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Q: I was wondering if you can help me. I was born in Budapest Hungary April 9th 1974 at 3.40am. I have had a life so far which would put a Danielle Steel novel to shame, especially when it comes to relationships. I’m now realizing I’m entering my Saturn return years, and am about to head back to Europe for at least a year, and I will be in Budapest when my Saturn return happens. I’m petrified. Does this make it extra strong for want of a better word? I’ve been putting all my energies into my work (photography) but still feel like I’m just drifting and that fate happens to me and not me to it. What, if anything, can I do to give myself more focus? Is this a temporary thing or a life long thing? I’m scared that I’m leaving by myself and after finishing my degrees and cutting a career in half I’m leaving into oblivion again. What do my charts say about this? Does it indicate a change in life? How can I balance so many Pisces planets in my chart without having emotional breakdowns every step of the way? Id appreciate any help or advice……..Thank you in advance.
A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The first Saturn return really marks our initiation into adulthood. Often we go back into the past, usually mentally and emotionally, to tie up loose ends. In your case, you are choosing to travel physically back to a place from your past. Your chart indicates your early home life was very difficult and not at all happy (South Node, Mars and Saturn in the 4th house). I see nothing to be fearful of in doing this. It will most likely be a healing experience that will free you to go on into your future adulthood.

You have Moon and Neptune both as singletons in your chart. This indicates you are very imaginative and impressionable. Photography is a very appropriate outlet for these energies. But, combined, they can give a feeling of “just drifting.” I suspect you live more in your Moon (Scorpio) and Neptune (Sagittarius) than in your Aries Sun. Your chart does indicate a lot of restless energies, but I believe if you lived more in your Sun you would find direction. The Sun symbolizes life purpose, the sense of individuality and internationality. It is the ability to define oneself as an individual and declare one’s intentions or conscious goals in life. Aries is a pioneer, believes in “me, first and foremost,” and feels “got to be me!” Going off by yourself on this trip is a very Aries thing to do, especially so since your progressed Ascendant is in Aries now. Your progressed Sun and Mercury are in Taurus; so you probably feel more grounded at this time. You have just experienced a progressed Lunar return (your progressed Moon is in Scorpio, just past your natal Moon’s position) and are coming up on a Saturn return. That signifies “going home,” and “going back to the past.” And you are literally going to do that. It sounds like you are on the right track even if it feels scary. The only advice is, stay clear about your intentions and goals in life.

Follow-up: Thank you so much for your response. I have a real foreboding feeling about this trip and needed someone to tell me that I’m doing the right thing or at least am on the right track. And you’re right, I definitely need to live more in my ‘sun’ Aries then all of my other planets (I suspect Pisces). I found the singleton articles fascinating on your page. I’ve never heard of this before but have definitely have experienced them to the point where I thought I was going crazy. I can definitely “see” inside peoples heads sometimes, and can feel what they’re thinking as you described in one of the articles. Thank you so much for taking the time and the effort to answer!!

PS: It is so fantastic to read a site dedicated to the psychology of astrology. So many people can’t see the healing powers astrology can have, or to be able to overcome obstacles in life simply by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. And also on the plus side having a cheat sheet really on people around you, and not going through life blaming people for their actions, but being able to forgive, forget and most of all understand why they react the way they do. I read a quote once that said, “learn your lessons fast, and move on”, and astrology I think is the perfect aid or tool to help you understand this. I honestly believe that we are here to grow and learn, and it gives us some sort of an anchor when life honestly just has us on our knees crying “why?”. Thank you for such and interesting and informative site!!!!

Q: What can you tell me about my relationship with my boyfriend? I’ve been told that my Saturn on his Ascendant is a bonding karmic aspect. My birth data: – July 11, 1971, 12:20 p.m. Baku, Azerbaijan – His – October 19, 1972, 19:41 p.m. Riverside, California.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: First off, your boyfriend has many planets in Libra and you have a Cancer Sun and Venus. His Uranus squares your Sun — that can be exciting but is highly unstable. His Pluto squares your Venus — uh oh! That’s hypnotically attractive and highly manipulative. Your Moon is conjunct Mars (like Moon in Aries) while his is in Pisces opposed Venus; that does not say much positive for emotional compatibility. He wants a woman who is empathetic, soft, dutiful and docile. You are an independent and assertive woman. While your Sun does trine his Moon that usually means that your inner man (that you may not manifest as a woman) agrees with his inner woman (which he many not manifest because he’s a man). But — his Moon in Pisces is the most elevated planet in his chart (10th house) and in square aspect to Saturn in the 1st (that’s like Moon in Capricorn, not good in a man’s chart). I am afraid you have been mislead thinking your Saturn on his Asc. is “a bonding karmic aspect” — it is more like a BINDING (in the uncomfortable sense of the word) karmic aspect. The thing about Saturn aspects between charts is that they indicate the relationship will be long-lasting and you have to endure it (Saturn concepts). It does not mean it is cozy, comfy and happy! Sun conjunct the South Node in synastry may indicate a past (life) connection where you were the boss, father, husband, etc. There are probably a few debts to be paid or ends to tie up in this life with this person. With your Moon/Mars conjunction and a Mars ruled 7th house, you may like relationships where there is passion, even heated arguments. He has a mutable T-Cross with Saturn at the apex and the outlet in his 7th house. He will likely project his difficulties on other people (you) and blame them (you) for everything that is wrong with the relationship. “You do that! or, You make me do that!” He may need to learn to take personal responsibility for his feelings. I sense there may be something sneaky (Neptune in Sag. in the 7th house with a Scorpio cusp) ) about the way he handles relationships. Your Mercurys are square (yours in straightforward, dramatic Leo and his in subtle, manipulative Scorpio); so communication is likely to be a challenge. You two are “not on the same page” as they say. I believe good communication is essential to a good relationship. Think long and hard before making a legally binding commitment of this relationship.

Q: Can you tell me if there’s anything positive about transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Moon? I feel like my fingers are stuck in an electric outlet for all the duration of that transit. I have a transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter coming up, I read that it helps tremendously with a healing process, but at the same time Uranus is gonna hit my natal Moon the second time with Chiron opposing my natal Venus once again. Will it overwrite the Jupiter transit? My birth time is July 11 1971, Baku, Azerbaijan. Anxiously waiting for your reply. Thank you and best regards.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Uranus transiting over the natal Moon can have several different correlations, or “effects.” It is an opportunity to become detached and objective about one’s emotional feelings, one’s relationships with mother and one’s own children or creative works. It can bring inspiration and awakening. It can also bring emotional surprises or shocks as well has health issues such as insomnia and muscle spasms. When it happened to me (my Moon is in the 10th), I experienced clearer insight into many things and some “ah! ha!” sudden realizations. My sister, however, was jolted into an awareness that her son (her Moon is in the 5th) was not the person she thought and actually had a mental/emotional disorder that required medication. Transiting Jupiter is indeed trining your natal Jupiter and is transiting your 10th house of career. That should bring opportunities in your career and perhaps a larger income. You have to remember that there is natal square between Moon and Jupiter; and, so, you may have to put forth (square) some effort to achieve the opportunities. Whenever Jupiter contacts another planet by aspect, it tends to increase, amplify, expand the qualities of that planet, in your case, the Moon. Uranus in Aquarius is also squaring natal Jupiter — that is a big urge to break free from a current situation or state of mind. Or, as you say it seems like having your fingers stuck in an electric outlet, it makes the sensation of shock (Uranus rules electricity & Jupiter is lots of it) more exaggerated than usual. Uranus will not be off your Moon until February of 2003. With outer planets, it is best not to resist them. If sudden changes happen, let it be, “go with the flow.” However earthshaking Uranus may be, one is usually better off after having gone through the transit. By the way, you have natal Uranus right on your Ascendant, so you must be rather used to this high voltage energy.

Q: First of all, let me congratulate you for a well put together site and the valuable information and time you share with us. My question is: what does it means to have a planet on a 29 degree angle? Why is it called a Critical Degree? Thanks, and I look forward to your insight!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: A planet at 29 degrees of any sign is considered critical because it has finished transiting through the sign in which it is posited and about to enter then next sign. It has a Neptunian/Piscean flavor — nebulous, confused, “shaky.” It is like a person walking from one room to the other and about to step over the threshold. If you are at the door of your house and about to step out are you in the house or outside? Technically you are in the house (sign), but all you attention is focused on the outside. The Zero degree of any sign is also a critical degree because it is so newly in its sign, it may be overeager in its expression. It has a Mars/Aries flavor — it is like a child who as just been let out of the house to go play; it just goes running off.

