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Q: I’d be grateful if you could shed some light on the complicated aspects of my moon [which is also the asc lord]. I am into vedic astro. but I find personality analysis more intriguing in the western. I am more of airy types according to vedic and watery types according to western, but I can identify with both!!! Is the fourth ray energy too expressive?

BTW, my birth details- 26-04-1975, 10.53am, New Delhi

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your Moon in Scorpio makes an opposition to your Taurus Sun (and Mercury) indicating you were born on a Full Moon, an indication of great awareness. The Moon is part of a Grand Trine in Water, associated with the theatre arts, spiritual longing, and mathematics and music. The Sun/Mercury sextiles Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Cancer making the Grand Trine a Kite, which gives more power and opportunity for expression than a simple Grand Trine has. In both the Western and Eastern systems, a Sun/Mercury would give mental or airy qualities, while the highly aspected Moon gives emotional, watery qualities. The Air/Water combination is good for expression and communication of the sensitive, emotional and rhythmic qualities of water. Your chart has enough fire and earth to add spirit and enthusiasm plus groundedness and practicality to your expression. By “fourth ray energy,” I assume you are referring to Alice A. Bailey’s “Teachings on the Seven Rays of Djwhal Khul.” The fourth ray is the ray of “harmony through conflict” and is the ray of “harmony, beauty and art.” Humanity itself is the fourth kingdom of nature, and the point of balance between opposites, the world of the personality and the world of the soul, objective and subjective forces, illusion and reality. How can that be too expressive? I don’t understand the question.

Q: Could you please tell me what aspects my north and south node make to my boyfriends planets in our synastry chart and the same for his nodes to my planets? And I would also be interested in knowing all the other aspects our planets make to each other as I have a copy of our synastry chart but I don’t know how to really read it.

My birth details are: April 16th 1981 – 1:25 pm – Maryborough, Victoria, Australia His birth details are: December 12th 1974 – 9:15 am – Madras, India

Thanks in advance.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your question would require quite a bit of time to answer and I am afraid I cannot do that without charging you a fee. An Interpreted Compatibility Report is available through this site which discusses how the two of you interact in the love relationship and I think it includes the Nodes. Personally, I think the nodes are only important if one person’s planet(s) conjunct a node(s) in the other person’s chart and vice versa. We usually find that sort of connection in long term relationships such as family members and very close friends from childhood on (who seem like family members). Frequently we find them between married couples (marriage is a family relationship), but not often in romantic relationships. I will check your charts to see if there is such a conjunction, or more than one such.

There is a trine aspect between you North Node in Leo and your boyfriend’s in Sagittarius. However, there are not planet/node conjunctions between you. His own Mercury and Neptune conjunct his N. Node while your N. Node conjuncts your Asc. This indicates his path of evolution is through his own intelligence and imagination while yours is through developing your own creative talents and abilities. You are, it would seem, on parallel tracks of development.

Q: First, congratulations for the site. It is very informative and yet friendly and generous. My question is about having both a grand trine in air signs and a T-square in mutable signs in my chart. These 2 patterns are connected together by the moon. The trine is formed with Uranus in the 2nd in Libra, Mars in the 6th in Aquarius and Moon conjunct MC in Gemini. I’ve read that an opposition or a square to one of the trine elements could be an outlet for the trine energy: Mercury in the 3rd in Sagittarius is opposed to the Moon; Venus in the 3rd in Scorpio is square Mars. Could you help me understand how I could channel energy out of this trine?

The T-square is formed with Moon in the 10th in Gemini opposed to Mercury in the 3rd in Sagittarius both squaring AC in Virgo. The possible way out of this T-square is through the 7th house in Pisces. Right?

And just like that, I have both the north node and Chiron in the 7th. Is there a duty I have to fulfill there?

Now, back to my first question, what could be the effects or how could I best take advantage of both the grand trine and the T-square which are linked together by the Moon, the Moon being a singleton – only planet in universal houses? Tricky question, isn’t it? And I’m no astrologer. If you could help me, I’d be very grateful.

Data: born 11/25/1969 at 00:17 in Mahajanga,
Madagascar, female.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Thank you for the complement on the web site. Credit goes to Carol McKenna and especially to our webmaster, Dwight Ennis.

