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Astrology of the Shadow – The 7th House

Carl Jung is, in my opinion, the father of modern day astrology. He wrote in a letter to Professor B.V. Raman that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call projected – this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations.

This originally gave rise to the idea that these factors derive from the stars, whereas they are merely in a relation of synchronicity with them.

Carl Jung also said:

‘I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth…I must say that I have very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.”

Surviving the Dark Days

Carl Jung’s theories of projection and reflection saved my marriage. During the darkest days of my relationship with my now husband of thirty years, I learned that his behavior and betrayal was ‘created’ by me to see the dark projected shadow side of myself. It was difficult to see and even harder to believe but I learned and transformed.

In the book, Discovering Your Soul Mission, How to Use Karmic Astrology to Create the Life You Want, I wrote:

“All significant relationships provide us with information about our blind spots. Jung thought that the more deeply we repress our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, the more intensely we create them out side of ourselves as conflict and chaos. We will attract another person to show us precisely what we don’t consciously know about ourselves.”

Michael did just that.

Astrological Projection and Reflection

Projection and shadow astrologyI believe that Carl Jung’s astrological insights were the foundations of his psychological theories with projection and reflection being the one that was crystallized by Saturn’s journey through Libra.

Take a look at a natural chart with Aries rising on the cusp of the first house and Libra descending on the seventh house. Aries is the natural ruler of the first house and Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house.

Aries and the first house answer questions on the following life issues:

• What is the essence of my personality? • How do I fulfill my personality’s potential? • How do I effectively honor my individualized self? • What are my attitudes about myself? • What impact could my personality have on others? • What karmic issues have created my physical body? • What karmic memories would keep me from being healthy and fit? • How would a more effective self aid me in carrying out my soul’s work?

Libra and the seventh house answers questions on the following life issues

• How can I seek balance and harmony in my relationships? • How can I better understand the reflections others show me? • How can I best learn to cooperate with others? • How do I inspire and aid others in their self-growth? • What relationship patterns provide me karmic balance? • What soul contracts do I have in the areas of marriage and partnerships? • How can I identify a soul-mated relationship?

Embracing the Shadow

These signs and houses are inherently oppositional experiences.

Aries is about me and what I need to know about my selfness and Libra is about my relationship with others. Aries is more understood by me and Libra is more projected into others.

For example, I have Aquarius rising in the first house of Aries. I know the me that is unique, introverted, different and independent. I am not as aware of the Leo that lives in my seventh. Because I am unconscious about Leo energy, I project that into the seventh house of relationship. I have “created” many relationships with amazingly similar Leo patterns – ego-centric, dramatic, childish, disloyal and arrogant. These behaviors did not fit into my conscious understanding of me, but they were all me. I began to heal when I recognized my projected self. I forgave Michael for his transgressions because they were also my own.

Understanding my seventh house and all of the projections that it contained became my personal quest for many years. We all need to become responsible and focus our attention on our seventh house. and integrating those energies into our conscious understanding of our self – the first house. This brings balance and harmony into our lives.

Walking the Seventh House

I would help you walk through your seventh house to find this inner balance.

The first step is to have your astrological chart prepared. You need to know the sign on the cusp of that house as well as any planets that are located there. (I would be happy to provide this information is you send me your date, time and place of birth).

Once you have that information you will need to look at projected attitudes and behaviors that symbolize this sign… I have divided astrological energies into two columns the left side which are words that tend to be more understood and positive, and the right side words that are projected and more challenging. Check those words that cause an emotional reaction in you.

Now write down problematic behaviors in all of the relationships that you have had. I bet that you will see powerful correlations between them. You are now the common denominator in all of them and it is you that have projected your negative behavior patterns onto them.