I believe the term is really “anaretic degree” (anareta comes from Greek and means “destroyer”). It comes from a tradition in horary astrology in which it is considered a “death” degree, and whatever the planet signifies is greatly weakened or destroyed.

To give an example of how the 29th degree works in mundane astrology, we have only to recall our last presidential election. It was held on Nov. 7, 2000. Mercury was Retrograde, about to go on station Direct. It had got to the middle of Scorpio before going Retrograde and on election day had gone back into Libra at 29 degrees. The following day it went direct and back into Scorpio. The election literally “hung in the balance” (Libra) for weeks, and then it was settled in courts (Libra). There is still suspicion of underhanded manipulation (Scorpio) in the handling of Florida votes. It turned out not to be so much an election but a “selection.” Very shaky, that 29th degree!

In a natal chart, a planet at 29 degrees will very soon progress into the next sign. So a child born with a 28-29 degree Sun in, say, Cancer, will have the Sun progress into Leo in very early childhood or late infancy. He or she will likely manifest more Leonian traits for the next thirty years (until it progresses into Virgo). There may be ego or identity issues and problems as well.

Q: I kicked my ex-boyfriend out two years ago. I believe he was still drinking alcohol when I did. We recently started talking as friends. When I asked him if he was still drinking then, he said no. But when I read my tarot cards that I am trying to learn, they told me that he was, but he still claims that he wasn’t. Is he right or am I?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I am an astrologer, not a psychic or tarot reader. To answer your question with astrology I would need your birth data (day, month, year, time am or pm, and place) and your boyfriend’s.

Q: I currently face a very difficult decision. I just got offered a lucrative job on the other side of country, and uncharacteristically, I have caught in a tormenting state of the analytic vs. instinctual. I have been weighing the positive negative features of this particular move and talking about till I am blue in the face, and I am no closer to a resolution. It means giving up a lot on a personal level, but I have been struggling with a bad job market in my field for the last year, so I am caught in a bind of pleasure vs. duty (my Saturn/Venus conjunction?) on a variety of levels. This is definitely an ongoing pattern of my life. I also noted that I have a large group of planets in transit through my 12th house. I do not have any conclusions drawn about this, but wonder if it is contributing to my feeling of either/or as well as deep hesitation. Do you have any thoughts on the significance of this or drastic life change?

DOB: January 12, 1964 5:12PM Winnipeg, Canada

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Both your natal chart and Solar Return chart show very good career potential, with Jupiter as a singleton in fire signs at the top of both charts. By now Mars and Jupiter (in late Cancer) are transiting over your natal Ascendant and going into your first house. They will soon change signs and go into Leo. By 7/15 Mars will be in Leo and on 8/2 Jupiter goes into Leo. You should be feeling more energetic and enthusiastic very shortly and be ready to make a move.

By progression, your Sun and Mars have just entered Pisces, and are at 0 degrees of that sign. Your progressed Moon is at 29 degrees Taurus and about to go into Gemini. The 0 degree is a beginning degree. It is time to start some new ways of expressing yourself and your life purpose (Sun) as well as using your energies (Mars) in a new way. The 29th degree is a finishing degree. Taurus is “rooted.” When the Moon progresses into Gemini (very soon) you will want to be on the move again.

From the charts, it looks like you should take the job. I am sure you will feel much more like doing so in the very near future.

Q: My friend forwarded me your email address with high recommendations, exclaiming that your read was right on and gave excellent insights. Unlike my friend, I am not a budding astrologer. I occasionally read my horoscope, have looked at my chart, and my friend has also given his insight into a few aspects about my chart.

First I’ll give you the basic information about myself. I was born on June 18, 1971 at 8:20 pm.

So, what is my question? I actually have two, work and relationship. I am a humanities teacher, and just finished my first year at a new school. It was a roller-coaster year for work, constantly not feeling like I can live up to the expectations I set for myself in my career. Now that school is out for the summer I am wanting to revise my curriculum, but am finding that each time I attempt to begin “the work” I seek some distraction. My question is fairly general… what is going on with work?

Another aspect in my life is relationship: family, spiritual, romantic, and friends. Recently, many of the decisions I have made have been focused on trying to ground these relationships in honesty and openness, but they all seem to be in some sort of holding pattern. Maybe I am being too open and need to be more decisive which has always been a challenging balance for me in relationships.

Looking forward to seeing what you see!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your natal chart, with four major planetary energies (Sun, Mercury – ruler of the Sun sign – Venus and Saturn) in Gemini in the 6th house of job and the 7th house of close relationships and public relations, indicates most of your life revolves around communication, interpersonal interaction and public relations. With Sun and Mercury in the 7th, there is a “Libra” flavor. Libra and the 7th are all about balance (or out of balance) between self and others. No wonder you have always found “a challenging balance” regarding relationships, especially since Sun/Mercury squares Pluto (intensity, power). This indicates the possibility of subtle (or not so
subtle) power struggles of a verbal or ideological nature.

The natal chart indicates an unusual personality, for it has three singleton planets: Jupiter in Scorpio together with Neptune in Sagittarius indicating a wonderful, vast imagination (or, negatively, wildly overblown expectations) and Uranus (the “awakener,” genius, “odd ball”) in the 9th house of ideology, law, higher education, religion and foreign matters. (You might check out the Articles section and read my Singleton articles on your three singleton planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune).

Saturn (responsibility) is on the 6th (job) cusp, indicating you take your job very seriously. Venus is in the 6th — you like or love your job, and to work and be of service. Your Sun and its ruler, Mercury, are together on the 7th house cusp — life purpose is communication (including teaching) with others, relationships both personal and public.

I had to do a Solar Return (a chart for your birthday this year) to see why you were feeling unmotivated about your work. The SR chart is in effect until your birthday in 2003. Saturn (duty, responsibility, depression) is on the Ascendant (the part of the chart that represents you), so you are being too hard on yourself. Saturn tends to say, “If I cannot do it to perfection, I won’t do it at all!” Saturn is in Gemini and Gemini is easily distracted. So you sit down to make work plans (Saturn), then stare at the sky, weed the garden, run to the post office — anything else but work. The Sun is also in the first house, so you want to “shine” and be recognized and acknowledged for your abilities, but fear you won’t be. Lighten up on yourself! Look for ways to make the work and life in general more fun and interesting.

Your natal chart has a Sagittarius Ascendant, and Sag. can sometimes suffer “foot in mouth disease,” that is, being too blunt for some people. Examples: my tennis partner said, “Oh, you have new tennis shoes! I never realized your feet were so big; what size do you wear, 10, 11?” I thought it was funny. But a Sagittarius man friend was quite puzzled when his girlfriend wouldn’t speak to him for over a week. They had spent the night together and the first thing he said to her in the morning was, “What’s wrong with your face? You look like a cabbage patch doll!” She was not amused!

Honesty is very wonderful, especially when tempered with diplomacy. The man could have kept his silence, kissed her forehead and waited for her to put on her makeup before saying, “Wow, you look like a doll!” (Cabbage patch part omitted.)

Back to your natal chart and the current transits (where the planets are right now). There is one coming up which will correlate with major changes in your self-image. This will happen in a year or so and go on for quite a few years; a long process of transformation and change. You may already be feeling it. When this has happened to others know they may go through role changes or physical changes, certainly psychological changes. One man’s wife was promoted into a very high paying job. He decided to take a part-time job a day or two a week and stay home to care for the children and be a “househusband.” Another woman went in for cosmetic surgery to get a whole new face. Several people went on serious weight loss programs and were successful; old friends did not recognize the thin people! Another woman moved to another state and started a new life. Of course, when one’s role in life changes or one’s appearance transforms, everything else changes, too.

Best of luck and hope this helped to clarify.

Q: I just found your site while browsing the net and I found it pretty interesting. Could you tell me what is the latitude and longitude of the place Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, India?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: There is a listing in my International Atlas (both hard copy and on astrology chart program) for Bokaro, India. I don’t know if this is the same place; is Bokaro Steel City a relative new place in the last 5 years? The coordinates for Bokaro, India are: 23N51, 86E02.

Q: You recently did a brief reading for a friend of mine. Your insight was amazing and so I am hoping you can help me find some clarity. I am currently in transition–about to look at a new job that offers opportunity but not as much money as my current where I am unhappy. The second transition is trying to bring closure to a relationship with someone that I have known most of my life, lost track of, and who reappeared over the last two years. It became clear to me recently that the current circumstances were not conducive for a healthy relationship for me. I guess my question is whether the professional change is the direction I should move, and how do I come to terms with the fact that I keep seeming to be in relationships where I give more than what I get—I know its about my Cancer moon, but how do I learn to control it or contain it so that the decisions I make about relationships work for me, nurture me? Thank you!