In looking at your chart, it seems you include the lunar nodes in the T-cross. I use only planets (and not Chiron) when considering major configurations. What I do notice is the Grand Trine in Air, which is actually a Kite because of the Moon opposition Mercury (which speaks to mental and communicative ability). You also have a Yod with Mercury sextile Uranus both quincunx Saturn; that also would indicate unusual mental and communicative abilities. A Moon singleton in Gemini on the Mid-Heaven certainly would suggest a career before the public in some field of communications, publication, media, teaching, etc.

Instead of the Moon connecting two major configurations, it is Mercury (your ascendant ruler!) in its own 3rd house that connects the Kite and the Yod. Mercury is the “lynch pin.” The Moon/Mercury opposition is in Gemini/Sagittarius and relates to the world of thought, speech, communication, the media, travel and education.

Hard aspects (square, opposition, quincunx) to a Grand Trine tend to activate it and make it more productive, for the energy of the Grand Trine by itself tends to be lazy and take things for granted. On the other hand, easy aspects (sextile and trine) to a Grand Cross, a T-Cross or a Yod tend to ease the tension and stress symbolized by these configurations.

A North Node and Chiron in the 7th house indicates the path of growth and evolution (No. Node) and healing/teaching (Chiron) lies in relationships with others and with the public. The Moon in the 10th seconds that motion!

Q: Can You tell me how my Sagittarian lover will cope with the loss of his mother please?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I have no way of knowing how your Sagittarian lover will cope with the loss of his mother. You do not include birth data (mm/dd/year, time am/pm, place (city, state)). Without that, we are just discussing the generic Sagittarius archetype: the centaur, the archer, the protector god, the “king of heaven,” etc. The Sagittarius archetype of freedom and desire to explore the highest realms of philosophy and wisdom is not terribly concerned with personal relationships. To have any idea of what a person’s attitude and feelings toward “mother” are, we need to know the Moon sign and the aspects the Moon makes to other planets. And that can only be found in a timed birth chart.

Q: Can you tell me if my Neptune, Pluto, and Mars qualifies as a Yod? My program (Win*Star) doesn’t list it as one in the chart pattern section, but, an astrologer friend of mine said it does. I realize that Mars and Neptune are a wide orb of 6 degrees for an inconjunct. But, again, I’m wondering if I have the Finger of God pointing at a special destination.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: If all the planets involved in the Yod are personal planets, I tend to allow somewhat wider orbs (5 degrees is considered the max. for a Yod). But since two of the planets are outer planets (Neptune and Pluto) it is “iffy.” Neptune is a singleton, only water, so that may make it powerful enough to count. If it seems to work as a Yod in your personal psychology, then it is. Do you feel you have a desire to be a pioneer in communications of some sort; to write about unusual and strange things, etc.? Mars is in the 3rd house (communications, newspapers, media, short distance travel) and aspects Neptune (widely) the ruler of the third and Pluto, the ruler of the 10th house of career.

Follow-up: I think a Yod could possibly fit then? I’m a published poet and short story writer of twenty years that writes mostly uplifting inspirational and spiritually based material. I’m highly spiritual and always have been since at a young age, and one of the things I enjoy most in life, and feel a calling to do, in fact, is to act as spiritual counsel to my inner circle of friends and family with spiritual wisdoms I’ve learned along the way. Would that count? Example below of some of the material that spills forth….

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I think it is definitely a Yod in your case. Your poetry certainly has the ring of Pluto sextile Neptune both quincunx Mars in the 3rd!