Zodiac Signs Keywords
    • Aries

Activity, Assertive, Competitive, Confident, Creative, Deals with anger, Dynamic, Independent, Lives in present, Loves new beginnings, Physical, Pioneer, Quick, Risk-taker, Self-aware, Takes action
Abusive, Arrogant, Combative, Domineering, Easily bored, Impatient, Impulsive, Intolerant, Lacks follow-through, Me first, No follow through, Quick-tempered, Reckless, Self-absorbed, Selfish, Violent

    • Taurus

Artistic, Builders, Conservative, Dependable, Earthy, Finisher, Loyal, Patient, Practically creative, Security oriented, Sensual, Slow and steady, Stability, Values self, Domestic, Thorough
Argumentative, Fearful of change, Greedy, Jealousy, Lazy, Materialistic, Obsessively needs security, Obstinate, Over possessiveness, Self-indulgent, Stingy, Stubborn, Stuck, Slow-moving, Possessive, Opinionated

    • Gemini

Adaptable, Alert, Bright, Clever, Cognitive, Communicative, Curious, Dexterous, Duality, Expressive, Quick-witted, In the now, Information gather, Literary, Inventive, Congenial, Versatility, Writer
Changeable, Detached, Gossipy, Hard to relax, Impatient, Impracticable, Inconsistent, Lacking in follow-through, Lost in the now, Moody, Overly talkative, Restless, Ungrateful, Scheming, Lacking in concentration, Scattered, Superficiality, Unfocused

    • Cancer

Devoted to family, Emotional, Good memory, Home-loving, Intuitive, Loyal, Maternal, Patriotic, Protective, Sensitivity, Sentimental, Supportive, Sympathetic, Traditional, Tenacious, Domestic, Retentive, Helpful
Clings to past, Hypersensitive, Indulgent, Insecure, Manipulative, Moody, Pathetic, Possessive, Selfish, Smothering, Touchy, Unpredictable, Withholding, Worrier, Brooding, Too easily hurt, Sorry for self, Needs being needed

    • Leo

Childlike, Commanding, Dignified, Dramatic, Fun loving, Generous, Influential, Inspiring, Leader, Magnetism, Powerful, Proud, Regal, Self-assured, Idealistic, Ambitious, Creative, Romantic, Optimistic
rrogant, Autocratic, Conceited, Demands approval, Dominating, Insecure, Lazy, Melodramatic, Needs center stage, Needs constant love, Overbearing, Pretentious, Self-indulgent, Status conscious, Vain, Childish, Fears ridicule, Cruel, Boastful

    • Virgo

Analytical, Dependable, Discriminates, Efficient, Health awareness, High-standards, Industrious, Logical, Methodical, Organized, Practicality, Precise, Service oriented, Thorough, Studious, Fact-finding, Seeks perfection, Humane
Doesn’t take criticism well, Hypercritical, Hypochondriac, Judgmental, Martyristic, Melancholy, Obsessive, Pedantic, Perfectionist, Petty, tends to blame, Sloppy, Workaholic, Self-centered, Fears disease and poverty, Skeptical, Too analytical, Needs to be right

    • Libra

Artistic, Balance, harmony, Charming, Cooperative, Cultured, Diplomatic, Fair, Judicial, Loves beauty, Mediator, Pleasing, Refined, Relational, Social, Persuasive, Companionable, Peace-loving, Suave
Ambivalent, Compromises self, Difficulty with anger, Easily deterred, Fickle, Indecisive, Other centered, Peace at any price, Phony, Pouting, Superficial, Vacillating, Vain, Apathetic, Loves Intrigue, Fears conflict, Overly compromising, Dishonest

    • Scorpio

Determined, Emotional, Insightful, Intensity, Investigator, Magnetic, Mysterious, Passionate, Powerful, Probing, Regenerative, Sexual, Strong will, Transforming, Motivated, Penetrating, Resourceful, Scientific
Distrustful, Extremistic, Intimidating, Intolerant, Jealous, Judgmental, Sarcastic, Scheming, Secretive, Self-destructive, Suspicious, Temperamental, Vindictive, Withholding, Vengeful, Overbearing, Violent, Possessive