April 2, 1952, Chicago, Illinois, 3:25AM

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: First to your question about a new job. Just from a practical point of view, it seems worth taking a chance on a new job that offers opportunity even though it pays less, at least at the beginning. It is not good to stay in a job or relationship where one is unhappy. Make sure there really is good opportunity by checking the situation out thoroughly. I say this because I see a tendency for you to have high expectations (Mercury conjunct Jupiter) which may lead to disappointments (Neptune opposes Sun, Mercury and Jupiter). The transits look very good for job and career. Jupiter rules the Career House and is currently going through the House of Work, Job, Service and Health (6th). Your natal Aries planets (self starter!) have moved by progression into Taurus, and in addition progressed Moon and Venus are in Taurus as well. That looks very good for money. Taurus is a stubborn sign and does not like change as much as Aries does. But I don’t see how you could go wrong with Moon (exalted in Taurus) and Venus (ruler of Taurus) in that sign at the present time.

As to the relationship issues, there are several things in the natal chart that indicate possible problems. First, you have Pluto in the 7th house of other people, marriage partner, business partner, etc. The partner may be controlling and manipulative. He may even be a bully (or worse), for a Mars singleton in Scorpio squares (hard stressful aspect) Pluto in Leo.

Next, your natal Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Aries are opposing Neptune and Saturn in Libra (in the 8th house). You may tend to be confused (Neptune) and inhibited (Saturn) in relationships, or expect the best and get the worst. The 8th house planets can be manipulative (like Pluto and Scorpio); so, partners (oppositions come often through significant others) may stifle (Saturn) your creativity (Sun) and joy (Jupiter) and they may lie (Neptune) to you or tell only half-truths. As one man said to his partner, “I don’t lie to you, I just don’t tell you what I know you don’t want to hear; and sometimes I tell you what you do want to hear.” Never mind that it is not based on fact!

Third, “owning” your own Mars and Pluto (intense powerful energy) is a first step. Good outlets for this are strenuous physical activity (take up a sport), martial arts, and working out regularly. We women all too often project our Mars and Sun energy out onto the men in our lives: fathers, husbands, bosses and any male relatives. We are trained, conditioned, by the culture to do our Moon and Venus. In your case, this is bad news, as I am sure you are by now aware.

Focusing on your creative inspiration and sense of purpose (doing your Sun in Aries) and “owning” that is most important. Aries is the pioneer who says, “me, first and foremost!” Start being consciously there to fight for yourself and what you rightfully deserve, nobody else will! [As an aside, when my sister’s Sun progressed into Aries, she bought a red car (Mars/Aries color) with a personalized license plate “GOT 2 B ME” — a perfect mantra for Aries. And she didn’t know any astrology!] When you take responsibility (Saturn) for your creativity and follow through on your ideas, you integrate the Sun/Saturn opposition instead of projecting it “out there” on Mr. Not-So-Perfect. The same with Neptune, when you integrate you imagination (Neptune) with your thinking and judgment (Jupiter), you can communicate or write most creatively. You might enjoy hobbies involving music and photography. Both of these would satisfy your problematic Moon and Venus as well as Neptune.

Now to the “problematic Moon and Venus.” Your Asc. ruler is Uranus and conjunct the Moon in Cancer in the 5th house. This indicates unusual tastes in lovers plus a tendency to “mother” lovers and then leave them, or they leave you. This Moon/Uranus is highly stressed as the focal point of a Cardinal T-Cross involving the Sun/Mercury/Jupiter in Aries and Saturn/Neptune in Libra. This is the natal chart, and you may have “outgrown” much of this.

Venus is in Pisces (its sign of exaltation) which is great for a monk or nun or a devoted social worker. In personal relationships it often is a disaster because of a tendency to look at loved ones through rose colored glasses and then later be terribly disappointed and disillusioned. One woman with this said, “Everyone I have ever been emotionally close to has always betrayed me!” Oh, poor her! She never cared to make the effort to really see and know her loved ones. Another woman with Venus in Pisces said, “Oh I was out walking in nature, it was so beautiful and suddenly I felt totally encompassed by enormous love! I want a man to love me that way!” Honey, Jesus Christ is not going to marry you, unless you plan to convert to Roman Catholicism and join the Carmelite Order of nuns. These women had that Venus as a singleton, as do you.

This natal Venus is currently being challenged by the transiting Saturn/Pluto opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius. These “rock and a hard place” planets square Venus, making it the focal point of a temporary and transiting T-Cross. However difficult it may be to break off this relationship that you have doubts about, I suggest you do so soon and completely. The relationship is not conducive (counter productive is the word) to your growth and well-being. At this time you need to focus your energies on your career, not an unsupportive relationship.

As to how you control or contain your relationship decisions, that might take some analytical psychological therapy to help you “retrain” inherent impulses and learn what is good for you and not good.

I wish you the best!

Q: I was wondering if you could please explain the differences between Western and Chinese astrology with regard to compatibility. I am trying to determine the compatibility between my partner and I, and I am getting mixed results depending on which system I use. Moreover, is there any way I could determine who is compatible to me (exact birth dates, birth times, etc.)?

My information:

Born May 30, 1978, 12:22pm
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My Partner’s information:

Born January 27, 1978, 9:30am
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not know much about Chinese astrology. My opinion is that maybe it works for the Chinese and it is a fun parlor game; “I am a Rat, you are a Bore. Are we compatible?” I cannot really relate to it. So, given that opinion, just go with the Western astrology.

From your Sun signs, you a Gemini and the partner an Aquarian, you are compatible. That would be the level of self-expression, creativity and life purpose. Of course, the signs where your Moons are posited are even more important as the Moon is the basic planet of nurturance and love and rules domestic life.

I know of no way to determine who is compatible for you by exact birth dates, etc. Individual psychological, spiritual and evolutionary requirements are so different that there is no “cook book” formula for “compatibility.” One person may need relationship with lots of oppositions (aspect of awareness) to mirror themselves to themselves through the other. Another may need dynamic and stressful relationships (square aspect) to get them “off the dime.”

I have seen many relationships that “look good on paper” but don’t work out. Other relationships look so weird “on paper” that the astrologer wonders if they gave the correct birth data! Yet, the pair seem relatively content and adjusted with the relationship. And, of course, there are many styles of relationships other than the traditional marriage, house in the suburbs, children and three cars. Some people are happy living together all the time while others do better if they have lots of time apart, either living in another town or traveling for periods of time away from the home.

AstrologyClub.Org sells a computer generated Compatibility Report which goes into each person’s basic, general expectations of relationships and then how they relate to this specific individual.

Q: What’s the meaning of Juno in Libra in 2nd house?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I will quote Juno in Libra and Juno in the 2nd house from ASTEROID GODDESSES by Demetra George (specialist in asteroids).

JUNO IN LIBRA individuals need to feel as an equal and require a fair give-and-take in their relationship. Consultation from their partner on decision making and respect and approval for their ideas are required. When equality needs are not being met, this individual can become uncooperative, excessively competitive, or can even engage in direct combat. [Juno was the wife of Zeus (Jupiter), and he was a notorious philanderer; so she had much to be pissed off about. Hilary Clinton played Juno to Bill’s Zeus.]

JUNO IN THE SECOND HOUSE implies that value is placed on the financial and material security derived from their relationship. Mutual interdependency in providing for each other’s needs is an important factor in compatibility. This person’s most important relationship interactions will occur in the area of attachments and possessions.

If you are interested in asteroids, I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of the book from which the above paragraphs are quoted.

Q: I have two unrelated questions that are, I suppose, really one question: I want to end my sense of being overwhelmed by life, but I don’t know whether it’s Chiron-driven, Pluto-driven, Uranus-driven or Saturn-driven. They all are activated in my chart right now; what can I do or should I do? Please help, especially regarding my mission in life.

