical manner, like the tortoise in the tortoise and hare tale.

Your progressed Sun has recently gone into Pisces; so, you may have noticed feeling more distracted or scattered than you did in prior years, or more sentimental and mystical, poetic, artistic.

Q: I was born 1 October 1970 at 9H35, in Gauteng (Johannesburg) in South Africa. Early on in my life I was a very different person to who I am today, and recently I found out that I am indeed capable of moving from one extreme to the other. The scary part is that one day I would like to be able to settle down, but I can’t! In my stars, is there any sign that this will ever happen ( I mean a change within me!)

Pretty boring question, but it really worries me, as it seems I am destined to sway around….

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: In progressing your chart, I noted you may have gone through a major shift at around age 19-20 (Venus went retrograde by progression at that time).

You have a narrow chart with all the planets contained within a wide sextile (60 degrees) between Mars at 17 Virgo and Neptune at 28 Scorpio. Only Saturn in Taurus is a singleton and makes a trine to Mars and an opposition to Venus and Neptune. A narrow chart often indicates a person with a specific or specialized mission in life. The Saturn could help give great focus and clarity as well as sustained effort, if it is not denied, repressed or projected.

Your progressed chart shows progressed Moon in Sagittarius on the natal Ascendant. Transiting Pluto is there as well. These indicate major personality changes. Your Sun and Mercury have gone into Scorpio (you already have 3 other planets there natally – Jupiter, Venus and Neptune – and still there). This is intensely concentrated energy and Scorpio is the sign of extremes.

Your natal Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Uranus and Moon in Virgo/Libra (within a semi-sextile or 30 degrees) indicate much restlessness until the life purpose is found, then concentration on pursuing that purpose.

I guess I should have asked, “What do you mean by ‘settling down?’ ” You will likely always be a very high energy person. Is that bad, in your opinion?

You have Sun, Uranus, Mercury natally in Libra, the sign of balance (or unbalance). Most Libras lives are lived on a teeter-totter — up and down — and Scorpios live on a roller coaster.

When it gets to be too much, go do your Saturn in Taurus (old stick in the mud) singleton for a while. That should help “ground ” you.

Follow-up: Thank you – I will read the article! I am very impressed with your accuracy. In fact one chart that I got off the internet actually solved one of my questions in life about my slightly off beat personality ( to put it mildly!!!) I was also quite lucky to have a daughter born who seems to be quite in tune with my wackiness!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

I cannot thank you enough for your help, it really has made a difference in my life and I also feel much more positive!!

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