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Astrology and The Twelve Hungers

There are twelve basic hungers, desires, or needs in astrology -one for every planet, sign, house, or aspect of the zodiac.

1. Aries/Mars/1st House/Conjunction: – our hunger / desire/or need for Identity / Selfhood / Activity / Drive / Initiation

Many of us are still struggling to know ourselves and need to realize that this takes time, experience, and awareness. Longer lives and more incarnations are often necessary. Also, the journey will be easier or more intense if you have planets in Aries, a strong Mars, planets in the first house, or many conjunction aspects; this will make you more active or autonomous and quicken your experience and knowledge of self. On the other hand, it may also blind you to it -which is why relationships(mirrors) are often necessary. Knowledge, freedom, travel, and recreation also help to build a healthy sense of self as does family upbringing and personal or career ambition. There are none so miserable as those who do not know who they are, and none so happy or fulfilled as those who do.

2. Taurus/Venus/2nd House/Dexter or Lower Semi-Sextile: – our hunger / desire / or need for Touch /Taste /Possession /Ownership /Production

We are focused in the world of matter and this is a dream come true for most Taurus types. This is where we get to experience all of the sights and sounds, the tastes and smells, and the tactile or sensory activities we know as eating and sex. Its also the world of money and ownership and where everything is defined or evaluated. These needs are particularly strong if you have planets in Taurus, a strong Venus, planets in the second house, and many dexter semi-sextile aspects. Imagination or fantasy, domesticity, service, death, and career or status all increase the desire or hunger for wealth and sensual activity as do ingenuity and creativity. As developing spirits, we can never fully escape the world of the five senses which is an ingenious playground or trap of sensorial addiction designed to keep us coming back for more.

3. Gemini/Mercury/3rd House/Dexter or Lower Sextile: – our hunger /desire / or need for Knowledge / Thought /Awareness /Diversity

We are constantly learning and this hunger never abates, especially for those with planets in Gemini, a strong Mercury, a tenated third house, and many dexter sextile aspects. This hunger is especially strong when we are young or children(which Mercury/Gemini rules), and which schooling or education encourages. Unfortunately, much of our world is poor and unable to provide everyone with the proper education, and even where it is provided the quality is not always ideal. There is a serious lack of true education in our world, most of it designed to benefit only the wealthy or elite and to control the rest. You know something is wrong when you cannot even get answers to the basic or fundamental questions of life. True knowledge is healing and empowering and fulfils all of humanity’s highest potentials. It also teaches us about the great diversity of life and how change can be stimulating or renewing.

4. Cancer/Moon/4th House/Dexter or Lower Square: – our hunger / desire / or need for Emotion /Feeling / Sensitivity / Rootedness / Security

This sign, more than any other, rules hunger or need. Cancer is the lower or night side of Leo -which is giving or creating, as opposed to taking or consuming. Leo is proud and confident, wheareas Cancer is fearful or insecure. Insecurity or fear is the basis for need or hunger, and since humans are more lunar(mortal) than solar(immortal) we are basically hunger-driven entities. Also, as physical beings, food, clothing, shelter, and safety, are our primary concerns. We also need to feel accepted or rooted within our immediate circle or community and this is the basis for family, city, and national life. Familiarity or memory, and time, as well as work or service, wealth or money, sacrifice and illusion, and sex or death, all cement or intensify the hunger of this sign as do of course, planets in Cancer, a strong Moon, planets in the 4th house, and the lower or dexter square aspect.

5. Leo/Sun/5th House/Lower or Dexter Trine: – our hunger / desire / or need for Ego / Centeredness / Warmth / Love / Expression / Creativity

We were created in the image of the Gods making us very playful, loving, and creative beings. This is especially strong during childhood which Leo rules. As children, everything is pure and wondrous and this should be our central atitude in life. Playing and affection are paramount and so is getting one’s way. There is no guile or dishonesty as a child so that what you see is basically what you get. There is a serious lack of love and affection in our world and this is slowly killing or ageing us. Nor are we allowed to be as creative or playful as we should be which is turning us into cold faceless robots. Leo or the Sun is the God-self or Source in each of us and if this part of us is not addressed nothing else matters. EVERYONE hungers for love and recognition even if they don’t show it, but this will be especially strong if you have planets in Leo, a strongly placed Sun, a tenanted 5th house, or many dexter trine aspects.

6. Virgo/Mercury(Vulcan?)/6th House/Lower or Dexter Quincunx or Inconjunct: – our hunger / desire / or need for Order / Duty / Service / Discipline /Purity / Perfection

As we grow we naturally become better at doing things, due mostly to repetition or habit, or a desire to improve or excel. This makes us useful or productive and gives us a sense of pride or self-worth. The onus is always towards betterment or perfection and this is a particularly strong trait among those with planets in Virgo, a strong Mercury, a tenanted 6th house, or many dexter quincunx aspects. Our particular skill or specialization brings us not only our title or role in society but also our main source of income and the praise or acceptance of our fellow brethren. Education and ethical conduct become critical to our success and family, inheritance, wealth, health, and status are also important. Virgo or the 6th sign represents the perfect physical human vehicle(Adam/Eve) in all of its complexity and efficiency. It is an ongoing work in Creation whose purpose is to house and fashion the perfect divine Spirit. We need to treat our bodies with the greater care and respect they deserve.