12-12-1960, Detroit, Michigan at 6:20 AM

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You don’t say what circumstances and situations are going on in your life at present — job, health, career, relationships, etc. As you know, Pluto is transiting your first house (persona, self, ego) and Saturn is transiting the 7th (other people, public relations). This speaks of personal transformations and change and may involve power struggles in relationships — “the immovable object meets the irresistible force.” Pluto will soon conjunct your natal Sun. That can be a time of change and upheaval in your sense of self and personal life. One manifestation is clinical depression especially when the person resists change. When Pluto crosses the Sun is can feel like the annihilation (Pluto) of the ego (Sun). This Saturn/Pluto transiting opposition (since summer of 2001 until present) hit the USA Chart, too (USA has Sagittarius rising), and we see what happened and is happening on the mundane level. The country’s self-image is radically changing. You have a Sun/Venus conjunction between progressed Sun and natal Venus, while progressed Venus in Pisces squares natal Sun in Sagittarius. That suggests themes of identity and relationship, creative artistic matters — art, theatre, music, etc — as well as finances and women. Progressed Venus is the focal point of a temporary mutable T-Cross with natal Sun, transiting Pluto and Saturn. Venus is exalted in Pisces. Exalted planets sometimes expect too much. You are also experiencing a grand trine in Fire signs (natal Sun Sag., natal Uranus Leo and progressed Moon Aries). This is generally considered fortunate and highly creative. It is a “closed system” and it could be easy to be totally caught up in your creative expressions. Transiting Uranus in Aquarius is going over Chiron, which natally opposes Uranus, so Chiron and transiting Uranus partake in the grand trine — making it a “kite.” I should expect things to start getting better soon, especially if you come to terms with Pluto and let evolution happen in your life. Again, what I see that would indicate feelings of being overwhelmed by life is mainly the Saturn/Pluto transit through your 1/7th houses and over your Sun. In fact, Saturn is now at 21 Gemini, just moving off an exact opposition to natal Sun. Your natal Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn opposed by Mars in Cancer indicates an on-going sense of frustration until you learn to integrate your expectations (Jupiter) and sense of duty or inhibition (Saturn) with your desires (Mars). That is in the areas of money, finances and sex, death and taxes. Good luck, and do some reading on Pluto.

Follow-up: Thank you so much. I must admit that I didn’t expect much when I wrote to you, but your short and expert reading–particularly integrating the progressed aspects–has broadened my confidence. About the only thing you didn’t mention was the recent eclipses.

You asked me for more specification, and I should have been clearer. Though personal relationships are important, I have decided to concentrate on my career by way of joining a management company (all women and me) and, for the first time, dedicating my self to creative writing. I am writing a book, semi-autobiographical, fiction, and an effort at ways to heal oneself through narrative confessions.

I am a budding astrologer, but I have never had a “real” reading. Do you offer that service beyond just online, and if so, where are you located? I am in the DC area.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Hey! What do you want for free!? The late May lunar eclipse fell at 5 degrees Gem./Sag.; the solar eclipse in mid-June was at 20 degrees Gemini (transiting Saturn was part of this New Moon). Both of these are in your 1/7th axis: self vs. others, I and Thou. So, they simply add emphasis to what I wrote earlier. The late June lunar eclipse was at 3 degrees Cancer/Capricorn in your second house and squaring your natal Moon in early Libra (feeling a bit unbalanced?). Since I’m on eclipses, your pre-natal eclipse is 28 Virgo in your 10th house. What is going on with your career right now? The next two eclipses are a lunar eclipse Nov. 19th at 28 degrees Taurus (near Caput Algol) — many people “loosing their head” figuratively or literally. That will square both your natal Uranus and transiting Uranus in Aquarius (should be interesting headlines in Nov. 22nd’s news). On Dec. 4th there is a solar eclipse at 12 degrees Sag., right between your 1st house Mercury and Sun. This adds even more emphasis to the 1st house issues I discussed in the last e-mail. Buckle up and enjoy the Plutonian roller-coaster ride for the rest of the year! If you didn’t deeply like roller-coaster or other scary fun rides you would not have chosen to be born at the time and date you where in order to experience a Pluto transit of your first house. It is a great opportunity of evolve and evolve fast. Learn to detach from focus on “me” and take a broader view; see the big picture. That is, after all, what Sagittarius’ is all about. As I said before, I don’t know any details of your personal life and circumstances. I do see transiting Neptune in Aquarius in the 3rd house squaring natal Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house. That says, “wake up from your dreams (or nightmares) and see them for the illusions or delusions they really are.” Your progressed Mercury and Sun are both in Aquarius in the 3rd just repeating that advice.

Regarding your career and creative writing sounds like you are on the right track! The book sounds very therapeutic and will likely be very interesting. If you include your deeper, darker feelings, I’m sure it will “ring a bell” with many people who experience similar things, but feel isolated and alone, thinking they are the only one to have these experiences, feelings. My best advice to a budding astrologer to find a good teacher in your area and thoroughly learn the basics. You can work on delineating your own chart as homework to practice what you learn. I recommend the series “The Only Way to Learn Astrology,” by McEvers and March if you don’t have a teacher. When you have delineated your own chart, that is the time for a “reading.” Although, it won’t be so much a “reading” as a dialogue with you doing at least 1/3 of the talking, asking questions, bringing up issues both past and present. I do not (yet) offer online classes or readings. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are N.C.G.R. (National Council for Geocosmic Research) chapters in Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD and two in Pennsylvania: Greater Delaware Valley Chapter (Phila.) and Three Rivers Chapter (Pittsburgh). Let me know which is best for you and I’ll send the e-mail address to contact them about lectures, meetings and classes in your area. With that Uranus Chiron contact in your natal chart and activated by transiting Uranus, now would be a good time to go into astrology. Chiron is the wounded healer, who although he may not be able to heal his own wounds, is a healer and teacher for others. Astrology is a wonderful tool for teaching and healing (through understanding).

Q: I am curious about the meaning of Vertex in birth and composite charts. I have noticed recently that the composite vertex of myself and people to whom I am strongly drawn is hovering right around the composite descendent. In particular, one composite vertex is within one degree of the descendent, snugged right in between the composite moon just above it.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The Vertex is a sensitive point that relates to fate.

Keywords: relationship; “can’t help myself,” impersonally fated contact, situations of no choice, one’s lot in life.

I have no idea what it means in a composite chart, probably the same thing.

I have not found the Vertex to be particularly significant in natal charts. Many astrologers do, however, use it. My feeling is, if I can’t hand calculate it, I won’t bother with it.

The Vertex often falls in the 5th through the 8th houses.

If you want to know the astronomical technical meaning and how to calculate it (before computers hardly anyone who was not a math-ophiliac bothered with it), I’ll try to look it up.

Q: I am hoping that you may be able to shed some light on my father’s mysterious illness. He was born at 4:30pm on the 26th of April 1954 in Richmond England. He has been ill since May of 2001 and continues to get worse. Nobody can find out what is wrong and his quality of life has gone down considerably. He can no longer eat food very well and sometimes can’t take fluid without being sick, it seems his body his giving up wanting to be nourished. He has had heart complaints and weak joints. All symptoms are hard to pinpoint with any single illness. We are all very worried.

I realize astrology isn’t a substitute for medicine, but at least hopefully it may indicate what we should be focusing on. Any help would be appreciated.

He lives in Perth Australia at present.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I have looked at your father’s natal, progressed, solar arc charts as well as the progressions. I get the impression that he wants his freedom from this physical plane. It seems strange to me, as he is eight years younger than I, and I feel there is still so much to experience and live through.

You have not mentioned if he has had any bad health habits such as smoking and drinking. What has his diet been during his life? With Aquarius on the 6th house cusp and Uranus in Cancer in the 10th, I suspect he has problems assimilating B vitamins. At present, Jupiter in Cancer is transiting his Uranus in the 10th house. That could mean he has a chance, a good chance, to be healed. However, for some people, physical death is the only healing they really want. Have you asked him if he really wants to be here and to stay for a while? Is he really aware of how much you care about him and need him?

As to the transits, his Moon (nourishment) is in Aquarius and transiting Neptune is conjuncting it now. His progressed Sun is at 22 degrees Gemini and the transiting Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius has been going on all this past year (the Twin Towers attack). His natal Sun is opposed by Saturn indicating a heart blockage or weakness. A physical heart weakness often indicates a weakness of the will to live. I suspect your father’s physical illness is a reflection of a soul or spiritual weakness or illness.

My suggestion, and this is only my opinion, is to pray for him and at the same time release him to his Higher Power and his Highest Good. Stop worrying; if it is his time to outgrow the physical body, let that be. Some people are just so happy to be out of their confining physical bodies, you cannot believe it!

But, first, be sure to communicate to him that you love him and want him to stay around because he is still needed. If he still wants to be free, let him know that he has your permission and blessing to leave, to “fly free.” He will still be with you even without a body, maybe even more so.

But in the meantime, make sure he does not have any autoimmune dysfunctions that could be remedied. If he were to feel healthier physically, maybe he would feel better mentally and spiritually.

