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How to Use AstroCartoGraphy for Gambling Success

How to Use AstroCartoGraphy for Gambling Success

$11,000 ON A $1 SLOT MACHINE

“Oh, by the way, Jim, I just got back from Las Vegas, and tried out your suggestion regarding my ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY map,” she said with almost studied indifference. I had telephoned “Shirley” about another matter, and had forgotten our meeting several months before at an astrological conference.

“Oh, really,” I said, assuming that at this point I was about to hear a complaint about how she hadn’t become instantaneously rich and famous. “What happened?”

“Well, ” she said, sounding quite modest about it, “I won $11,000 on a $1 slot-machine.”

“You did what?!”

“Yes,” she said, “and I’d only been playing ten minutes…”

* * * * *

As with any event, there is quite a bit of background to this one, and in order to understand Shirley’s good fortune, and how astrology guided her, we will have to explain a bit about how “serious” astrology works.

Sun-sign astrology may be fine as far as it goes. True, if you are typical of your Sun sign, the forecasts appearing in magazines like this one can guide you in a general way, but if you know many other people of the same sign as yourself, you’ve observed that among them there is great variation. “Serious” astrology deals not only with the month of your birth, but also the year, day, hour, minute, and location as well. Your individual horoscope is like no other, as unique and characteristic as your face or fingerprint. It not only identifies the astronomical location of the Sun in your birth moment, but that of the Moon and eight planets as well, and places them in a context of the signs of the zodiac and a framework of local “houses.”

Relationships between the planets and to the horizon and meridian at your moment of birth are then analyzed, and deductions are made about your personality, potential and basic nature. Additional information can be gleaned by noting the positions of the planets at the present time, and comparing them to the “natal horoscope”; it is from the relationship between the planets at birth and the present that astrologers make their forecasts. Your location is also important, for by moving a significant distance away from your birthplace, the balance of emphasis in the natal chart is changed, bringing new factors into prominence and lessening the significance of others.

Locality Astrology

I have long specialized in this last dimension of astrology – the locational – and have created a system that shows at a glance the factors in your natal potential that would be accented or emphasized should you journey to a distant location.

Relocational astrology’s basic maxim states that when you move to a location significantly distant from your birthplace, you experience the natal horoscope that you would have had if you’d been born there. If you know where it is that you’re moving to, all the astrologer has to do is recalculate your chart as if you’d been born in the new location. But what if you don’t know where you’re going, or are looking for a location that will emphasize specific astrological potentials, such as gambling success? Astro*Carto*Graphy makes such choices possible by plotting lines across a map of the world, showing at which locations certain planets were most powerful at the moment of your birth. All places at which the Sun, for example, was rising when you were born lie along a line, and this line would be computer-plotted on your personal map and labeled SU ASC (“Sun Ascendant”).

The underlying theory asserts that a planet is strongest where it was either rising, setting, straight overhead (in the “Midheaven”), or straight down (“on the IC”) in astrological language, at your birth moment; if Venus happened to be sitting on the western horizon in San Antonio when you were born, that area (and any other along the VE DSC line) would be one of the best for matters of Venus’s concern: love relationships, harmony, accumulation of material goods, etc.

The accompanying example shows you what it looks like when you inscribe lines on a map showing where any planet was powerful at birth, giving you the option of detecting at a glance the type of emphasized activity likely in a given part of the world. So, Astro*Carto*Graphy is a mapping technique (now widely accepted and used among astrologers and the public) that identifies in advance which planet (along with its symbolically allied interests, activities and events) is likely to dominate in a particular region.

Now, assuming that you were trying to pick out an area of the world where your luck at gambling would be exceptional, what should you look for?

Jupiter Bestows Abundance

Jupiter, largest planet of the solar system, has always been associated by astrologers with good luck, expansiveness, optimism and success. Seen popularly at the “Santa Claus of the zodiac,” its place in your natal horoscope identifies in which life areas your best luck lies. (If you have Jupiter in Cancer at birth, try real estate; if Sagittarius, foreign investment; etc.).

If Jupiter was powerfully placed in your horoscope at birth, you tend to be lucky, mostly because you believe that you deserve to be. Remember the abundance-conjurers’ mantra: “I deserve good luck.” Jupiter people are lucky because they believe they deserve to be; inwardly, they see themselves as superior persons, better than average, more valuable and moral. Now, while this attitude may have some social disadvantages (like when they try to convince you that they deserve that last piece of cake more than you do), it encourages spectacular success in gambling.

Psychologists have long suspected that a positive attitude somehow influences the outcomes of games of chance, as well as other life activieies involving luck. Simply stated, if you expect a miracle, it seems much more likely that you’ll experience one. In keeping with the “self-fulfilling optimism” nature of Jupiter, your luck, then, is apt to be best in as area of the world where Jupiter was powerful, an area crossed by a Jupiter line on your relocation map.

Shirley had attended a lecture that I presented in her home city and, after it was over, had approached me and sweetly asked: “Does what you said about Jupiter apply to this line I have going through Las Vegas?”

