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Transits Trigger Major Illness

Astrology—What Transits Trigger Major Illness?

When we find major illness usually it is years following either a major trauma (it takes that long for the organs to run down and become diseased) or from a life of poor dietary and lifestyle factors. We can see in the natal chart what constitutes a weak organ system by looking at the most conflicted planets, signs and houses, this comes with practice but it shows what is most likely to occur to someone in the long term. I intend not to go into the psychological illness here, I will just stick to the physical.

Transits to 12th house cusp, Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Venus and Midheaven (occasionally Mars is also sensitive to these transits) are most likely to bring longer term problems. The conjunction is the most powerful and has most impact followed by opposition and then the square transit.

Remember, ill health comes first to the mind (psychological / emotional) and then to the physical body. Treat the mind first and the body will heal itself.

Transiting Pluto

Here we see triggers to acute illness, like an inflammation, diseases and even cancer. The most important thing to remember is that disease doesn’t just ‘happen’ it also the result of poor quality food and lifestyle.

Having said that people experiencing a Pluto transit to the Ascendant generally feel very poorly. Not only can they suffer the immediate results of Pluto, such as job loss, marriage breakdown, a health crisis or two and other kinds of disasters but after the planet has moved off the Ascendant, unless the person puts into place new ways of relating to himself, he can easily fall victim to a serious illness. Most younger people will be able to throw this transit off and get back into life much quicker but older people, say 35 plus, are much more vulnerable to serious disease within the following 5 to 8 years.

Pluto is the ‘cancer-maker’ of the zodiac, he leaves scars wherever he goes, emotional, psychological and physical. Unless the person gets treatment, particularly psychological, they will continue in their bad dietary habits, relationships and lifestyle and get sicker. He is the ‘awakener’ seeking to awaken the native to a better life, to improve and directed them to find ways to better their own life. Unfortunately most people see crisis, not as an opportunity to grow, but as an enemy to be shoved aside and ignored.

Transiting Neptune

He brings with him the mystery illnesses, diseases that lie in wait, popping up years later to harass the native. Neptune is the harbinger of the unsolvable crime, the mystery illnesses that keep popping up when least expected. When treated the native may think all is find but it crops up again and again.

What does Neptune want? He seeks you to let go of rigidity in your life, to flow with your burdens and not to take things so seriously. He seeks to dissolve structures, to erode rules and strictures and to bring about a natural personal life-structure free of limiting beliefs, attitudes and values. Neptune generally manifests illnesses such as influenza and aches and pains that come and go.

Transiting Uranus

Uranus brings about change through speed and activity, when things get boring Uranus will make you restless, he will brings situations and opportunities to make you jump back off the sick bed and get back into work. He is like the workaholic, he won’t let you rest until the job is done.

Illnesses are not as severe as for Neptune and Pluto but he can wear you out before your time. He seeks change, he wants you to avoid stagnation but knows no limits, you are directed (or pushed) to learn how to organise your time better. Illnesses generally involve digestion (nerves), nervous exhaustion, nervous system, fatigue, circulation due to muscle tension and stress.

Transiting Chiron

Chiron is a lot like Pluto and he too wants you to get your act together, often counselling comes into the picture here. Chiron is the ‘wounded healer’ of the zodiac and as such can trigger the ‘wound’ which then becomes your major teacher.

Accepting the wound is what this planet is all about, accepting that you have a ‘disability’ and then letting it go to get on with life – learning to turn the disability into a strength. This ‘fundamental wound’ can be a disability such as short sightedness, hearing loss, a stutter, a big nose, acne, feelings of failure, fear of the dark, bed-wetting, an embarrassingly dysfunctional family, rape, abuse of all sorts, and the multitude of emotional burdens we carry from birth.

This is one transit that could open an emotional Pandora’s Box, however it is generally less severe and requires less therapy time than Pluto. Chiron can also cause physical illness through transit, often sparking an acute health crisis or surgery though these are usually not long term.

Transiting Saturn

Saturn triggers more emotional pain than physical: depression and anxiety, a lowering of the auto-immune system and fatigue. Another manifestation of a Saturn transit is fatigue, especially when conjunct the Ascendant, Sun or Moon. It can seem that time stands still and you have no energy or motivation to do anything, often too depressed to get out of bed. Illness that arises from Saturn can be long-term, though a poorly placed natal Saturn will cause more concern than a transit.

Transiting Jupiter

Uranus usually heralds binge drinking, addictive behaviours and gambling episodes than an actual illness, though liver illness can be the result of alcohol, and hospitalisation after a drink-drive accident. Watch those outlandish parties, the dangerous risk-taking behaviours and drug induced psychosis when Jupiter triggers sensitive points in the chart. Like Saturn, unless Jupiter is poorly placed in the natal chart his transits will usually be moderately insignificant.

Transiting Mars

Mars sometimes he will trigger accidents or something like a bleeding nose but he is not that strong lasting only about 1 week on any single degree of the zodiac. If there is a combination of transits and progressions then Mars could trigger illness, but only as part of that combination, rarely does he initiate anything all by his lonesome. In surgery one would not want Mars around sensitive points such as Moon, Sun, 12th house cusp or the Ascendant, it could trigger excessive bleeding.

Full and New Moons

Generally weak as the proverbial, but watch the mood swings if you are sensitive to the Full Moon. I know people who get vertigo, balance problems, they are highly sensitive or they can lose their temper easily (domestic violence) for the five days of the Full Moon. They also say that the Full Moon promotes bleeding as it represents the female menstrual cycle. As a psychologist I have worked with sensitive people, those with natal Moon in a Water sign such as Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio and they often have Water dominant in their charts, they certainly do have significant mood changes during the Full Moon, but not the New Moon.

by Noel Eastwood

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