But it is his decision to make in the final analysis.

By the way, are you expecting a baby? That is what I recall from your last communication. Maybe, if you are, he wants to be your child, so would have to leave this body to get into then next. Just a wild thought of mine.

Q: What orbs do you use for progressions? I am ready for marriage and am in a relationship that is getting very serious but, in looking at his chart, don’t see much astrological action that would suggest this is IT. I can see lots of major transits in my chart (Saturn on the ascendant, My 7th house ruler – Jupiter – return, Jupiter opposite Venus, Pluto conj. Sun/Moon midpoint – squaring both angular planets) but not much going on with his w/transits, except Pluto conj. Sun/Moon midpoint too – just past his Venus. However, he has progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun and prog. Sun conjunct natal Jupiter (on 7th h.cusp) but not exact for several years. I’ve heard you should only use one degree for progressions. What do you think?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You are correct; one degree is recommended for progressed planets aspecting natal planets; that is one degree applying as well as one degree separating. For example, natal Sun at 10 degrees Aries; progressed Mars will conjunct from 9 degrees to 11 degrees Aries. Saturn transiting over the Asc. usually brings a time of change in self-image; it is a time for consolidation and responsibilities, a time to get oneself organized. Transiting Saturn is in Gemini, transiting Pluto is opposing it and transiting your 7th house. Normally, an astrologer advises not to marry or make drastic changes with Pluto going through the 7th. If drastic changes happen, don’t resist them; but, at the same time, don’t initiate them. Jupiter opposite Venus can be “too much of a good thing.” It often equates to very high expectations of relationships (remember that “no expectations, no disappointments”). A Jupiter return repeats the natal Jovian themes of ideology, faith, optimism, high expectations and significant others (ruler of 7th). With transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Sun/Moon midpoint or Sun/Moon = Pluto, Ebertin says “Soul torn by inner conflict. Critical phase of development in life.” With Pluto squaring the Venus/Jupiter opposition (all in mutable signs I presume), and don’t forget transiting Saturn is involved, too, it sounds very confusing and “stomach churning.” If your boyfriend’s progressed Sun will not conjunct his natal 7th house cusp Jupiter for several years, it might be a good idea to postpone the actual marriage (legal contract – a seventh house matter) until the aspect does become exact.

Q: I’m very much aware of the upcoming lunar eclipse on May 26th as many things in my life are coming up for review within the eclipse window. To make matters more complicated for me, Mercury and Neptune are both retrograde and the Saturn-Pluto opposition is building. I need an objective view of what issues are coming up for review/change/renewal with the looming lunar eclipses as well the solar eclipse in June with respect to the afore mentioned planetary happenings. Due to recent events in my life, I’m having a hard time interpreting this information in a realistic and objective light. Most recently, relationship issues/conflicts and money are the big 2. My Birthday is April 30, 1976 and I was born in Henderson TX at 4:22am.

I appreciate any insight that you can give me. Many thanks in advance!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: My answer to your question regarding the upcoming eclipses may be more than you bargained for! First, I’ll deal with your personal questions regarding your individual natal chart. Both the eclipse of the Moon (Full Moon) on May 26th (which occurs along with the last exact opposition of Saturn to Pluto!), and the Solar eclipse (New Moon) on June 10th fall in your 3rd/9th houses. Those are mental houses having to do with communication, travel, learning and teaching and ideology (religious or political, philosophy in general). I have not looked at your progressed chart. But from the transits to natal it looks like the impact on you would be from the mental level, how you think and perceive both your personal life (3rd) and the conditions of the greater whole (9th). The 3rd/9th houses are not often tied into actual events, but perceptions of events and attitudes toward them. I would suggest you postpone any travel, by any means, from today until later on in the summer, if that’s at all possible. Also, take funds out of any speculative investments as the economy may drop steeply and quickly around the time of the eclipses. We are all tied into the eclipses, especially those of us who are living in the United States. I use the July 4, 1776, 5:13 PM, Philadelphia, PA chart for the U.S. That gives a 12 Sagittarius 59 ASC. As we saw on 9/11, that ASC/DC axis was triggered! At the present time, both Venus and Mars (Mars is “war” and Venus is “war for justice”) are “out-of’-bounds,” that means N. or S. declination greater than the Sun’s path of 23 degrees 28 minutes. Mars was out-of-bounds for six months last year and still was on 9/11 and 10/7 when U.S. started bombing in Afghanistan. When planets are out-of-bounds, that is how the energy functions — out-of-bounds! For example, O.J. Simpson’s Mars had gone out-of-bounds at the time his ex-wife, Nicole, was murdered! Did he get away with murder? Mars out-of-bounds! Certainly the 9/11attack on the WTC was Mars in Sagittarius (foreign religious fanatics) out-of-bounds. Our leaders say, “Nobody could have imagined it!” The Lunar Eclipse falls on the US progressed Moon/Uranus conjunction. The US has natal Moon in Aquarius and transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Moon. This is a double Moon/Uranus whammy! The Moon in a nation’s chart rules the people (you and me!). The people are in for a shock, a rude awakening! The Lunar eclipse occurs across the US natal 12th/6th houses. The Solar eclipse of June 10 occurs in the progressed 10th house — the administration and the president, especially as it hits Dubbya’s natal Uranus and Nodes! It also occurs — for all of us in whatever house it falls in our natal charts! — together with Saturn (a Sun/Moon/Saturn conjunction in Gemini) in the Solar eclipse chart, which has house cusps very close to the US natal chart’s cusps (Solar eclipse chart has 11 Sagittarius rising, U.S. has 13 Sagittarius rising!). The Solar eclipse occurs in the U.S. 7th house (open enemies, allies) and very near the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini; Pluto opposes from the US 1st house. Transiting Mercury will go direct; watch it as it hits 5 degrees Gemini and then 20 degrees Gemini! Today (Sunday) there are rumors of future terrorist attacks, and scandal about the lack of warning on the prior one. The shadow of these eclipses is creeping up on us like a huge dark ghost! And what about Iraq? What about the Indian/Pakistan tension over Kashmire? Is the world about to blow? People do not like change and the cosmos is forcing change upon us. It is getting close to “transform or become extinct!” We indeed do live in interesting times.

Follow-up Q: Hi there! Since you gave me such good information about the previous 2 eclipses, I was wondering if you could give me a little insight on the upcoming eclipse of 06/24. Once again, I thank you for your time.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The next Lunar eclipse is at about 3 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. I don’t think that hits anything in the USA chart. So, it probably just finishes the series. It will be in effect for the two weeks after it is exact; so watch to see if any planets cross 3 degrees of Cardinal signs.

Q: Your site is extremely informative and well put together, thank you! The professionalism and grace in responding so completely and respectfully to your querants is admirable.

My question has to do with the situation of an unaspected planet conjunct the Ascendant, specifically Saturn at 2LI55 conjunct the ASC at 1LI55. (Not to get too complicated, but it may factor in that ASC ruler Venus is retrograde at 7VI, maybe easiest to just give birth data: 9-8-51 at 06:50, Selma, Al.)

There is almost no published research regarding peregrine planets conjunct an angle. If you know of any, I would be extremely appreciative.

With respect and appreciation of the amount of effort put forth so graciously!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thank you for the complement on my writing. However, the website is the work of our webmaster, Dwight Ennis; so, I am sending him a copy of this e-mail. What I notice, after running your chart, is that you have a Grand Trine in Fire! That is the mark of a highly creative potential. You also have three singleton planets: Moon in Sagittarius as the only planet in a Universal sign; Jupiter in the 7th house as the only planet in a hemisphere (Western) and only social house; and, Uranus as the only water sign planet. Three, or more, singleton planets mark the “genius” with “crazy wisdom.” I speak from the experience of having had relationships and friendships with several “3X” singleton people! I do not consider your Saturn conjunct the Ascendant to be an unaspected planet. It is exalted in Libra; it is conjunct the Ascendant and semi-sextile Mercury. Since I do psychological astrology, I give wide orbs: up to 12 degrees for the Sun and Moon. So, Saturn is in a opening sextile to the Moon. The mid-point between Saturn/Neptune is 10 degrees Libra. That ties Saturn/Neptune (making dreams reality) into the Grand Trine in Fire. The Uranus singleton in the 10th squares Jupiter and gives impetus to the Grand Trine. Grand Trines without hard aspects to them never “get off the dime.” And, of course, the Saturn/Neptune mid-point opposes Jupiter. Your Ascendant ruler, Venus, is in the 12th house and conjunct Mercury in its own sign, Virgo. All this suggests, that behind all you creativity and artistic inclinations, lies a practical mind and will. Saturn is NOT unaspected. In your chart it represents, perhaps too much humility, but a long-range ambition to make (to create) your dreams become real. Just don’t “price yourself out of the market.” You might want to re-read my singleton articles for Moon, Jupiter and Uranus.

