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Astrology Of Brenda Spencer – Secrets, Lies and Mondays

From Charles Whitman to Columbine, school shootings have confounded the public and bred fear in parents and students. What could possess kids to take such drastic measures—taking the lives of others while ruining their own lives in the process?

brenda spencerOn January 29, 1979, Brenda Spencer, a tiny 16 year old redhead took aim at the elementary school across the street from her San Diego home, killing two adults and injuring nine–eight children and a police officer. When asked about her reasons, she answered, “I don’t like Mondays.”

Brenda’s glib and unremorseful response is chilling and undoubtedly taken into account during parole hearings. Sentenced to 25 years to life, she has been up for parole four times and was turned down each time.

Years later she’d claim to have been on drugs at the time of the shootings and suffering depression caused by sexual abuse perpetrated by her father.

Astrology data of Brenda Spencer

April 3, 1962
7:21 AM
National City, California
Source: Astrodatabank

Brenda Spencer birth-chart

Venus, Brenda’s chart ruler, hides in the 12th house in the 29th degree of fiery Aries. Brenda is a keeper of secrets—who she is, what she loves, her motivations—belong to her alone. Venus trines Uranus, a testament to sudden explosions of passion, creativity, and even perhaps, insanity (I’m not a believer in the inherent “goodness” of trines). Uranus in Leo sits in her 4th house of family, indicating an unsettling home life, but can also be read in Brenda’s 5th house of fun and games. “I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun,” she clarified. Moon in Pisces quincunx Uranus—Spencer is epileptic and prone to breaks with reality. Her admitted drug use certainly didn’t help.

Sun in Aries in the 12th rules Uranus in Leo. Brenda committed her crimes using a rifle given to her by her father. I believe she may be telling the truth about being sexually abuse, though that tragedy does nothing to negate the horror of her actions. The sun shines brightest in Aries, but in Brenda Spencer’s case, it was trapped inside the 12th house receiving a quincunx from Neptune in Scorpio—sick, secretive sex. Mars in Pisces rules Brenda’s Venus and sun in Aries. Saturn—dignified in Aquarius and the 10th house—looks down from the top of her chart, aiding the sun with a sextile, and squaring Neptune.

I doubt the public will ever be able to sift the truth from the lies of this case, but that’s exactly as Brenda Spencer wants it.

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Stephanie Way is a native New Yorker with a healthy interest in astrology, psychology, and true crime. Her Capricorn sun keeps her grounded, while her Aquarius moon pushes her to be open-minded. Her Scorpio Ascendant works through the night, ferreting out life’s mysteries.

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