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The Best Careers for Your Zodiac Sign

Are you an initiator or a finisher? Do you multitask with your hair on fire or are you at your best digging deep and moving methodically? See what your astrological sign reveals about your career skills and the best jobs for you.

Best Careers for Aries

ariesThose born under Aries sign are competitive and love the game, whether it’s business or life. They like being the leader, and aren’t comfortable in a subordinate role.

Preachy staff meetings are a snore, since Aries would much rather be out in the field, closing a key client. New challenges need to come at a fast and furious pace.

The Aries office is likely to be spare, with a few token emblems of success as reminders of past victories.

Aries is well-suited to be a firefighter, surgeon, mechanic, dentist (watch that drill!), professional athlete and, most of all, an entrepreneur.

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Best Careers for Taurus

taurusTaurus is easy to get along with and a good team player. They’re also practical and grounded, as befits an Earth sign. Taurus can be notoriously strong-willed, so colleagues should lay down the law first, and the Bull will follow their lead and work hard. So hard, in fact, that Taurus is often the pillar of the company.

While the Bull can do well in business, an artistic streak is also present. But their frequent stubborn streaks can defeat a lot of hard work. If Taurus can keep their focus on work and an occasional dose of earthy, sensual pleasures, life will be grand.

The Taurus office is a place where clients will feel welcome and the Bull can hold court. On a business lunch date, the Bull can just as easily take the client for a BLT or filet mignon — it all depends on their value to this discerning member of the zodiac.

Taurus’s make good bankers, artists, accountants, musicians, gardeners or any profession that requires patience and determination.

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Best Careers for Gemini

geminiTwins, right? Where Gemini is concerned, that means that they can talk twice as fast, twice as much and come up with enough new (and good) ideas to be considered the idea-person at any firm. Possessed of a restless and quick mind, the Twins are constantly moving from one project to the next.

Leading a staff meeting is not a goal for the Twins, but providing input certainly is. Teaching colleagues is always fun, as is sharing the wealth of information in their heads and creating harmony all around. When wanderlust creeps into Gemini’s life, it can generally be relieved with a quick business trip or a few days of play. Back at the ranch, the Twins would be well served by a diligent assistant to keep tabs on their workaday world.

The Gemini office is likely to be filled with several phones, two computers, a fax machine — anything that will aid communication. A packed bag is always in the corner, just in case.

Geminis do well as explorers, writers, merchants, translators, publicists — perhaps even the next Oprah!

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Best Careers for Cancer

cancerDon’t mistake a Cancer for an underachiever — they’re working it as much as the next person, albeit in a subtle, low-key manner. The Crab’s sensitive nature is readily apparent in business dealings, preferring a non-confrontational approach that protects them as well as those around them.

The Crab likes to lead, and as long as they’re comfortable with their duties and colleagues in the quest, they will probably succeed. They may not look like they’re out to conquer the world, but they’re getting a lot done.

Cancers are very creative and love family, qualities that can lead to bliss in the workplace if properly merged. But a word of caution to co-workers: Don’t cross the diligent Crab. Their pincers are sharp!

The Cancer office feels like home, with a couch for napping, a teapot for fixing something warm, and favorite mementos all around. The office is the Crab’s favorite place for a business lunch, although a homey neighborhood spot is a close second.

Cancer could make a living as doctor, pharmacist, teacher, nutritionist, chef, realtor — anywhere they can feel truly useful.

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Best Careers for Leo

leoLeos are giving, proud, energetic, confident — and the world can’t help but look. Leos are also focused in their work and make excellent team leaders. The Lion is also a risk-taker, someone who wants the world, and often gets it.

As much as the Lion likes being in the spotlight, there’s plenty of room for a team to assemble all around. Is there a game to be won? A deal to close? The Lion’s team is the winning team. Colleagues are often quick to seek out the Lion as a role model, since those signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that many seek. However, Leos must be careful not to indulge in selfishness or manipulation, or to become complacent.

The throne behind the desk is the centerpiece to Leo’s office. The desk, of course, is gleaming mahogany. Cutting a deal with Leo over lunch? It’d better be the Ritz-Carlton.

Leos are a perfect fit as managers, architects, inventors, teachers, athletes and presidents.

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Best Careers for Virgo

virgoVirgos love to analyze and are bound to come up with answers. The mental, smart Virgo is a helper, and likes to facilitate solutions as a service to others. Even so, Virgos crave independence and a space of their own, so don’t expect all their cards to be laid on the table.

Members of this Earth sign will set practical, achievable goals for themselves and others on their team. Virgos are task-oriented and highly organized, loyal colleagues, and often the conscience of their group. They will get things done but are often reluctant to take the credit. The Virgo’s perfectionism can lead to nervousness and ill health, so a bit of balance is necessary.

The Virgo office is (what else?) highly organized, with a slew of electronic gadgetry for maximum efficiency. Slobs should hang out elsewhere. If it’s time to talk business, take the Virgo out for a light salad in a squeaky-clean restaurant, and you’re bound to get results.

Virgos are natural-born investigators, veterinarians, nutritionists, chemists, doctors, managers and entrepreneurs.