Q: I was reading a web site talking about your book of unaspected planets. I am very interested in this subject now that I have found out I have two of them. My Sun in Cancer (my 2nd house) and my Mars in Taurus (my 12rh house). The lady who told me about this also told me it is a sign of a very gifted person. Now I’m not sure how much you charge to look at charts but my birth information is July 13, 1977, Mississauga, Ontario, 3:10 am. I’m curious about what this means if this is such a “rare” thing. I had always thought it was my Gemini Asc and Moon that made me so flippy/floppy. Another thing I read about you is that you do parent child charts and family charts. This is something else I am interested in knowing more about. I have a daughter who was born July 5, 2001, 1:47 am, Kitchener, Ontario. And my fiancÃ(c)e was born May 7, 1977, Woodsotck, Ontario, 6:30 am. I’m not sure if you do much numerology but us three together is total synastry [her spelling] connected to my daughter. If you could write me back letting me know prices and what exactly it is you do, I would be very happy.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not have a book on unaspected planets; perhaps you have me confused with someone else. I use wide aspects, particularly with the Sun and Moon. So, your 21 degree Cancer Sun is NOT unaspected, nor, or course, is Mars. Mars at 27 degrees Taurus is in a sextile aspect to the Sun in Cancer, and since the Sun is the faster moving planet, it is an approaching sextile (more important than a separating aspect). I DO have an online book on SINGLETON planets. Your Mars is a singleton, the only planet in an Earth sign. Mars singleton’s can be problematic in a woman’s chart. There is something peculiar about the men in your life, especially when it is in the 12th house. At the same time you have a Neptune singleton on your 7th house cusp. That indicates possible deception by the partner, your inability to see other people clearly as they really are, and an alcoholic or drug addicted spouse, to list a few possibilities. You daughter’s Ascendant and Venus fall within a conjunction to your Mars singleton. She does have a Sun singleton, the only planet in a Water sign. Like a Mars singleton, a Sun singleton in a woman’s chart can be strange. It often indicates a degree of willfulness in the person, as well as difficult, perhaps domineering men, father or husband. With a Mars/Pluto conjunction in her 7th house, that indicator is reiterated; the husband, or male partner, may be a bully. She is just a baby; so it is not possible to tell whether she will use these energies herself, deny, repress, project, etc. them. Your boyfriend’s Asc. is in Taurus as well and within a conjunction to your Mars and your daughter’s Ascendant. Both the daughter and boyfriend (is he the child’s father?) have Moon in Capricorn, not good in a man’s chart, OK in a woman’s. He has a Uranus singleton in Scorpio, his only Water sign. It is in the 6th house of work, health and service. This could be a Uranus type job, electrician, scientist, etc., health problems involving the nerves (physical or mental health), erratic, and unpredictable employment patterns. Singleton planets emphasize the qualities of the planet that is a singleton, the sign it is in and the house it is in, as well as the aspects to other planets it makes. Try reading more about this in the Articles Section. The only charts I do are computer program generated ones. They are rather general and cannot answer your specific questions as they do not take into account individual circumstances, such as gender, social, ethnic, educational, economic background. They are $35.00 each. I only do personal consultations when the person can come in with specific questions which we can discuss face to face with reference to the astrological chart indications.

Q: Transit Pluto in Sag just ran marched through my life like a hurricane and transformed it. Yes, for the better once I got through life threatening surgery and left my old life behind… My ascendant is 13 degrees of Sag. I note Pluto has a long retrograde period….it will get to 15 degrees again before it goes direct….what orb do you use….need I be prepared again for nightmares? Anything preparatory you could tell me would be appreciated. 4/16/43 Roanoke, VA 11:45 pm Wartime My 26 degree sun is in Aries in the 4th house, Moon in Virgo in the 9th. Shall I send the chart?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Pluto did go retrograde and on station at 17 degrees 38 minutes Sagittarius on March 19, 2002. It goes on station to go direct at 14 degrees 54 minutes Sag. in August (26th). I use a 2 degree orb approaching and separating, i.e. 11 degrees to 15 degrees for a 13 degree Sagittarius ASC. Pluto through the 1st house, or any other angular house for that matter, brings major changes, sometimes they are “nightmares.” Many people move when Pluto transits the 1st or 4th houses. There are also often health issues that come up with these two houses being transited. I’ve known several women who have had cosmetic surgery and “transformed” their faces (1st house), other people loose (or gain) a lot of weight and no longer look the same. I’ll sun your chart to see if Saturn in Gemini or Pluto in Sag. are making aspects (square) to your Virgo Moon.

P. S. When Pluto goes direct, it will make a square aspect to your natal Moon in Virgo. This may correlate to a time of difficulties with women in general, with your mother or mother-in-law. If your mother is still living, it may be the time she passes. However, since Pluto natally makes no aspect to the Moon, perhaps not much will happen. Transiting Saturn through your 7th house will soon make a sextile to natal Sun. Since Saturn rules your second house, that may be a time when opportunities for a more stable income arise. But with sextiles, you have to act on the opportunities to take advantage of the benefits they bring.

Q: I want to know the stones favoring me. Please tell the accurate dimensions of the required stones and also tell the day to wear those stones and also the finger to wear them on. My brief profile:

dob: 10 Sept. 1980
place : Rourkela
time 10 am

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I am a Western tropical astrologer. What you need is an Indian sidereal astrologer. You are asking for a gemology prescription. Also, you do not state in which country Rourkela is. I would suggest you try James Braha (a Vedic/Indian) astrologer at [email protected].

