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Beat Diabetes With Astrology

Beat Diabetes With Astrology

Diabets is a common disease that causes many side effects, including poor circulation resulting in loss of vision, heart disease, or loss of limbs, and it has no instant cure.

Insulin or other drugs may control the symptoms of this sweet-tooth disease but will not halt the progression of damage to the overall system. Under the surface many metabolic disturbances can continue to flourish even when the blood sugar levels are controlled with drugs.

As an astrologer I see it in charts as a condition related to Jupiter functions, and Jupiter in its negative manifestations has to do with overdoing, extravagance, and self indulgence. Many overweight individuals develop diabetes through overindulging in sweets and snacks or alcohol.

Jupiter is also the planet of eternal optimism and the patients with diabetes often trust to luck with their disease; they ignore the tiny details of diet which may save and prolong their lives. Jupiter is a planetary symbol also related to sports and exercise. It is said that the cause is the cure. More exercise will often take off the extra weight and prevent diabetes. Jupiter is associated with the ninth house representing higher education, so education is also a key to overcoming this disease.

Diabetes responds best to careful attention to diet.

Astrologically, Neptune in strong aspect is also associated with diabetic profiles, and Neptune is the planet ruling hormones and those chemical substances which are dispersed throughout the body. The opposite signs to both Jupiters and Neptunes home signs are Mercury ruled. Mercury is traditionally associated with diet through Virgo. Although the cause is often the cure is a great adage, and often true, giving weight to the opposite side of a disease signature acts like a seesaw to balance and bring problems into alignment.

What we are primarily referring to here is adult onset diabetes known as Diabetes Mellitus. Juvenile onset diabetes is an inability of the body to produce enough insulin, a hormone which helps the body handle sugars and carbohydrates. Some types of diabetes are caused by injury to the pancreas (the site of insulin production) or drug induced (birth control pills or corticosteroid use may trigger diabetes). In adult onset diabetes the insulin produced by the body, although sufficient, is ineffective. Possibly through repeated abuse of the system. Those who have not yet allowed the disease to escalate to the point at which they require additional insulin can use diet and exercise to control the disease and side effects.

Studies show that there are several minerals which may help the diabetic rebalance his system, but a good low fat, low sugar, high protein diet is the most important as well as maintaining a reasonable weight. It is also suggested that foods rich in antioxidants be eaten to help manage the illness.

Helpful Supplements

Chromium picolinate supplements have been shown to help reduce the blood sugar levels by increasing the performance of natural insulin in the body. This mineral occurs naturally in turmeric and fenugreek, liberally used spices in curries and chutneys, and interestingly East Indians have a lower incidence of diabetes than Americans.
Magnesium levels in test cases appear to be lower in the diabetic, and this is a mineral important to heart function.

Heart disease is a major side effect of diabetes due to impaired circulation and propensity for hardening of the arteries. Additional Magnesium can lower blood pressure and improve the efficiency of insulin. This mineral occurs naturally in bananas, wheat bran, whole grains, curry powder, and apricots.

There is evidence that Vitamin E can significantly aid the diabetic’s ability to metabolize sugars. Vitamin B6 has been linked to prevention of diabetic blindness caused by poor circulation.

Herbal helpers include garlic which is a proven cholesterol and blood-glucose reducer, and garlic is a bane to poor circulation, a major problem with chronic diabetes.

Bilberry extract seems to improve vision impairment caused by the diabetic syndrome.

Grape seed extract is the latest and greatest herbal handyman on the diabetic scene.

AKA Procyanidolic oligomers (PCOs), this herbal remedy usually comes from the skin of the grape seed, although it may be obtained from certain pine bark, parts of a lime tree, or the leaves of a hazel nut tree.

The extracts renowned ability to promote wound healing is valuable to the diabetic who must be cautious with cuts and bruises which may easily become infected leading to loss of toes, feet, or even legs.

Prevention: the only way to beat it

We live in a society in which it is easy to fall prey to the attractions of fast foods and snacks. Processed foods have added sugars which add up in a week’s time. Check the labels on tomato sauce for instance. Most of them have added sugars as do mass produced breads and cereals. Prevent diabetes by being aware of the massive bombardment of your body by chemicals and sugars which overload the system and destroy the ability of your insulin to work at an optimum level.

I have two dear friends with this disease. One has been on insulin for several years, and has a history of heart disease. He increases his dosage of insulin to help him out when he overdoes and he rarely follows his dietary instructions. He often feels tired and falls asleep at his desk. He is at high risk for further heart attacks. The other friend lost part of his foot last fall to a minor infection and was diagnosed as diabetic at that point. This gentleman reduced his blood sugars to normal in a mere six months by changing his diet and eating habits and learning all he could about the disease. He now walks for exercise religiously, has quit eating at fast food restaurants, and feels much better than he did previous to his diagnosis. This man wishes to live a long life and minimize the dangers of the illness. It is not only the possible future use of insulin which is terrifying, but rather the long term damage risked by neglecting the condition.

There is no magic bullet to cure diabetes, only herbs, vitamins, and minerals to better help the body fight the effects of dis-ease within the structure. The only true cure is prevention. However, by a complete change of philosophy (Jupiter), and lifestyle, and by using intelligence (Mercury), one can overcome the dangers of this internal chemical (Neptune) imbalance.


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