Q: Even though this doesn’t concern singletons, I think you might have the answer to my question. I wanted to know what the Solar Return and Lunar Return charts were about. I think the Solar is how the year is going to be, because I noticed it is marked at the exact time the Sun
returns to the position it was at birth. I also noticed that the Lunar return occurs when the moon positions itself at the exact degree you were born. Mine is always 22 Leo 14′.

P.S. There is also the Solar Return Opposition, and the Lunar Return Opposition. I would also like a little info. on that.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The Solar Return chart is exactly that: the time each year when the Sun returns to the position by degree and sign it was at birth. The Lunar Return occurs each month when the Moon returns to its birth degree and sign. One can do a return chart for all the other planets as well. A “Solar Return Opposition” occurs about six months after the birthday, at the “1/2 birthday.” We do not usually do a chart for that, but would note the transits to the Solar Return, natal and progressed chart for that time, as well as the two squares, that occur three and nine months after the birthday.

The influence of the Solar Return chart is for the entire year. The house position of the Sun is especially important as are any planets in angular houses. The Lunar Return is for the month it is cast. The Moon’s house position and aspects are important in that chart. For the Solar Return chart, one looks for patterns that repeat or echo themes in the birth chart and the progressed chart.

If you have an astrology software program, it is easy to run Solar Returns for yourself. Go back to significant years in your life and run SR charts for those years. Compare them to your birth chart and progressed chart for the year in question. Sometimes it is fun to do this on famous people. I do it for the country (USA) and the president. Try doing it for 2001 for G.W.
Bush and the USA. Some people use one house for one month in looking at a Solar Return chart. In the case of both the country and G.W. Bush, the first house is July, second is August and third is September. Look at the third house. Then do a Lunar Return for August and September (for September if the LR falls before 9/11). See what you come up with. That will tell you more about Solar and Lunar Returns than I could put in an e-mail.

Q: I have a singleton, Venus in Libra in the 10th, peregrine (unless you count an 11° opposition to the moon), which is the midpoint of my Pluto/Saturn square. Solar Arc Pluto will be conjunct natal Venus next year. What kind of experiences might one expect?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I would consider that Venus is opposed by the Moon. Wide orbs for the Sun and Moon aspects to other planets work in psychological astrology. Venus/Pluto contacts in general point to intense attractions, extreme financial matters, and the power of love to transform. Any time Venus contacts one of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, there is a tendency to look for the “magical other” in relationships. This usually does not end well, for Venus is a very personal energy and the outer planets are collective energies. With your Pluto in the 9th, ruling the 12th, and Venus ruling the 6th and 11th, you might become involved with religious or educational institutions (even hospitals and prisons), working with others toward humanitarian goals.

Q: I’m fairly well versed at astrology but haven’t looked for the answer to this one yet. If my 2nd house is ruled by the Moon, how does the progressed Moon, the fastest of our progressing planets, affect finances / income ?? If it does ?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: As a planet travels, either by progression for the faster, inner planets or by transit for the outer planets, it carries with it all its natal implications. You don’t say in which sign and house your Moon is posited, or what planets it aspects.

The 2nd house is not only finances and earned income, but valuables of all sorts, values and self-worth. The Moon is a fluctuating influence. It goes through phases; so, your income and values may shift and change every couple of years. The progressed Moon is in a sign for about two years.

Q: As I approach my bday I am reflecting on this past year and looking towards the upcoming year as well. Could you please answer the following for me? Thanks. My birthday information is: June 20, 1966/ 9:50 a.m./ Brooklyn, NY/ Kings County. My question is if that I currently reside in Boca Raton, FL and I am in Summit, NJ for my birthday, how will that affect my SR chart?

* Will my SR 10 degree Taurus ASC change and to what?

* What about the houses for the June 19 Grand Trine? What does it imply? Also, the Moon in Libra is at a very late degree, and 20th is my bday with a Scorpio Moon. Does this moon figure into the Grand Trine somehow? I ask because the Grand Trine is supposed to be with me all year.

* Lastly, the June 21st quincunx. Do the houses change and to what? Will that be with me all year too? Does it offset the Grand Trine?

Thanks and I look forward to your insight.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I am not sure just what you are asking; what are you talking about? The Solar Return chart is always set up for the place of residence, not of the place one is at that particular day. Your SR chart for 2002 has a late Aries Asc., 24 Aries 57 to be exact. There is a loose grand trine in Air on June 19th: three planets in Gemini, Moon in Libra and Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. Just look at your Solar Return chart in terms of your natal chart, and you’ll see the picture. The SR Asc. is conjunct the natal 9th house cusp. Are planning on going back to school for an advanced degree? It would be a good year for that.

Q: I was just wondering what the source of the Jesus Chart on your Singleton’s web page is. It is very different from Jacob’s researched chart. I would be delighted if you might care to share the source of the chart.
Thank you…blessings.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The data for the Jesus chart I used is from the Urantia Book, page 135, which gives “at noon, August 21, 7 B.C.” in Bethlehem, Israel. Personally, I have long thought the Jesus story is a fabulous fable. The character, Jesus, is probably a composite of several individuals, and the story is much overlaid with various mythologies from several different traditions. You might find The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby interesting reading, especially in terms of the details of church history it contains.

Q: I would like to know if you can see a soul mate connection between my boyfriend and I and if our plans of working together in a travel photography career (me as photographer, he as writer) are fated and will work out? Thanks in advance.

birth data:

Mine: April 16th 1981, 1:25 pm, Maryborough, Victoria, Australia

His: December 12th 1974, 5:45 am, Madras, India

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I don’t know much about soul mate connections, but you and your boyfriend together have a grand trine in fire signs. That is highly creative and probably a lot of fun. He has a huge stellium (5 planets) in Sagittarius in his first and 12th houses. His Sagittarius planets come to your 5th house of romance and creativity while your Aries planets go to his 5th house. I would seem, if your ego’s don’t clash, that this would be an ideal situation for working together in a travel photography career.

Q: I was wondering three things:

1. I have Venus in Libra is in the eighth house, conjunct with the Sun in Libra, and conjunct with Pluto in Libra (all in the eighth house), what influence will this have on the person’s love life?

2. If the Ascendant in Aquarius is Squared both a Midheaven in Scorpio and a Jupiter in Scorpio (ninth house), what effects will this have on the individual, especially their face in society? More Scorpio or more Aquarius?

3. What combinations of houses and signs usually mean someone will be lucky in love?

Thank you very much.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter:

1. The combination of Venus/Sun/Pluto Libra & the 8th house suggests someone who might be deeply attached to and involved with his/her partner, and maybe more than a little possessive and jealous. Venus is in her own sign Libra and Pluto is in his own 8th house; so one might hypnotically attract both love and money. Or, one might be at the mercy of love and money. Aside from love matters, it indicates one who might focus intensely on matters of investigation, psychology or the occult. A divorce attorney or investigator might have this combination. So might someone who insures and appraises fine art and antiques.

2. When a planet aspects the Asc. or MC, it is called an “aspect of outlet.” The world sees that energy in the person and he projects it into the world. Jupiter can symbolize luck, affluence, a sense of humor, a judge, a clergyman and so on.

3. This is hard to answer. “Lucky in love” — what does that mean? One attracts lots of lovers; one is contentedly married while having a hot romance on the side, or does one truly have the talent for loving other people? Off hand, I’d say aspects between Moon (basic planet of love) and Jupiter equal “lucky in love.”