Q: I’m a Sagittarius…. and I will like to know if it’s true that Sagittarians often have psychic experiences?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I do not believe Sagittarius is any more prone to having psychic experiences than any other sign, except maybe Pisces. Much depends on the signs in which other planets in the chart fall and the aspects (angular relationships) they make to each other. The Moon sign is as important as the Sun sign, perhaps more so, especially for women. I am not sure whether psychic ability shows in a chart any more than does artistic talent, scientific aptitude or financial acumen. And, there are many types of experiences that are labeled “psychic.” These include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition to name a few.

Q: I have been listening to rave reviews of you abilities for a week now. I purposely decided to give you a rest, because I know my friend has sent his cadre your way — he is so impressed.

I will also say that I know a good deal less about this than my friend, but he is educating me. I am sufficiently intrigued to want to read read read and learn more.

So I can’t resist asking a few key things. First, I was born January 17, 1969 in Detroit, MI at 11:10 a.m. Until I met my friend, I was simply a Capricorn, now of course I understand there is so much more . . . I guess I wonder, mainly, when and how some of the internal restlessness I feel may resolve itself. I also find myself, daily, asking whether I proceed with some of the greater life plans I have, or wait until all the circumstances seem “ideal” — especially in >the family arena.

I know this is vague — but I would really appreciate your thoughts . . . Thanks so much in advance. I hope this finds you well.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Looking at your natal chart, it seems that internal restlessness is an inherent condition. Perhaps outward activity would help resolve it, if it is too extreme. You have both Sun and Moon in Capricorn in the 10th house of career (houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 are angular houses and associated with activity and outward expression of energy). Your Ascendant is Aries and you have a Saturn singleton in Aries in the first house (another active house), (see my articles on singleton planets). Then you have Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (eccentricity, freedom from convention) in Libra, another Cardinal sign (Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn and, like the angular houses, are associated with outward action and expression). Anyone with Cardinal planets in angular houses, like you, is bound to be restless and active. Capricorn and Saturn (both prominent and angular in this chart) are “perfectionists.” They tend to want it (whatever it is) perfect, or to do it to perfection, or they will have no part of it. So, please, do not put off your greater life plans until all the circumstances seem “ideal.” That is not going to happen. It doesn’t happen to any of us. We set our sights and go for it. Capricorn goes step by step in a methodical manner, like the tortoise in the tortoise and hare tale.

Your progressed Sun has recently gone into Pisces; so, you may have noticed feeling more distracted or scattered than you did in prior years, or more sentimental and mystical, poetic, artistic.

Q: I was born 1 October 1970 at 9H35, in Gauteng (Johannesburg) in South Africa. Early on in my life I was a very different person to who I am today, and recently I found out that I am indeed capable of moving from one extreme to the other. The scary part is that one day I would like to be able to settle down, but I can’t! In my stars, is there any sign that this will ever happen ( I mean a change within me!)

Pretty boring question, but it really worries me, as it seems I am destined to sway around….

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: In progressing your chart, I noted you may have gone through a major shift at around age 19-20 (Venus went retrograde by progression at that time).

You have a narrow chart with all the planets contained within a wide sextile (60 degrees) between Mars at 17 Virgo and Neptune at 28 Scorpio. Only Saturn in Taurus is a singleton and makes a trine to Mars and an opposition to Venus and Neptune. A narrow chart often indicates a person with a specific or specialized mission in life. The Saturn could help give great focus and clarity as well as sustained effort, if it is not denied, repressed or projected.

Your progressed chart shows progressed Moon in Sagittarius on the natal Ascendant. Transiting Pluto is there as well. These indicate major personality changes. Your Sun and Mercury have gone into Scorpio (you already have 3 other planets there natally – Jupiter, Venus and Neptune – and still there). This is intensely concentrated energy and Scorpio is the sign of extremes.

Your natal Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Uranus and Moon in Virgo/Libra (within a semi-sextile or 30 degrees) indicate much restlessness until the life purpose is found, then concentration on pursuing that purpose.

I guess I should have asked, “What do you mean by ‘settling down?’ ” You will likely always be a very high energy person. Is that bad, in your opinion?

You have Sun, Uranus, Mercury natally in Libra, the sign of balance (or unbalance). Most Libras lives are lived on a teeter-totter — up and down — and Scorpios live on a roller coaster.

When it gets to be too much, go do your Saturn in Taurus (old stick in the mud) singleton for a while. That should help “ground ” you.

