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Does Astrology Conflict With My Free Will?


We live our lives at the intersection of fate and free will. If we assume that our life is fate-driven then we live at the mercy of our environment . . . a life of resignation, devoid of real hope and possibility. If we think life is merely an expression of our will on the Universe, than we will live a life of arrogance and ignorance.

Astrology gives us the power to mediate our fate and the expression of our free will. How?

By alerting you to times of change so you can make the changes you want rather than have life decide to make the changes for you.

By showing upcoming trends and cycles in your life, so you have the time to consider how these trends will effect you and giving you the time to plan and prepare for them. Astrology might tell you if a career change is impending. But does it mean you’re going to be fired or does it mean you’ll be finding a better job or a new career? Only you have the answers to that question. You have the time to assess your performance at work and to look inside yourself to see if you’re happy with your career. If you’re unhappy, is it affecting your performance? Is it time to look for what you really want to do in life? If you find you’re doing well, it might be the time to figure out how to ask for that raise or promotion.

A fate driven life . . . life happens to you . . . you’ll let yourself get fired . . .

A free will-driven life . . . you might decide to quit your job or ask for a raise at the most inopportune time.

The biggest misconception about Astrology is that if you believe in Astrology, you believe that your life is not your own. That it’s controlled by some impersonal, uncaring, lucky or unlucky, relationship between the stars and the planets.

Just the opposite is true.

Astrology allows you MORE, NOT LESS, control of your own life.

Astrology mediates between fate and free will, allowing you to take advantage of all your opportunities, allowing you to avoid risks and mishaps and to understand your behavior and the behavior of others.

Astrology gives you the power to predict your own future by giving you the power to shape your future.

The gift of astrology, as practiced in the West, is not the exact knowledge of future events, but rather the knowledge of the natural cycles on which these events depend. This provides us with information about tendencies and probabilities which is helpful in daily living. Also, we can then better know how to interpret events in our lives, and in the world at large, as they unfold. Astrology influences life; it does not control life.
— Anonymous

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