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How You'll Become Rich, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s How You’ll Become Rich, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

During these times of economic restructuring, positioning oneself rightly can bring materials rewards to those who are hardworking. It has been said and proven that the hard times polish human ingenuity. For a creative and enterprising person with sound business sense, the rapid-changing times we are in now can be a blessing in disguise. Within each and every one of us lies the potential to be a millionaire…some may materialize it sooner than the rest, because of the many factors and influences, but to those who want to take matters into their own hands, who wants to be the master of their fate, more knowledge about the associations of their zodiac signs to the business activities is a sure way to start the climb up.


ariesAries is the most enterprising sign of the zodiac due to their desire to be independent and to be the first. Their mind works so fast they make excellent radar for things and trends to come. They are risk takers and they excel as leaders and managers mainly due to their enthusiasm and optimism. Arians can move people, just like the prosperity Guru Charley Barreto who have inspired and taught thousands to be prosperous.

The head and cerebral activities are connected with Aries, hence they can also excel in abstract and highly mental endeavors such as being stock market player. The legendary billionaire J.P. Morgan proved Aries’ talents in making money beyond doubt. Mars, Aries’ planetary ruler, is connected with metal, so a business in the steel industry or heavy equipments will also complement Aries energy. Military and sports also belong to the realm of Aries. On the other hand, Aries can be impractical at times and they may loose money as much as they made it, the technique here is to delegate to other signs the task of handling their finances.


taurusTaurus is the sign of values, whether mundane or spiritual. By nature they are good in assessing the value of things hence management of resources comes easily to them. They make excellent business persons because of their practicality. What may be a problem though, is the act of beginning, it may take a very long time for them to act on their own to start a business and in this changing world this approach is not considered virtuous.

But once they have started, nothing in the world can stop them from accumulating more and more money. The business that suits them best are those connected with their ruling sign Venus and these are: food, flowers, cosmetics, gems, art, decorative items, fabric and the leisure industry. As the bull is connected with the earth, farming also suits them well.


geminiNaturally friendly and easy to get along with, Geminis make excellent salespersons, marketing and media experts. They can be successful in business provided that they learn to focus their minds to do things one at a time. They are lucky individuals and together with their charm and communication skills, they can get away with almost anything. However routines are no-no to them, they thrive on constant change and variety. They are good in attracting money but not as good in accumulating it, they tend to spend a lot, hence when in business they need the advice and support of financial experts.

The attitude that they must follow is to “delay” gratification of the senses and diversifying into different business directions. San Miguel Corporation’s Gemini boss, Eduardo Cojuangco, learned this lesson well, so now he yields more power. Sales, trading, merchandising, advertising are the business activities that the Gemini can enjoy and be successful of. They are luckier with businesses connected with media, communications, computers, transportation, paper, education and publishing.


cancerNo matter what they are involved in, Cancer’s caring nature stand out. They are the mothers of the zodiac and having a business as a means of ensuring the security of the family or the clan is a powerful motivating force for them. They may not be good in start-up businesses but they have an ability to connect into other people’s emotions and needs. The success of the business ventures of Cancers Jaime Zobel, Manny Pangilinan and Lucio Tan is a living testimony of the Cancer’s ability to feel the market.

They are not spenders and they put much value on money, they can be good in bargaining. Businesses compatible with Cancers are those connected with real estate, food, children’s clothing, hotel, restaurant, food canning and merchandising.


leoFirm, generous, forceful and persevering are the qualities that describe an ideal manager as well as the sign Leo. Leadership naturally comes to the “king of the zodiac,” one thing because they like to give orders instead of receiving it. They are also masters of motivating other people. They can be very sure of themselves and their ideas, which make them risk takers. Because of these qualities, Leos are capable of making big money.

The famous stock investor George Soros is a Leo. His speculative activities at one time brought down the Bank of England. Aside being good managers, Leos are also masters in selling. They can actually sell anything, but the best ventures for them are those that are connected with gold, entertainment, recreation, advertising or human resources.


virgoSystem, hard work and frugality does pay in the world of business and these are the qualities perfected by Virgo. Virgos are among the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. Working with numbers and concepts are their forte. They are actually good in managing money and can excel as accountants or financial managers. However they are not risk-takers and would rather act behind the scenes.