Follow-up: Thank you – I will read the article! I am very impressed with your accuracy. In fact one chart that I got off the internet actually solved one of my questions in life about my slightly off beat personality ( to put it mildly!!!) I was also quite lucky to have a daughter born who seems to be quite in tune with my wackiness!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

I cannot thank you enough for your help, it really has made a difference in my life and I also feel much more positive!!

Q: I was wondering if you can help me. I was born in Budapest Hungary April 9th 1974 at 3.40am. I have had a life so far which would put a Danielle Steel novel to shame, especially when it comes to relationships. I’m now realizing I’m entering my Saturn return years, and am about to head back to Europe for at least a year, and I will be in Budapest when my Saturn return happens. I’m petrified. Does this make it extra strong for want of a better word? I’ve been putting all my energies into my work (photography) but still feel like I’m just drifting and that fate happens to me and not me to it. What, if anything, can I do to give myself more focus? Is this a temporary thing or a life long thing? I’m scared that I’m leaving by myself and after finishing my degrees and cutting a career in half I’m leaving into oblivion again. What do my charts say about this? Does it indicate a change in life? How can I balance so many Pisces planets in my chart without having emotional breakdowns every step of the way? Id appreciate any help or advice……..Thank you in advance.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: The first Saturn return really marks our initiation into adulthood. Often we go back into the past, usually mentally and emotionally, to tie up loose ends. In your case, you are choosing to travel physically back to a place from your past. Your chart indicates your early home life was very difficult and not at all happy (South Node, Mars and Saturn in the 4th house). I see nothing to be fearful of in doing this. It will most likely be a healing experience that will free you to go on into your future adulthood.

You have Moon and Neptune both as singletons in your chart. This indicates you are very imaginative and impressionable. Photography is a very appropriate outlet for these energies. But, combined, they can give a feeling of “just drifting.” I suspect you live more in your Moon (Scorpio) and Neptune (Sagittarius) than in your Aries Sun. Your chart does indicate a lot of restless energies, but I believe if you lived more in your Sun you would find direction. The Sun symbolizes life purpose, the sense of individuality and internationality. It is the ability to define oneself as an individual and declare one’s intentions or conscious goals in life. Aries is a pioneer, believes in “me, first and foremost,” and feels “got to be me!” Going off by yourself on this trip is a very Aries thing to do, especially so since your progressed Ascendant is in Aries now. Your progressed Sun and Mercury are in Taurus; so you probably feel more grounded at this time. You have just experienced a progressed Lunar return (your progressed Moon is in Scorpio, just past your natal Moon’s position) and are coming up on a Saturn return. That signifies “going home,” and “going back to the past.” And you are literally going to do that. It sounds like you are on the right track even if it feels scary. The only advice is, stay clear about your intentions and goals in life.

Follow-up: Thank you so much for your response. I have a real foreboding feeling about this trip and needed someone to tell me that I’m doing the right thing or at least am on the right track. And you’re right, I definitely need to live more in my ‘sun’ Aries then all of my other planets (I suspect Pisces). I found the singleton articles fascinating on your page. I’ve never heard of this before but have definitely have experienced them to the point where I thought I was going crazy. I can definitely “see” inside peoples heads sometimes, and can feel what they’re thinking as you described in one of the articles. Thank you so much for taking the time and the effort to answer!!

PS: It is so fantastic to read a site dedicated to the psychology of astrology. So many people can’t see the healing powers astrology can have, or to be able to overcome obstacles in life simply by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. And also on the plus side having a cheat sheet really on people around you, and not going through life blaming people for their actions, but being able to forgive, forget and most of all understand why they react the way they do. I read a quote once that said, “learn your lessons fast, and move on”, and astrology I think is the perfect aid or tool to help you understand this. I honestly believe that we are here to grow and learn, and it gives us some sort of an anchor when life honestly just has us on our knees crying “why?”. Thank you for such and interesting and informative site!!!!