Q: On the subject of planets in dignities, I am wondering whether it makes a difference when 2 planets aspect each other in a difficult aspect that these planets are in dignity or in detriment. Ex : moon in Taurus in 10th square Saturn in Aquarius in 7th and Moon in Capricorn in 11th squares Saturn in arise in 1st. Thanks a lot for your reply!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You pose an interesting question. I’ll try to work through each of the examples you give. First, Moon is exalted in Taurus, and Saturn is in dignity in Aquarius, also Saturn is in the 7th house and Libra is Saturn’s sign of exaltation. Saturn also, rules the 10th and aspects the Moon posited there. I feel in this case both planets function very well and probably influence the career and public relations very positively. The two planets may “agree to disagree.” The square in this case might work more as a “building block” than a “stumbling block.” There would, of course, be the Fixed sign issues of stubbornness, or stability, and at times the nurturing urge of the Moon will have to work hard to balance the harsher sense of duty and obligation of Saturn. The second example of Moon in Capricorn in the 11th square Saturn in Aries in the 1st is more problematic. Saturn in Aries is a very frustrating placement. [As an aside, I have noticed it in the charts of several of the 9/11 terrorists and Z. Moussaoui.] In the first house it implies a desire to act, to be extroverted, but inhibited by a sense of responsibility or restraint. It can be very one-pointed or narrow-minded. Moon in Capricorn tends to be somewhat emotionally inhibited and insecure, but won’t show the insecurity. This is a cardinal, or active, square. Over time the person may work hard to overcome the personality drawbacks implied by it. It would be important as well to know whether these aspects occur in the chart of a man or a woman. Example #1 is good in either case. Example #2 would be a bit less problematic in a woman’s chart. A man with this would tend to be to self-focused and ambitious, and maybe seem cold emotionally. Moon/Saturn squares are not easy, but the first one is definitely more manageable than the second.

Q: Recently I got a free birth chart from an astrologer and , well she didn’t have enough time to explain everything so now I ‘m trying to read it myself. But it ‘s not so easy, do you think you can send me some information on how to read and understand astrology birth charts?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Probably the astrologer who gave you a free birth chart expected you to make an appointment and pay her to interpret your chart! A good place to start to interpret your own chart is with a book such as “The Only Way to Learn Astrology,” vol. 1 by Marion D. March & Joan McEvers.

Follow-up Q: Thanks for your reply, The astrologer works really far away so I can’t go to that place very often , unless my parents will. She said to come next time and she will explain everything for free. But since I almost never go to Port Adelaide (where she works) I’ve decided to ask somebody else. I don’t have problems with most of the staff on the chart, but the numbers like 55′ or 14′.If they are not houses, then what r they? It’s just that I don’t really want to by this book only to look up what that means, plus I can’t afford it right now.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The book is only $14.95 and would give you a great deal of information about astrology, probably all you would ever need. My personal opinion is that there is very little point in having your chart calculated if you are not a serious student of astrology. I do have a program which costs $35 (a lot more than the book) and gives delineations of everything in the birth chart. As to the “numbers” as you call them, are you referring those around the wheel? Are you talking about, say, 5 degrees Taurus 20″ (minutes) on the 2nd house cusp? Those are house cusp degrees, or the degree and minute where that house starts. If you are referring to the “numbers” beside the planets, that is the degree and minute of the planet’s placement in its sign and has no intrinsic relationship to the house cusp degree. Unless you are a student of astrology, these mean little for you. All you need to know is, say, Taurus is on the 2nd house and Mercury is in Taurus in the 2nd. Or whatever your placements are. The Taurus thing is just an example. So, just read the planet meaning in the sign and house and forget about the “numbers.” Eleanor Buckwalter

Q: I was born at 4:30 CST in Kirksville, MO USA. I understand my part of fortune, achievement, destiny are in Pisces. Could you please tell me how to interpret this with respect to kind of successful careers most suited for me? THANKS SO MUCH!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You mention the time and place of your birth and some details about your birth chart, BUT you did not include the DATE and YEAR. Without those I can’t say much about the chart. You do mention several Arabic Parts in Pisces, maybe that means a tendency to “space out?” Scorpio/Virgo combination suggests a possible career fields: some area of the medical field, health & wellness, insurance, quality control, diagnostics, or investigation.

Q: I have been told that in my chart Saturn will be in opposition to the Moon from late June 2002 until March 2003. Since this is quite some time, could you please tell me what this may mean for me, and what I can do to try and soften this influence, for the brief explanation that I was given suggested that this would be a time of emotional trial.

I was born 3rd March 1978 12.34 (Daylight saving), Sydney, Australia.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: You did not give the time in AM/PM; so I assumed you meant 34 minutes past NOON, not 34 minutes past midnight. I am going on the Noon + 34 minutes chart.

You are correct that Saturn in Gemini will be making (and has been for a while) a transiting opposition to your Moon/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. This will be strongly in effect until the middle of July 2002; then in Feb. 2003 Saturn makes a station to go direct at 22 degrees Gemini, slightly passed the exact opposition. After that the influence moves off.

I am surprised that whoever told you about this, did not mention some much more important things related to the Saturn transit. Perhaps he/she is a novice astrologer. Saturn in Gemini has been making an opposition to transiting Pluto in Sagittarius since last summer (2001). In fact, the hijacking attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11 were connected with this opposition which, historically, correlates with wartime conditions.

Then just this past month on June 10th there was a Solar Eclipse at 19 Gemini with Saturn involved (a Sun/Moon conjunction, conjunct Saturn). That fell right at the mid-point of an opposition to your Sun/Neptune. Pluto in Sagittarius will be transiting over (conjuncting) your Moon/Neptune from Feb. 2003 (just as Saturn moves away from the opposition) until December 2005. Pluto/Moon is much more problematic than Saturn/Moon, although neither is pleasant and both equate to feelings of depression. Saturn/Moon is more sadness over a loss, feeling “blue,” low energy, fatigue. Pluto/Moon is more apt to be clinical depression (a serious emotional illness) which needs to be treated with anti-depressants as well as talk-therapy. Having suffered both types of depression, I know whereof I speak. At one point, there was a Saturn/Pluto transit which squared my Moon (I got both at the same time, too). I spent several years seeing an M.D. psychiatrist once a week and taking anti-depressants. The most help I got was from an experienced astrologer who assured me it was a temporary condition and told me when it would be over. I was too depressed at the time to believe her, but she was right!

I am also surprised the person who told you about the Saturn/Moon issue did not mention that you have a natal Venus/Mercury/Sun square (challenging aspect) to the Moon/Neptune. Any transit that touches the Moon also touches Venus and to an extent involves Mercury and Sun. So while Saturn opposes your Moon and Pluto conjuncts it, they will also at the same time square Venus and Mercury (relationships and thinking). The effects of these transits may be felt in your career, domestic life and finances.

Keep in mind the time of the chart I am using. If it is 12:34 AM (00:34 AM) then it is your personality , self-image and marriage or close significant relationships that are affected as well as career and domestic life.

I suggest you contact a local professional astrologer for a complete chart interpretation consultation, including your progressed chart, solar arc directions, transits and a solar return chart. This may require several consultations until you fully understand what the trends for you are right now in the context of your natal chart. I use a psychological approach to astrology and suggest a psychological astrologer. She/he can advise you in detail of ways best to use the current energies (transits) and will not give “scary predictions.”

We all go through challenging phases in our lives (difficult, sometimes tragic times), but that is the nature of life and we had best accept it and move through it. As a yoga teacher once said, “If you didn’t want experiences (difficult experiences), then why did you incarnate here on this earth?! We are all here to learn, each experience is a lesson and a test.”

I wish you the very best!!

Q: Would you share some information and insight regarding the Black Moon conjunctions, and Chiron and Neptune squares. What issues do these astrological symbols address? I have not been able to find much information regarding the Black Moon or Chiron [ruling Virgo? Sagittarius?]. I have the Black Moon conjunct my 16 degree 51″ Capricorn Moon in the Second House with Chiron at 2 degrees of Scorpio in my 12th house squaring my 9th house Saturn in Leo. My moon opposes my 11degree Cancer Sun with Neptune at 8 degrees as the focal point of the T square. Saturn conjuncts Pluto by 4 degrees. Additionally, Venus Conjuncts Uranus in Gemini by 1 degree in the 8th, North Node conjuncts Mars by 1 degree in the 7th. And Jupiter conjuncts my Ascendant at 17degees Scorpio while squaring Pluto, trining Sun and sextiling Moon. I deeply appreciate your insight and await your reply. Thank you.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I am not sure what “Black Moon” is. It is some non-existent planet, like the “Uranian Planets,” or is it some newly discovered asteroid? I vaguely remember reading something about it years ago and dismissed it as just so much nonsense. So, I cannot help you on that. Chiron was discovered in 1977 between the orbit of Saturn and Uranus. Some astrologers call it a bridge between Saturn and Uranus, between the physical and higher mental levels. Chiron does not rule any sign. The sign and house where Chiron is posited are said by some to represent areas where we are wounded but can be of help to others who suffer similar wounding. For example, someone with Chiron in Gemini or the 3rd house might feel inadequate about his intellectual ability or his intelligence and ability to communicate. In fact, his communications and thoughts may be very helpful to others, in teaching others; but, his wound cannot be healed. He will always have some nagging doubts, at least, about his communicative abilities. In Scorpio, Chiron might represent wounding of the ability to establish deep emotional intimacy; Chiron in the 12th house and squaring Saturn in Leo (sign of it’s detriment) in the 9th, there is a hint of some deep, dark secret guilt related to stern religious beliefs. Remember the myth of Chiron? He is immortal so cannot die. He has to suffer the pain of his wound for a very long time until Zeus (Jupiter), persuaded by Hercules, sets Prometheus free in exchange for Chiron’s descent into Hades, thus releasing him from his pain. Melanie Reinhart has a good book on Chiron, if you want to explore it more fully. Barbara Hand Clow wrote on of the earlier Chiron books called Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets. From some of the aspects you say are in your chart, I’d say you have more than enough to work with and ponder without bothering with a “Black Moon” and Chiron.

