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Asteroid Chiron

Chiron is often referred to as the Rainbow Bridge because he orbits between Saturn, which represents tradition and what we think is “reality” and the planet, Uranus, which represents revolution and foresight. Its orbit is approximately 50 years. At either an individual or a corporate Chiron return, individuals and businesses undergo a profound metamorphosis. Joyce Mason, a known authority on Chiron says, “Chiron is like Pluto, except it leads you more gently”. It is a comet, discovered in 1977, during the beginning of the holistic health movement and coincided with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross presenting a new concept of death and dying.

Chiron mythology

Chiron is a complex archetype. He is both isolated and social. He is a centaur, half human and half horse, born of the union between Cronos and a mortal nymph, Philyra. He is a maverick and an anarchist. However, unlike his fellow centaurs, he is unusually intelligent, perceptive, and sensitive. He also is wild and in this way similar to his fellow centaurs.

His lustiness and the ability to tear flesh indicate a strong split within the personality of Chiron, creating a hybrid. Wherever he is placed in your chart is where you experience maverick or unresolved views, which may plague you until your 50th year at which time it offers you the tremendous wisdom of seeing beyond the shackles of your mind to invent a methodology that works for you or your company.

According to Melanie Reinhart6, Chiron was rejected by his mother and abandoned by his father. In some versions of the myth, he was adopted and raised by Apollo. Regardless, his early youth is spent alone in the cave in which he discovers and refines new ideas and thoughts. Chiron has many questions, which can only be answered in solitude, in a “cave” experience. His process is similar to that of Jesus in the desert. When Chiron emerges from his cave, he emerges with new views and new solutions that come after the experience of isolation. This specific knowledge is what separates him as a force with which to be reckoned. Apollo, who befriends Chiron, is a patron of medicine.

Chiron, also known as Asklepius in some circles, became one of the greatest of mythical healers. He taught his craft to others and became a mentor for the children of the Gods such as Hercules, encouraging their special gifts and talents. In one of the stories he is wounded in the ankle while witnessing a wedding in which the other centaurs come down from the hills marauding the wedding guests. Hercules’ many arrows, all dipped in the blood of the Hydra, inadvertently pierce the ankle of Chiron and though Chiron is able to heal everyone else, he in the end is powerless to help himself. Hence, the often given name of the “wounded healer”.

Because he is half-God and only half-mortal he cannot die. He continues to help others while trying to find a cure for his own pain. In horoscopes, Chiron seems to be strongly placed in the charts of foster caregivers, adoptive parents, and those working in the healing arts or in hospice situations. He is found active in times of individual and corporate transitions the times when major decisions can create life or death situations, similar to the nature of Pluto.

Taking the example of foster care providers or consultants, this concept is an alternative to the traditional family. It is alien to nature. However, through time it has always been an alternative that fits neither here nor there in terms of traditional expectations. There is a great deal of pain involved in placing youth with those that are not their parents. Sometimes the situation does not work. In general, it is an alternative way to deal with troubled families. It requires a new thinking for not only the children, but for their birth parents that may continue to participate in the life of the child, while someone else raises their child. It is an alternative that many times works because it gives space to the families to work on their problems. Granted that the system isn’t perfect, but it is a hybrid concept in terms of families.

Because Chiron lived in two worlds, the world of mortality and the world of divine possibility, the struggle is always in that part of the horoscope to come up with a way of living that best suits that placement. Because there is a very high intelligence associated with Chiron, its placement in either an individual chart or a corporate chart indicates that there can be some unique insights coming out of you, the individual, in that area of your chart or in that area of your company’s chart, which offers solutions not derived from traditional models.

When found in a horoscope at a prominent position, the individual might be a healer – either emotionally, physically, intellectually, or spiritually. This interpretation may be a corporate consultant who comes into a troubled company. The Chiron personality knows exactly what the company needs to do and suggests the changes, but may in fact, be unable to keep track of marketing his own practice or not be paid for his or her services accordingly. It can be a holistic practitioner who ventured into the world of holistic health because of an ongoing health problem and whose search for a cure moved him or her beyond the limits of traditional allopathic medicine.

The same can be said of drug or alcohol counselors who experienced trauma in youth with an alcoholic parent and end up counseling alcoholics as an adult or, they may themselves be recovering alcoholics, drug users or overeaters who altered their habits. If natal Chiron highly aspects the major personal planets,particularly the squares, conjunctions, and oppositions and involves, the Sun or Moon which sometimes represents the parents, the individual may struggle to heal their relationships with their father or mother in adulthood.

The Chironic person exhibits a unique intelligence at a young age and this awareness and sensitivity can trigger an early wounding. This wounding is a necessary experience for their future work in the world. Following are two charts, one a chiropractor who experienced a severe eating disorder in her youth and as an adult specializes in nutritional studies. Note the seventh house Chiron squaring natal Venus in Aries in the tenth. Venus rules the fourth, home family, security issues. The second chart is that of a foster cares consultant who places young people in foster care due to serious dysfunctions in their birth homes. This individual, too, had a difficult, neglected childhood running the streets at a young age. This individual witnessed friends die young because of violence on the streets in the neighborhoods in which he grew up. (See Illustrations 17 and 18).

Where Chiron transits a company chart the area experiences a crisis, which on the surface may appear to be tragic, but is what is needed to heal or revise the situation. This situation is triggered by a crisis similar to the Pluto transit. Where Chiron is placed in a company chart is the same as the experience for the individual. This is an area of weakness, the weak ankle of the company and needs continual attention and support.

In summary, Chiron represents a merging of “the intuitive and the instinctual”, as stated by Joyce Mason, a Chiron specialist. When this split is healed, the individual or the company is able to be who they truly came here to be and no longer feel alienated or rejected. They take their place in the world as new thinkers when they have moved past the confinement of their own judgments.

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Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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