Q: What can you tell me about my relationship with my boyfriend? I’ve been told that my Saturn on his Ascendant is a bonding karmic aspect. My birth data: – July 11, 1971, 12:20 p.m. Baku, Azerbaijan – His – October 19, 1972, 19:41 p.m. Riverside, California.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: First off, your boyfriend has many planets in Libra and you have a Cancer Sun and Venus. His Uranus squares your Sun — that can be exciting but is highly unstable. His Pluto squares your Venus — uh oh! That’s hypnotically attractive and highly manipulative. Your Moon is conjunct Mars (like Moon in Aries) while his is in Pisces opposed Venus; that does not say much positive for emotional compatibility. He wants a woman who is empathetic, soft, dutiful and docile. You are an independent and assertive woman. While your Sun does trine his Moon that usually means that your inner man (that you may not manifest as a woman) agrees with his inner woman (which he many not manifest because he’s a man). But — his Moon in Pisces is the most elevated planet in his chart (10th house) and in square aspect to Saturn in the 1st (that’s like Moon in Capricorn, not good in a man’s chart). I am afraid you have been mislead thinking your Saturn on his Asc. is “a bonding karmic aspect” — it is more like a BINDING (in the uncomfortable sense of the word) karmic aspect. The thing about Saturn aspects between charts is that they indicate the relationship will be long-lasting and you have to endure it (Saturn concepts). It does not mean it is cozy, comfy and happy! Sun conjunct the South Node in synastry may indicate a past (life) connection where you were the boss, father, husband, etc. There are probably a few debts to be paid or ends to tie up in this life with this person. With your Moon/Mars conjunction and a Mars ruled 7th house, you may like relationships where there is passion, even heated arguments. He has a mutable T-Cross with Saturn at the apex and the outlet in his 7th house. He will likely project his difficulties on other people (you) and blame them (you) for everything that is wrong with the relationship. “You do that! or, You make me do that!” He may need to learn to take personal responsibility for his feelings. I sense there may be something sneaky (Neptune in Sag. in the 7th house with a Scorpio cusp) ) about the way he handles relationships. Your Mercurys are square (yours in straightforward, dramatic Leo and his in subtle, manipulative Scorpio); so communication is likely to be a challenge. You two are “not on the same page” as they say. I believe good communication is essential to a good relationship. Think long and hard before making a legally binding commitment of this relationship.

Q: Can you tell me if there’s anything positive about transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Moon? I feel like my fingers are stuck in an electric outlet for all the duration of that transit. I have a transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter coming up, I read that it helps tremendously with a healing process, but at the same time Uranus is gonna hit my natal Moon the second time with Chiron opposing my natal Venus once again. Will it overwrite the Jupiter transit? My birth time is July 11 1971, Baku, Azerbaijan. Anxiously waiting for your reply. Thank you and best regards.

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Uranus transiting over the natal Moon can have several different correlations, or “effects.” It is an opportunity to become detached and objective about one’s emotional feelings, one’s relationships with mother and one’s own children or creative works. It can bring inspiration and awakening. It can also bring emotional surprises or shocks as well has health issues such as insomnia and muscle spasms. When it happened to me (my Moon is in the 10th), I experienced clearer insight into many things and some “ah! ha!” sudden realizations. My sister, however, was jolted into an awareness that her son (her Moon is in the 5th) was not the person she thought and actually had a mental/emotional disorder that required medication. Transiting Jupiter is indeed trining your natal Jupiter and is transiting your 10th house of career. That should bring opportunities in your career and perhaps a larger income. You have to remember that there is natal square between Moon and Jupiter; and, so, you may have to put forth (square) some effort to achieve the opportunities. Whenever Jupiter contacts another planet by aspect, it tends to increase, amplify, expand the qualities of that planet, in your case, the Moon. Uranus in Aquarius is also squaring natal Jupiter — that is a big urge to break free from a current situation or state of mind. Or, as you say it seems like having your fingers stuck in an electric outlet, it makes the sensation of shock (Uranus rules electricity & Jupiter is lots of it) more exaggerated than usual. Uranus will not be off your Moon until February of 2003. With outer planets, it is best not to resist them. If sudden changes happen, let it be, “go with the flow.” However earthshaking Uranus may be, one is usually better off after having gone through the transit. By the way, you have natal Uranus right on your Ascendant, so you must be rather used to this high voltage energy.

Q: First of all, let me congratulate you for a well put together site and the valuable information and time you share with us. My question is: what does it means to have a planet on a 29 degree angle? Why is it called a Critical Degree? Thanks, and I look forward to your insight!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: A planet at 29 degrees of any sign is considered critical because it has finished transiting through the sign in which it is posited and about to enter then next sign. It has a Neptunian/Piscean flavor — nebulous, confused, “shaky.” It is like a person walking from one room to the other and about to step over the threshold. If you are at the door of your house and about to step out are you in the house or outside? Technically you are in the house (sign), but all you attention is focused on the outside. The Zero degree of any sign is also a critical degree because it is so newly in its sign, it may be overeager in its expression. It has a Mars/Aries flavor — it is like a child who as just been let out of the house to go play; it just goes running off.

