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If astrology works, in what ways does it effect me?

To make a long answer short, there is nothing that astrology doesn’t effect. Since the forces or fields that astrology measures and studies are considered to be close to the bedrock of the essence of reality, there is very little that isn’t effected by these archetypes, fields, or forces. Thus, astrology studies forces that effect all levels of being: physical, experiential, sensory, emotional, behavioral, psychological, spiritual.

Astrology effects all levels of being. It might be helpful to think of the archetypal forces that astrology studies to be like magnetic fields that localize in the human being. These “magnets” amass experiences–both in terms of subjective states and external circumstances–which are qualitatively similar.

For instance, if one is undergoing a significant Saturn transit, one’s being-in-the-world will be heavily inflected by the archetype of Saturn; it is as if a field or magnetic force that has various qualitative dimensions localizes in one’s body for a finite period of time. More simply, it is as if one has entered a dimension of experience that will pervade your physical being, your various subjective states, the people and events you encounter, and your behavior.

Continuing with a Saturn transit as an example, your experience in your body may be inflected by the archetype of Saturn; you may feel your body as old, tired, worn, aged. On an emotional level, you may be feeling fear, dread, guilt, shame, regret. Your psychological mindset could be lacking creative responses to life, skewing your world into a negative case scenario, or there may be a vague sense that it is time to mature, be more responsible, and be more organized. The external world may serve up circumstances which serve to frustrate immature and outworn responses to life or to facilitate separation from a life stage that is no longer serving your life purpose.

Astrology effectHence, the archetype, as transcendental principle, is a field that attracts or orders similar phenomena beyond the normal constraints of time and space: feelings of fear, bodily sensations of age, organization, responsibility, frustrating external circumstances. The archetype, like a magnet, exerts an influence upon different phenomena like iron filings, but in this case, we can’t see the magnet, only the iron filings.

It may be said that astrological forces or archetypes do not affect at least two levels of reality. There is something analogous to a “witness conscious” or “internal observer” which is accounting for the various changes of external circumstance, mood, and behavior in a rather impartial and non-judgmental way. It is this observing witness that stands above or merely monitors change and flux and stays relatively constant over time. It is this observer, then, that seems not to be affected by the forces that astrology studies.

Secondly, conscious volition and action appear to have relative degrees of freedom in relationship to astrological archetypes. However, there appears to be a relationship between the strength and power of the witness consciousness or observing self and the degree of decision-making and action-oriented autonomy one possesses. That is, the stronger the willpower of the observer, the more degrees of freedom of choice one has with the astrological or archetypal forces present in the psyche or experience of the world.

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