I looked, and saw the “JU IC” line on her map a scant 2 degrees away from Las Vegas. “It certainly should.” I replied. “Have you ever been there?”

“Well, yes,” she admitted. “And I did win a few hundred dollars – nothing much.”

“If I were you,” I enthused, “I’d go right back as soon as I could. And I’d try gambling at a time when your transiting Sun or Moon (or better yet both of them) conjoins you natal Jupiter, and in the local Midheaven.”

Apparently, she took my advice.

But why did that advice include the Sun and Moon? Isn’t Jupiter the planet of good fortune?

Yes, but even if you lived right under your Jupiter line, you wouldn’t be phenomenally lucky all the time. Times of good fortune would be those when planets in the present-day, immediate sky (called “transits”) activated the potentials suggested by your natal Jupiter in that location. Since the Sun and Moon are two of the fastest moving planets, it’s easy to find a time when they would activate the natal Jupiter. Of course, better would be picking a time when present-day (transiting) Jupiter or Venus, as well as the Sun and especially the moon, activated natal Jupiter and then pick a time of day when the whole situation was overhead in your gambling location.

Accompanying this article is a horoscope done for the moment of Shirley’s good fortune; you will notice the Moon is in the 9th house (a house naturally ruled by Jupiter), in the 26th degree of Virgo. Shirley’s natal Jupiter is in the 25th degree of Virgo. But the Midheaven degree is most startling: it is 23 degrees of Libra and there, exactly overhead, is transiting Jupiter, conjoining transiting Pluto!

Now what has Pluto got to do with it?

Pluto Defies the Odds

Jupiter has one problem. In its headlong rush to superiority and abundance, it has the unfortunate tendency to follow the herd. After all, this business of being right, and being superior goes back to what other people think, since they are usually the ones who will confer recognition of your being so manifestly deserving. And the problem with following the herd is that if you do win, you have to share it with a lot of others. It’s like playing the odds-on favorite every time. While you will be right more often than not, because everybody else has come to the same conclusion, you won’t winn very much. And the times that the rare, profitable long shots come in, you’ll still be with the herd, only this time you’ll be wrong. So the problem with Jupiter is that it usually takes the safe bets and so doesn’t stand to come out very far ahead.

But Pluto is the planet of the once-in-a-million chance. Garth Allen (the late Donald Bradley) wrote frequently in this magazine of the prominence of Pluto charts of long-shot winners.

One quote will make this very clear:

“Pluto is the planet of the improbable, the defier of odds, the thwarter of the commonplace and the highlighter of the unique. The simplest way to define a Plutonian event is to say that it is the thing which from all appearances and in the normal course of events should not happen.”

It should be clear that linking this significator of exceptionality with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, defines the likelihood of odds-defying good luck.

So, in the event chart for Shirley’s lucky slot-machine adventure, Jupiter and Pluto right at the Midheaven define a moment in which the long-shot players are destined for a jackpot, and the conjunction of the Moon at that time to her natal Jupiter links this generalized influence directly to her own nativity, particularly since she was gambling in one of the locations on Earth where her Jupiter is most powerful.


Uranus is to some extent also a planet of the unique, the exceptional, and the highly individual. Its aspects with Jupiter have also been recognized by astrologers for their likelihood to result in unusual good luck.

You will notice that I have drawn across Shirley’s map a line at the exact latitude of Las Vegas. In Afghanistan, you can see that this line at Las Vegas’ latitude exactly intersects the crossing of two planet’s lines, JU MH and UR DSC. What this means is that at her birth moment, Jupiter and Uranus were both powerful in the locality at which their lines cross, even though they are not in aspect in her natal chart. Moreover, since the Earth rotates, this association of the two planets affects the entire line of latitude at which it occurs on the map, in this case a latitude which includes Las Vegas.

So, in addition to the most important indication of good luck, the Jupiter IC line right nearby, the latitude of Las Vegas is also identified as important by the crossing of the Uranus and Jupiter lines in Afghanistan. Looking farther along the latitude line, we see no other crossing that would contradict such good fortune; the only other one obvious is a crossing of Sun and Moon just off Japan, which, again since the Sun and the Moon are highly personal importance of this latitude.


Summarizing our investigations so far, we have seen that Shirley was gifted at birth with a horoscope that accented good luck in Las Vegas (after all, it wouldn’t do her much good if her JU IC line was in Borneo, would it?) Not only was Jupiter powerful in that location, but Jupiter and Uranus accented the latitude of that city as well. Then, she chose a day when the Moon was touching off the potentials of her natal Jupiter, and the time of day when they were both nearly overhead. (You can find out the daily positions of the planets from a variety of sources, but the best is an astrological almanac for the year called an ephemeris. You may need to do a little map to find a time when the Moon, which moves 12 degrees or so a day, conjoins your Jupiter.) To make sure that it wouldn’t be just a “little” win, she also chose a day when Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct, and gambled when they were overhead – exactly.