I believe the term is really “anaretic degree” (anareta comes from Greek and means “destroyer”). It comes from a tradition in horary astrology in which it is considered a “death” degree, and whatever the planet signifies is greatly weakened or destroyed.

To give an example of how the 29th degree works in mundane astrology, we have only to recall our last presidential election. It was held on Nov. 7, 2000. Mercury was Retrograde, about to go on station Direct. It had got to the middle of Scorpio before going Retrograde and on election day had gone back into Libra at 29 degrees. The following day it went direct and back into Scorpio. The election literally “hung in the balance” (Libra) for weeks, and then it was settled in courts (Libra). There is still suspicion of underhanded manipulation (Scorpio) in the handling of Florida votes. It turned out not to be so much an election but a “selection.” Very shaky, that 29th degree!

In a natal chart, a planet at 29 degrees will very soon progress into the next sign. So a child born with a 28-29 degree Sun in, say, Cancer, will have the Sun progress into Leo in very early childhood or late infancy. He or she will likely manifest more Leonian traits for the next thirty years (until it progresses into Virgo). There may be ego or identity issues and problems as well.

Q: I kicked my ex-boyfriend out two years ago. I believe he was still drinking alcohol when I did. We recently started talking as friends. When I asked him if he was still drinking then, he said no. But when I read my tarot cards that I am trying to learn, they told me that he was, but he still claims that he wasn’t. Is he right or am I?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: I am an astrologer, not a psychic or tarot reader. To answer your question with astrology I would need your birth data (day, month, year, time am or pm, and place) and your boyfriend’s.

Q: I currently face a very difficult decision. I just got offered a lucrative job on the other side of country, and uncharacteristically, I have caught in a tormenting state of the analytic vs. instinctual. I have been weighing the positive negative features of this particular move and talking about till I am blue in the face, and I am no closer to a resolution. It means giving up a lot on a personal level, but I have been struggling with a bad job market in my field for the last year, so I am caught in a bind of pleasure vs. duty (my Saturn/Venus conjunction?) on a variety of levels. This is definitely an ongoing pattern of my life. I also noted that I have a large group of planets in transit through my 12th house. I do not have any conclusions drawn about this, but wonder if it is contributing to my feeling of either/or as well as deep hesitation. Do you have any thoughts on the significance of this or drastic life change?

DOB: January 12, 1964 5:12PM Winnipeg, Canada

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Both your natal chart and Solar Return chart show very good career potential, with Jupiter as a singleton in fire signs at the top of both charts. By now Mars and Jupiter (in late Cancer) are transiting over your natal Ascendant and going into your first house. They will soon change signs and go into Leo. By 7/15 Mars will be in Leo and on 8/2 Jupiter goes into Leo. You should be feeling more energetic and enthusiastic very shortly and be ready to make a move.

By progression, your Sun and Mars have just entered Pisces, and are at 0 degrees of that sign. Your progressed Moon is at 29 degrees Taurus and about to go into Gemini. The 0 degree is a beginning degree. It is time to start some new ways of expressing yourself and your life purpose (Sun) as well as using your energies (Mars) in a new way. The 29th degree is a finishing degree. Taurus is “rooted.” When the Moon progresses into Gemini (very soon) you will want to be on the move again.

From the charts, it looks like you should take the job. I am sure you will feel much more like doing so in the very near future.

Q: My friend forwarded me your email address with high recommendations, exclaiming that your read was right on and gave excellent insights. Unlike my friend, I am not a budding astrologer. I occasionally read my horoscope, have looked at my chart, and my friend has also given his insight into a few aspects about my chart.

First I’ll give you the basic information about myself. I was born on June 18, 1971 at 8:20 pm.

So, what is my question? I actually have two, work and relationship. I am a humanities teacher, and just finished my first year at a new school. It was a roller-coaster year for work, constantly not feeling like I can live up to the expectations I set for myself in my career. Now that school is out for the summer I am wanting to revise my curriculum, but am finding that each time I attempt to begin “the work” I seek some distraction. My question is fairly general… what is going on with work?

Another aspect in my life is relationship: family, spiritual, romantic, and friends. Recently, many of the decisions I have made have been focused on trying to ground these relationships in honesty and openness, but they all seem to be in some sort of holding pattern. Maybe I am being too open and need to be more decisive which has always been a challenging balance for me in relationships.

Looking forward to seeing what you see!

