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Benefits of Knowing Your Child’s Zodiac Sign

children astrology planetsAs we know, raising children, and doing it well, is one of the most challenging tasks of humankind. If only they came with their own individual “How to” manuals.

Time and again we wonder if we’re doing the right thing. When should we set firm limits, and when should we be understanding and sympathetic?

We want them to grow up to be loving people, and yet we also want them to get their own needs met. But half the time, we don’t even know what their needs are!

Each child is different

One child may be fast-adapting, show little fear and learn by doing. Another may be the intense child who wants to be in control, the “boss.” Hardest of all may be the sensitive child who learns more by watching – and rejects new foods and caretakers.

Just when we think we have one child figured out, along comes her sibling with a completely different personality. What’s a parent to do?

And what about the parent’s temperament?

Usually, a child and parent with similar temperaments work well together. The parent who likes meals on the table at the same time each day usually gets along well with offspring who feel secure with routine. The sensitive parent may be more sympathetic to the needs of equally sensitive offspring.

Psychologists use astrology

Astrology can be a big help in this parenting game. Many psychologists use astrology to understand their clients and have reported saving weeks of therapy.

As mothers using astrology as an indicator of personality, we can get a firmer grasp on what will enhance our children’s sense of security by knowing what their deepest needs are. We can adapt our actions to provide the best environment for a child’s developing personality and sense of self.

For instance, if your child is a Scorpio or a Cancer, you will know to give her time to be alone and not fill her schedule with too many outside activities. If you have a little Sagittarian on your hands, give him lots of activities and the opportunity to have adventures. Limit the time he is expected to sit still and pay attention.

If you know beforehand that your Aries child is going to be headstrong and determined to get her way, you can relax more, instead of blaming your parenting skills when she throws a tantrum on the toy aisle at Target. It still won’t be pleasant, but at least you know she has strong traits that will contribute to her leadership qualities later on.

A shortcut to learning about Sun signs is to learn about the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

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