    • Sagittarius

Athletic, Enthusiastic, Freedom-loving, Generous, Great sense of humor, Inspiring, Intuitive, Naturalist, Optimistic, Philosopher, Scholarly, Straightforward, Traveler, Visualization, Broadminded, Just, Globe-trotter, Futuristic, Teacher
Claustrophobic, Commitment Phobic, Dogmatic, Extravagant, Hot-headed, Impatient, Irresponsible, Outspoken, Preachy, Procrastinating, Restless, Superficiality, Unrealistic, Whimsical, Pushy, Self-indulgent, Blunt, Argumentative, Exaggerative

    • Capricorn

Ambition, Cautious, Committed, Disciplined, Economical, Executive, Hardworking, Loyal, Practical, Realistic, Reserved, Responsible, Structured, Traditional, Serious, Self-sufficient, Goal directed, Meticulous, Wise, Conservative
Brooding, Calculating, Difficulty with feelings/emotions, Domineering, Inflexible, Inhibited, Materialistic, Obsessed with rules, Perfectionist, Pessimistic, Rigid, Stubborn, Unforgiving, Overly ambitious, Unresponsive, Stern, Disciplinarian, Arrogant, Insensitive

    • Aquarius

Cause involved, Futuristic, Humanist, Idealistic, Individualistic, Innovative, Intellectual, Open-minded, Original, Reformer, Scientific, Tolerant, Unconventional, Unique, Independent, Inventive, Progressive, Artistic, Progressive, Social activist
Cold, Detached, Eccentric, Erratic, Impersonal, Inflexible, Intolerant, Non-conformist, Rebellious, Repressed, Temperamental, Too logical, Uninvolved, Unpredictable, Bored by detail, Radical, Oblivious, Aloof, Meddlesome, Opinionated

    • Pisces

Artistic, Compassionate, Emotional, Empathetic, Forgiving, Intuitive, Loyal, Musical, Reflective, Sacrificing, Sensitive, Serene, Spiritual, mystical, Understanding, Sympathetic, Introspective, Adapting, Psychic, Romantic, Generous
Addictive, Dependent, Elusive, Emotionally inhibited, Escapist, Illusionary, Laziness, Martyr like, Melancholy, Naïve, Overly sensitive, Pessimistic, Self-indulgent, Too submissive, Timid, Feels inadequate, Introvert, Indolent, Sacrificing, Fearful

Now that you know the worse of one of your shadow sides it will be easier to go into the seventh house and walk around to gather more information. Making these projections conscious is the first and most important step to integration. So congratulations, let’s now take a seventh house journey.

The Seventh House Meditation

Image yourself as a soul sitting in a garden on the other side with a view of the earth. You are getting ready to return to the earth for another physical incarnation.

You are preparing your astrological chart that will serve as a guide and a script throughout your life. With this in mind you know that the earth is a reflection of the sky and that each constellation has its image on the earth. The earth is a grid that is divided into twelve equal segments, called Houses, each one reflecting an astrological sign. This grid will become the earthly base of your astrological chart. “As above, so below.”

Your soul will choose the right time, date and place of birth to create your “perfect” astrological chart. When you are ready, say good-bye to your heavenly friends and teachers.

Imagine yourself being born into the physical world. You have the ability to see a huge circle around you. This is your astrological chart and you are at its center.

Each House is there to provide you with all of the questions that your soul wants you to answer. It is your soul’s guidebook.

You land in the seventh house, you check out the doorway which is the astrological sign that is located on the cusp. You look around and notice if there are any planets joining you. You see the shadows of all of the important people that you have spiritually contracted to show you your projected self.

Walk around and feel the emotions and the thoughts that accompany the energies of the signs that are there. Reach out and embrace all of it, consciousness changes everything and even the challenges of the problematic attitudes of the sign can transform into positive, powerful opportunities.

Linda Brady

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