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Astrological Treasure Map

Have you ever heard of a Treasure Map? Here are the directions: Find a large piece of construction cardboard. (The type you used in school to illustrate your project)

Draw a circle and divide it into the 12 houses of the horoscope. Scroll back to the paragraph where I described the rulership of the houses …. Now find some old magazines and newspapers and cut out pictures of things you want to happen in your life.


In the 3rd house you might put a car or a computer; in the 4th house a new home; in the 9th house an airplane for a trip.

Be sure to paste a picture in each area. If you are artistic you might want to hang it on the wall, but I just put my messy collage on the inside door of my closet.

Each house has plenty of meanings and it is fun to determine which house to place your favorite picture. Michael Munkasey has a well organized book available on Amazon, House Keywords (An Astrological Thesaurus), and Rex E. Bills, The Rulership Book.

You can E mail us if you have a specific question about where to put a specific “I want item”. For example: A perfect hair style would go in the first house. The ‘Get out of Jail Free” card from your old Monopoly game goes in the 12th house.

A client told me that she recently found the Treasure Map she made 10 years ago. She said she was amazed to see that she had accomplished all of the goals represented by the map! Further, she was surprised that she had purchased every thing on her Map down to the exact living room furniture she had pasted on her board.

I was amazed that it took her ten years, my treasure map only took me a year to accomplish, but maybe I had fewer pictures.

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