7. Libra/Venus(Earth or Eris?)/7th House/Opposition: – our hunger / desire / or need for Beauty / Balance / Harmony / Justice / Co-Operation

There is a sad lack of beauty, balance, or harmony in our current war-ravaged and money-driven world. When was the last time you gazed upon a lovely smile or breathed in the pleasant scent of a rose or flower? When have you meditated upon a star-lit sky or a beautiful sunset? Most of us are just too busy struggling to survive to even notice such things. Selfishness, fear, stupidity, and too much external control or interference are the obstacles here, and untill we unshackle ourselves from this horrid matrix we live in, our lives will continue to be ugly, divided, stressful, and unjust. The way out is love, creativity, faith or trust, truth or freedom, assertiveness, and flexibility.

8. Scorpio/Pluto/8th House/Higher or Sinister Quincunx or Inconjunct – our hunger / desire / or need for Possession / Integration / Transformation / Death / Rebirth

There are certain things we need to experience deeply and intensely, for that is the only way we will truly change or transform. A death or accident, a crippling disease or condition, terrible pain, orgasm, a vision or revelation, a horrible or shocking discovery -anything that alters your sense of normalcy or reality; that is what this influence is about. The middle road will simply not do. We hunger for the rare, exceptional, exclusive, or extreme. Those high(or low) or turning points in our lives that make it special or interesting. Also, we hunger for the answers to the deep mysteries of life like where was I before this life and where will I be when I die. Or what is the real purpose of sex or intimate union? Analysis, control, imagination, and emotion all enhance the desire or hunger for deep and meaningful experience.

9. Sagittarius/Jupiter/9th House/Higher or Sinister Trine: – our hunger / desire / or need for Hope / Faith / Growth / Abundance / Clarity / Righteousness

It’s only natural for us to keep hoping that things will get better in time -this is what keeps us going in life. Growth or expansion is the serum of life. Without it we might as well be dead. One way to expand your horizons is to travel. Traveling opens up opportunities to meet new people, places, and events which always teach you something new and usually make you a better person. Outdoor or sporting activity also open up new parts of you as does spiritual or philosophic study. We all desire to reconnect fully to God or our Higher Self whether we are aware of it or not and untill we do we will always be restless and empty within. Many of us need to let go and let God. Faith or believing is the first or most important step. So is being honest or doing what’s right and listening to and heeding that inner voice or conciousness. That is what will bring happiness and salvation.

10. Capricorn/Saturn/10th House/Higher or Sinister Square: – our hunger / desire / or need for Purpose / Direction / Definiton / Achievement / Success

We need to have a goal or purpose in life that gives us a reason to live or be here. A life plan or direction which we can execute slowly but surely. Most of us do have a plan for this incarnation but we don’t always remember what it is, especially after childhood when the weight of the world and all its distractions can erase it almost completely. Many of us are lost without rudders thanks to a system that enslaves or brainwashes. Instead of initiating our own paths we often let others determine our course in life which more often than not leads to dissapointment. The MC in astology is the strongest indicator of your role or purpose in life. Planets therein, the ruler, and close aspects to it are also important career indicators. Establishing or defining your public identity or function in life leads to greater self-happiness or fulfillment and greater social or public productivity.

11. Aquarius/Uranus/11th House/Higher or Sinister Sextile: – our hunger / desire / or need for Truth / Freedom / Independance / Originality / Newness

We all have a hunger for that which is new, different, or exciting -without which life would be a total bore. Surprises and the unexpected can be good for us. It jolts us out of our complacency and forces us to look at things differently, expanding our awareness or understanding. Thinking out of the box can bring criticism and even violence or persecution, but more often it ends up bringing fame, progress, and even financial reward. Some people take change better than others. If you have planets in Aquarius, a strong Uranus, planets in the eleventh house, or many upper or sinister sextile aspects, you will have a strong hunger for anything new or out of the ordinary. You will resist being confined or limited in any way. You love humanity and are a catalyst for truth, progress, freedom and brotherhood.

12. Pisces/Neptune/12th House/Higher or Sinister Semi-sextile: – our hunger / desire / or need for Rest / Retirement / Seclusion / Quiet / Fantasy / Inner Life

Everyone needs rest and seclusion from time to time. Life is such that it eventually drains us and the only way to recover is to shut down and go into regeneration mode. The world is a series of exercises and distractions designed to make you grow and at the same time is pulling you away from your true source. When we cease our activities we go into auto mode and reconnect with our inner or true self which is formless and timeless and which feels or intuits rather than thinks or reasons. The matter-mind realm we live in is diametrically opposed to the spirit-soul part of us that steers our lives. It’s a delicate balancing act but it’s important not to lose our connection to or compromise our essential spiritual-emotional being -which is where true life and happiness resides. Strong Piscean/Neptunean types know what this means, unfortunately, we are conditioned from childhood to place more importance on external things rather than internal development.

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