To some of them who are secured enough to be engaged in business the following fields are the best for them: health, pharmaceuticals, publishing, computers, food and agricultural products. Their perfectionist tendency will also have use of, in crafts and manufacturing. Their penchant for organizing makes them good in market research or scientific research.


libraCharming and diplomatic, Librans make excellent negotiators. The balancing scale of the Libra is another asset that will serve them well in business. There are cautious and would balance the pros and cons of a prospect before proceeding, every action they take is well thought of. They also excel in selling and if they are focused enough the hardest of hearts will not be able to say “no” to them. However they are not as pioneering as the other signs and they have to exert an effort overcoming inertia or laziness.

Businesses compatible with them are those connected with beauty or fashion industry; take a cue from Ralph Lauren who is a Libra. Anything that beautifies or is beautiful jives well with their nature such as works of art, jewelry and crafts. Their selling skills would find use in wholesaling, retailing or multilevel marketing.


scorpioFearless and focused Scorpios will do everything to achieve their goals. The desire to be successful naturally comes to them, as it has become a goal to them to transform their life. Their passion and dedication to what they do is legendary. In fact one of the richest person in the world, Bill Gates, is a Scorpio. Media moguls the late Geny Lopez and at present Charo Santos also belongs to this sign. Another notable quality about them is their decision-making and spending habits.

They are very cautious and every action that they do is well thought of and every venture they enter into is well researched. Industries compatible with Scorpios are those connected with Pluto, its planetary ruler. These industries are: scientific/nuclear/medical research, mining and waste management. The heavy industries, manufacturing and distribution are also aligned with their nature to be in control. And as Scorpio is connected also with other people’s money, it is lucky for most of them to go into pawnshop or banking business.


sagittariusSagittarius is the luckiest sign in life and in business. Their luck can be coming from their optimistic attitude, which wins them lots of friends. Their habit of traveling to different places makes them attuned to the new trends and ideas. They excel in transferring products, ideas or people from one place to another.

As Sagittarius is the sign of propaganda they also do well in selling and marketing. Their weakness comes with the restless spirit they posses. They need to focus their minds and resources in order to build wealth. Spending must definitely be controlled.

The businesses most compatible with them are those connected with imports or exports, transportation, publishing, advertising and education. Manny Villar and Walt Disney are among the Sagittarians who used both their luck and the help of wide circle of friends in becoming one of the wealthiest individuals in their respective countries.


capricornIf there is anyone who is obsessed with achievement it is Capricorn. Being a millionaire is a common goal to most of them. The qualities of a successful businessman are inborn to them. They are practical, good in public relations and they can easily relate to authority figures. Some of them are even shrewd and most of them are cold. It is actually very easy for them to become a millionaire but they are never in a hurry, they often build their fortunes slowly, but surely.

They are cautious with money. They are good investors of money and time. Businessman Mark Jimenez is an excellent example of a successful Capricorn. Big businesses are compatible with Capricorns such those connected with real estate, construction, banking, manufacturing and distribution.


aquariusThe 20th century have proven that intelligence is what makes the world go round. Aquarians are often regarded as the most intelligent of all signs as their mind is focused and very objective. In this information and technological age, Aquarians can be a pioneering influence and are well positioned to take advantage of the rapidly changing social environment.

The innovator and genius Akio Morita of Sony, an Aquarian, used his inventiveness in building a business empire that has captured the whole world. Juan Ponce Enrile, one of the most brilliant lawyers in the country, a veteran politician, a businessman and is among the richest man in the country is an Aquarian.

The best business for Aquarians are those that are connected with technology and machines, especially computers, electronics, aviation, advertising, scientific or medical research and media.


piscesPisces is the most spiritual sign of all but that doesn’t mean that they are not good in business. Being a compassionate sign they can easily connect to different kinds of people, which gives them an advantage in selling. They can actually penetrate any market. If they can focus and if they can be willful enough their luck and charm will get them very far.

Their creativity and talents are capitals they are born with. However handling money is one thing that they need to study more. Pitoy Moreno is one Pisces who have stroked a balance between creativity and practicality and he is now among the richest and successful designers. Actor and Senator Ramon Revilla is another Pisces who has utilized his creative talents in films and this made him a millionaire.

For business minded Pisceans, the following fields are good for them: art, music, photography, entertainment, sales, public relations, cosmetics, shipping and chemicals.

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