Saturn Demands His Commission

There was one problem, however. Shirley didn’t get to keep all her winnings. She had traveled with two friends and, on the plane, all had agreed to share whatever they might win in a common pool, reasoning that this way they could increase their odds. So she kept only one-third of her $11,000 windfall. Does something suggest this turn of events in her charts?

First of all, you can see that on her relocation map, Saturn is not far off from Las Vegas and, with Saturn-ruled Aquarius on her natal 7th house cusp, this planet in her chart is associated with partnerships, other people, contracts, and the like. Since Saturn itself stands for obligations, we shouldn’t be surprised that her good luck has some strings attached. Also in the “event chart” we looked at, early Cancer is on the 7th house cusp and her natal Saturn occupies that sign. So, if we added her natal planets to the “event chart,” in addition to the reigning Jupiter-Pluto in the Midheaven (themselves not so far from Saturn, by the way), we would see her natal Saturn on the 7th house cusp.

Sill, it’s not as if she had a terrible time, and you can just imagine the fun they had dividing up the $11,000 on the plane back to Texas!

In addition to transits (which included Venus conjoining her Sun, and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, exactly squaring her natal Venus) many astrologers determine the nature of a period of time by casting a “lunar return” every month, this being a chart for the moment that the Moon returns to the place it occupied at birth. In calculating such a chart for Shirley’s birth place, natal Venus closely occupied the IC, and a conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, and Mercury closely lie at the Ascendant. (Precession has been added, as it always should be.)

There is a good deal of controversy about whether such lunar returns should be calculated for the residence or the birth place; it seems to take a few days at least for a person to “adjust” astrologically to a new climate, which may be the reason that in this case the birthplace chart is the one that shows the potential for success.

Everyone Wins!

We have concluded, then, that the key planetary pattern for big winning is Juptier allied somehow with the Moon, Uranus, and/or Pluto. It remains to apply this formula to a few other examples to see if it is confirmed.

“Marge” had her Jupiter IC line at New York on her A*C*G map, and the line was crossed by a Pluto rising line. She sent $10 to a friend there and asked her to buy New York State Lottery tickets during a week when Jupiter was returning to the position it held at her birth. Although she didn’t do as well as Shirley, she did win $500.

Billy Carter frequently caused his brother newsworthy problems while the latter was President, but none came close to Billy’s acceptance of a “gift” of many thousands of dollars from the Libyan government. His map shows Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto angular in that country and the combination of both Pluto and Uranus points to the rebellious, non-conforming, and devil-may-care nature of his reaction when questioned about the propriety of accepting such a “friendship gift.”

In Lois Rodden’s American Book of Charts, several charts with verified birth times are given for lucky winners. One among them managed to win $56,000 at keno over a period of several days in Las Vegas, which lies between his Jupiter IC and Pluto Midheaven lines on his map. At the time of his win, transiting Jupiter was between oppositions to his natal Pluto and conjunction to his natal Jupiter.

Both the “Game Show Winner” and “Illinois State Lottery Winner” charts in that book also show both natal linkages between Jupiter and Moon, Pluto, and/or Uranus and transiting activations of those planets for the time of winning.

As is obvious from the above examples, you don’t necessarily have to be physically present to benefit from zones on your A*C*G map. Many people have pointed out that they derive benefits of a Jupiterian nature in absentia from such places. While gambling is one way to capitalize on such zones, if they fall in accessible places, more conservative people might prefer investment or even working for a company whose home office or base of operations lies near their own Jupier areas. The lines on your personal map seem to constitute a matrix of psychological potentials projected onto the terrestrial sphere; any form of contact with the designated area seems to activate that part of the birth potential.

Some years ago, I was bemused when I began to receive “fan Letters” from Guam, a place of whose existence I was only vaguely aware. It turned out that a newspaper article written about me had been sent out over the wires, and had been picked up by only one paper – in Guam, right under my own Jupiter line! (it’s nice to know that you’re important somewhere.)

And this points out a very important qualification for those of you who would rush right out, mortgage the house, and put it all into sweepstakes tickets in the Tasmanian National Lottery. Some people just aren’t destined to win a lot of money. My natal Jupiter is in Gemini, so I get opportunities through written media (like Guamanian newspapers) and, if I really think about it, I’m a lot more interested in knowledge and ideas than money, anyway. Shirley’s Jupiter, on the other hand, was exactly semi-square Pluto at birth, in an Earth (material) sign, and trined to Venus.

Whatever your capacity for Jupiterean success and expansion is, it is likely to be linked in some way with a part of the world where that planet was powerful at your birth, and knowledge of where that locality is, and the simple timing techniques described above, might indeed work to start you off on a new and exciting chapter of recognition and capitalization of your potential.

One thing has struck me in dealing with Shirley, Marge, and several other people who have been able to successfully use astrology to win rather impressive sums of money: none, so far, has ever tried a repeat performance. Maybe more important than money was the recognition that there is a real and comprehensible link between our moment of birth, the universe, and our destinies; once that is tangibly realized, perhaps you don’t need to do it again.

Jim Lewis


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