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Best Careers for Libra

libraThe sense of justice and fair play attached to those born under this sign is remarkable. Libras enjoy the leader’s role and will work hard to be worthy of the privilege. Libras crave the exchange of ideas, conversation and chatter. The schmoozer of the zodiac, the Scales would prefer to be known as a networker.

Libra likes bringing people together, but one true ally in the trenches is priceless. Libras are motivated to keep their partnership sailing smoothly. If there’s one thing the Scales could use, it’s a bit of grit when it comes time to making tough decisions. When it comes to crisis management, however, the Scales can spring to action.

The Libra office is likely to be beautiful, with fresh-cut flowers and a seating arrangement that places all guests on equal footing. Of all the signs, Libras are likely the most interested in Feng Shui. If they’re off to lunch, it’s probably at some sleekly sophisticated cafe, carefully chosen with the client in mind.

Libras make fantastic diplomats, judges, public relations consultants, counselors, psychologists (no Freudian slips here!) and artists.

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Best Careers for Scorpio

scorpioCross a Scorpio on a business deal? Is your life insurance paid up? Truth be told, this strong-willed sign is happy to serve others and can be quite helpful, as long as it won’t hurt them. Scorpios know to zero in on important tasks, and where the art of the deal is concerned, can go for the kill. Rarely, however, will blood be spilled.

One of the Scorpio’s greatest assets is the ability to effect change, if only by sheer will. They love to create, solve and manage. As long as Scorpions can control their aggressive, vindictive and inflexible tendencies (and the need to control in general), much can be accomplished.

The Scorpio office can be a bit macabre, but that’s probably to keep guests on their toes! When it comes time to order lunch, Scorpions will delight in ordering nothing but the healthiest to feed their sharp minds.

Scorpios do well as doctors, investigators, ecologists, managers, engineers, navigators and secret agents.

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Best Careers for Sagittarius

sagittariusSagittarius is a good person to have on the sales team — they’ll probably get the order, hopefully before they unintentionally insult the client.

Sagittarius’s are passionate about what they believe in and, as befits a Fire sign, will work doggedly on their causes. The Archer is a good team player who can plot the course and convince everyone that it’s the way to go. One of Sagittarius’s shortcomings is that they tend to look at the big picture and neglect important details. An efficient aide-de-camp is essential for macro-wired Sag.

The office of the Archer is often no more than an address, since they’d really rather be elsewhere. When they head off for lunch (every day!) they invite colleagues to join in and roar off to the liveliest local eatery.

Sagittarius can make a good living as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, import-export traders and thrill-seekers.

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Best Careers for Capricorn

capricornNo matter that it’s a frisky little Goat — this animal packs a wallop in the workplace. Practical, conservative (watch that bottom line!) Capricorns enjoy working hard and getting things done, and their smarts help them persevere where others might give up.

Capricorns are comfortable as leaders and actually prefer this role, since it gives them a measure of control. The Goat is utterly responsible and great at rallying the troops. They also crave independence and would feel just fine in an Ivory Tower office, directing the battle down below.

The Capricorn office is as solid and predictable as they come, filled with sturdy wood furniture and reams of files that will facilitate good, hard work. Lunch is also reliable and of good value — a nearby chophouse will convey the right message to both clients and friends.

Capricorns do well as generals, administrators, ministers, managers, computer wizards and engineers.

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Best Careers for Aquarius

aquariusAquarians are humanitarians above all else, idealistic in their beliefs and ardent pursuers of causes. This unconventional rebel-with-a-cause cares so deeply about their fellow man that the quest for knowledge and answers is never-ending.

The mentally quick Water Bearer enjoys a challenge, and are bound to get the job done. Their inquisitive nature always has them considering what’s new, different and mysterious and how these things can help people in the future. Aquarius wants to be able to continually push the envelope — now that’s living! They’ll spend countless hours mulling over a project, but it’s all in a day’s work.

The Aquarius office is Zen-like in character, probably with a low working table and cushions all around for its occupant and guests (remember, everyone is an equal member). Then they’ll take the whole crew to lunch at an avant-garde spot with stunning world food and organic ice cream.

Aquarians are most satisfied as inventors, politicians, writers, scientists, astronauts, artists and — you guessed it — astrologers!

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Best Careers for Pisces

piscesAlthough sensible, Pisces aren’t as practical as other folks and much prefer the life of artist, writer or musician — a “rolling stone” as it were. Doing what feels good is of paramount importance to the Fish, and if this occurs in the workplace, all the better.

Advocating for the National Endowment for the Arts while extolling the virtues of anti-land mine campaigns would be a dream life for many a Pisces. If they could play their guitar or recite poetry at rallies, even better. The Achilles heel of Pisces may be their tendency to dally in a dream state much too long. A reality check every now and again can be helpful.

The Pisces office is likely to be soothing, an amalgam of soft couches and velvet drapes. When choosing an establishment for a business lunch, Pisces’ first pick would be (what else?) a seafood restaurant.

An ideal Pisces vocation would be veterinarian, biologist, artist, doctor, musician, psychologist and medium.

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