Q: I send this e-mail from Japan. Now I study House Systems. My question:

1. what house system is most correct?

There are many house systems, such as Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Porphyry, Topocentric, Regiomontanus.

2 how to calculate each house systems?

If you know the answer please teach me.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: 1. What house system is most correct?

All house systems are based on differing calculations in order to “cut up the pie.” The most commonly used ones in the USA and Europe are Placidus and Koch. There is no way to determine objectively which is most correct. Ideas on this vary from one astrologer to the next. I use both Placidus and Koch. A friend swears only Campanus and Regiomontanus are correct: that is Campanus for natal charts and Regiomontanus for horary charts. My suggestion is to buy a good astrology software program such as Win-Star or Solar Fire. These instantaneously calculate charts and offer the option to choose from a number of different house systems. You can run your chart in all of them; go back over important events and dates in you life and compare those dates with each house system chart. You will get a feel for the one or ones that seem most accurate for you. The right system is the one that works for YOU.

2. How to calculate each house system?

As I suggested above, get an astrology program for your computer. For each house system you have to have a different Table of Houses book. To do an accurate chart (accurate within 2 minutes of arch) with accurate planetary degrees and minutes and accurate house cusps takes about 45 minutes unless you are a real math genius. By the time you have figured out how to calculate a chart by hand in each system you will have spent more time and money than it’s worth. If you want to pass an astrology exam, learn how to calculate just one house system, preferably Placidus or Koch as those Tables are most readily available. When doing astrological work for clients, if you get a high or low latitude birth (Norway, upper Russia, etc. or the tip of South America), use the equal house system (equal house will not get you through an astrology certificate exam, however) as it is much easier to read for those latitudes. I am referring your questions and my answers to Dwight as he has more technical knowledge in this area than I.

A: by Dwight Ennis: As a follow-up to what Eleanor has already said, the majority of the house systems vary in how that calculate the intermediate, or derived, house cusps. These are 2/8, 3/9, 5,11, and 6/12. Most of the systems will come up with the same Asc/Desc and IC/MC. A couple of the systems will give a different Asc/Desc… these systems were created in an attempt to overcome the distortions at extreme northern or southern latitudes.

The various ways in which house cusps are calculated in the different systems is far too complicated to go into here. Just explaining the astronomical mapping of a single house system is also too complicated. Suffice it to say that various ways have been devised to divide the local space surrounding the birth place into twelve sections. No one system has been proven to be better than any other. Some systems are more philosophically appealing to some, but each system’s ultimate value is a very subjective judgment, and will differ from astrologer to astrologer.

For a series of articles explaining coordinate systems, and a graphic mapping of one house system onto a star map, see…

then click on “Visual Astrology.”

Q: I would like to know what Chiron stands for (some say for marriage); I have my Chiron in Pisces in my partner’s 5th house, and my partner has his Chiron (also in Pisces) in my 7th house. What does this mean (in synastry)? In our composite horoscope, Chiron is in the 6th house. I would also like to know what (in the composite) the north node in the 7th house means (in Aries)?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Chiron was discovered a mere 25 years ago, in 1977. I’m not at all sure astrology has had enough experience with it to know really what it means. We astrologers love to conjecture, and there are several books on Chiron. Melanie Reinhart’s Chiron and the Healing Journey is a good one. Liz Greene says it is connected to feelings of being wounded or damaged. There is a sense of something unfair hurting or humiliating us, something that we didn’t deserve, and we have been irrevocably damaged. It is an irredeemable flaw, a “crippling,” and because of the injury we must take a different path in life. There is often rage, bitterness and cynicism connected with Chiron. Chiron is also the healer. Though his own wound is permanent, he can heal and teach others. Chiron is the healer, not the healed. So, Chiron in Pisces (you and your partner each have that sign placement, so you must be near the same age or have a 51 year age difference) might represent a deep emotional wound, and at the same time the compassion necessary to heal others. The 5th house is children, creativity, entertainment, etc. while the 7th is contractual agreements such as marriage and partnerships, and includes such things as lawyer & client and doctor & patient relationships. Without knowing where, which house, Chiron is placed in the natal chart, it is hard to say what it might mean in a synastry. I will give an example of what I mean. Person A is the mother-in-law (the two women get on well); her Chiron is in her natal 2nd house and goes to her daughter-in-law’s (B’s) 5th house. A has always valued (2nd house) B’s creative work and especially enjoys B’s children (A’s grandchildren), and is helpful in raising them and helping B understand some of their childish ways. One of the children is very similar to his father (A’s child); so she has a chance to re-live in a way that relationship and avoid the mistakes she made with her own child. In another case, a marriage, man’s (C’s) Chiron in his 6th goes to his partner’s 7th (D’s) while her (D’s) Chiron goes from her 3rd to his (C’s) first. His Chiron is conjunct his natal Mercury. So, there is a lot about communication and healing of old, negative thought patterns in that relationship. As far as composite charts are concerned, they are valuable in determining how the world sees the couple (or group as composites can be done for more than two people). Where the Sun falls in the composite shows the purpose of the relationship. A composite N. Node in Aries in the 7th house is rather ironic; it suggests a relationship that other people perceive as two independent individuals who cooperate by each doing his and her own thing. Composite charts do not really represent how the people feel about each other; the natal and synastry charts show that. I may have written on Chiron and the composite chart in some previous “Ask the Astrologer” columns. You might want to check. (See the Archives).

Q: Please write about the unusual alignment of 5 planets in the evening sky these next few days. The paper said it last happened in 1940. What is the significance of this alignment? I am sure we would all be interested!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The current lineup of planets, Mercury at 2 degrees Gemini, Venus at 7 degrees, Mars at 12 and Saturn at 14 and Jupiter at 11 Cancer is unusual in that these are visible in the Western sky shortly after sunset. We often have a cluster of planets (called a “stellium”) in the sky, but it is usually not so visible (maybe it happens at noon) and dramatic. With so many planets in the Mutable sign, Gemini, opposed by Pluto in Sagittarius there is a “scattered” and nervous energy in the collective psyche. Have you noticed the train wrecks, violent personal crimes and lack of clear communication in international affairs? That mutable, “dithery,” feeling is very nerve-wracking and stressful of many people. But, in the meantime, go out in the early evening and enjoy the sight of all those planets lined up in a row.

Q: I am interested in having North and South Node interpretations done for myself and my husband. Can they be done separately or only in the context of an entire natal chart interpretation?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: It is possible to interpret the synastry of your nodes and your husband’s without doing a complete chart interpretation. If you are knowledgeable in astrology it is even easier. If you or your husband has a planet conjunct either the No. or So. node (either his planets and your nodes or vice versa) that is a “karmic” connection. Most family members have these connections: parent – child and sibling – sibling; sometimes grand parent – grand child as well. When there are nodal/planet connections it implies a “karmic” relationship; and, most family relationships (and close long-lasting friendships/love affairs) are “karmic.” The two (or more) people are together to accomplish a purpose. In these cases I do a “composite” chart. That chart shows the purpose of the relationship.

A planet in person A’s chart conjunct or square the Node (No. or So.) in person B’s chart, indicates a “karmic” relationship. I often see Planet/Node connections between parent and child — they are in this together! If there is no planet/node connection, in a romantic relationship, then it’s a short lived thing. Planet/Node connections are serious, and long term relationships for some karmic purpose. As an example, my Jupiter is conjunct my son’s South Node (I was his teacher in the past, and, praise the lord, he still listens to my advice!); my Mars/Pluto was conjunct my father’s North Node = my wild and powerful energy forced him to re-evaluate the mores of his generation and was conducive to his evolution. My Saturn was conjunct my first husband’s No. Node – my demands for responsible and empathetic (Pisces) attitudes toward all people forced him to grow out of his rather parochial and narrow attitudes.

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