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Astrology In Today’s World

Astrology is a paradox in today’s world. Being neither science or religion, it is the proverbial square peg in the round hole. Walk into any corporate board room and describe a system that can accurately forecast personal and business cycles, determine the best time for just about anything, and help you understand your teenagers, and all the white shirts and power ties will be begging to sign on the bottom line. Until someone asks what this new “technology” is called…

As the “A” word fills the room in a mushroom cloud of silence and discomfort, you are whisked from the inner sanctum out to the street in three seconds flat. And yet, if you approach this same group of executives later in the day, say at a cocktail party, they’ll smile and humor you and kid each other about “believing” in that stuff. Why? Because most people seem more comfortable when Astrology is neatly tucked into the box labeled “For Entertainment Only”. But as a full-time Astrologer, I have yet to see anyone sitting across my desk “for entertainment”

This pervasive opinion comes from the simplistic “Sun Sign” columns that can be found in almost any general interest publication. But to judge Astrology by the “Sun Signs” alone would be like judging the entire automobile industry just on the basis of Chevrolet. Sure, a common Chevy gets you from point A to point B, but it hardly shows off what’s really possible.

In fact, Astrology lends an objective view point and sorts through the personal and professional issues that arise in all of our lives. It’s not a system of predicting events but rather predicting conditions and revealing the cycles that affect everyone at one time or another.]

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