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The Astrology Of Karen Robidoux – Starved Her Child for God

As I’ve been busily compiling a database of women accused of killing their children, the Karen Robidoux case grabbed my attention because unlike mothers who kill because of escalating abuse, financial gain, or callous neglect, Robidoux’s son Samuel died because of the orders handed down by an Attleboro cult called the Body.

Horoscope and astrology data of Karen Robidoux

9:14 PM
Attleboro, Massachusetts

Karen Robidoux natal-chart

Karen RobidouxThe Moon shows how we give and receive nurturing, and Karen’s moon in Aquarius sits high in her Saturn-ruled 10th house. Moon in Aquarius could be indicative of an unusual home or a different way of mothering.

According to several reports, Karen was viewed as a “baby machine” (moon in Aquarius) and “the goat” (Capricorn MC) of the sect. Her moon opposes her debilitated 4th-house Saturn in Cancer and squares Uranus in Scorpio in the 6th house. Karen’s daily activities, her work and worth and hinged on her ability to be a good mother (moon-Saturn-Uranus T-square).

Venus in Leo, ruler of Karen’s Taurus ascendant, nests comfortably in the 5th house of children, and trines Jupiter in Aries in the 12th house. But Venus and Jupiter are retrograde, warping or hiding many of the planets’ principles. Karen had five children in all, but at the time of baby Samuel’s death, two of her children lived with their fathers and two younger children had been placed for adoption.

Venus’ trine to Jupiter may seem less than worrisome, as trines are aspects of “ease,” but my studies tell me that “easy” doesn’t always mean “good.” It was far too easy for lonely, isolated Karen to allow the cult to take over her life (Jupiter in Aries in the 12th).

Jupiter is quincunx Karen’s Virgo sun, her only earth sign. People tend to either deny their singletons or allow them to take over. In Karen’s case, I believe she chose the latter. Her 5th house Sun in Virgo was the dutiful worker bee, completely immersing herself into the groups’ aims, while silently watching her child waste away.

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Stephanie Way is a native New Yorker with a healthy interest in astrology, psychology, and true crime. Her Capricorn sun keeps her grounded, while her Aquarius moon pushes her to be open-minded. Her Scorpio Ascendant works through the night, ferreting out life’s mysteries.

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