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: Your natal chart, with four major planetary energies (Sun, Mercury – ruler of the Sun sign – Venus and Saturn) in Gemini in the 6th house of job and the 7th house of close relationships and public relations, indicates most of your life revolves around communication, interpersonal interaction and public relations. With Sun and Mercury in the 7th, there is a “Libra” flavor. Libra and the 7th are all about balance (or out of balance) between self and others. No wonder you have always found “a challenging balance” regarding relationships, especially since Sun/Mercury squares Pluto (intensity, power). This indicates the possibility of subtle (or not so
subtle) power struggles of a verbal or ideological nature.

The natal chart indicates an unusual personality, for it has three singleton planets: Jupiter in Scorpio together with Neptune in Sagittarius indicating a wonderful, vast imagination (or, negatively, wildly overblown expectations) and Uranus (the “awakener,” genius, “odd ball”) in the 9th house of ideology, law, higher education, religion and foreign matters. (You might check out the Articles section and read my Singleton articles on your three singleton planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune).

Saturn (responsibility) is on the 6th (job) cusp, indicating you take your job very seriously. Venus is in the 6th — you like or love your job, and to work and be of service. Your Sun and its ruler, Mercury, are together on the 7th house cusp — life purpose is communication (including teaching) with others, relationships both personal and public.

I had to do a Solar Return (a chart for your birthday this year) to see why you were feeling unmotivated about your work. The SR chart is in effect until your birthday in 2003. Saturn (duty, responsibility, depression) is on the Ascendant (the part of the chart that represents you), so you are being too hard on yourself. Saturn tends to say, “If I cannot do it to perfection, I won’t do it at all!” Saturn is in Gemini and Gemini is easily distracted. So you sit down to make work plans (Saturn), then stare at the sky, weed the garden, run to the post office — anything else but work. The Sun is also in the first house, so you want to “shine” and be recognized and acknowledged for your abilities, but fear you won’t be. Lighten up on yourself! Look for ways to make the work and life in general more fun and interesting.

Your natal chart has a Sagittarius Ascendant, and Sag. can sometimes suffer “foot in mouth disease,” that is, being too blunt for some people. Examples: my tennis partner said, “Oh, you have new tennis shoes! I never realized your feet were so big; what size do you wear, 10, 11?” I thought it was funny. But a Sagittarius man friend was quite puzzled when his girlfriend wouldn’t speak to him for over a week. They had spent the night together and the first thing he said to her in the morning was, “What’s wrong with your face? You look like a cabbage patch doll!” She was not amused!

Honesty is very wonderful, especially when tempered with diplomacy. The man could have kept his silence, kissed her forehead and waited for her to put on her makeup before saying, “Wow, you look like a doll!” (Cabbage patch part omitted.)

Back to your natal chart and the current transits (where the planets are right now). There is one coming up which will correlate with major changes in your self-image. This will happen in a year or so and go on for quite a few years; a long process of transformation and change. You may already be feeling it. When this has happened to others know they may go through role changes or physical changes, certainly psychological changes. One man’s wife was promoted into a very high paying job. He decided to take a part-time job a day or two a week and stay home to care for the children and be a “househusband.” Another woman went in for cosmetic surgery to get a whole new face. Several people went on serious weight loss programs and were successful; old friends did not recognize the thin people! Another woman moved to another state and started a new life. Of course, when one’s role in life changes or one’s appearance transforms, everything else changes, too.

Best of luck and hope this helped to clarify.

Q: I just found your site while browsing the net and I found it pretty interesting. Could you tell me what is the latitude and longitude of the place Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, India?

A: by Eleanor Buckwalter: There is a listing in my International Atlas (both hard copy and on astrology chart program) for Bokaro, India. I don’t know if this is the same place; is Bokaro Steel City a relative new place in the last 5 years? The coordinates for Bokaro, India are: 23N51, 86E02.

Q: You recently did a brief reading for a friend of mine. Your insight was amazing and so I am hoping you can help me find some clarity. I am currently in transition–about to look at a new job that offers opportunity but not as much money as my current where I am unhappy. The second transition is trying to bring closure to a relationship with someone that I have known most of my life, lost track of, and who reappeared over the last two years. It became clear to me recently that the current circumstances were not conducive for a healthy relationship for me. I guess my question is whether the professional change is the direction I should move, and how do I come to terms with the fact that I keep seeming to be in relationships where I give more than what I get—I know its about my Cancer moon, but how do I learn to control it or contain it so that the decisions I make about relationships work for me, nurture me? Thank you!

April 2, 1952, Chic

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