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The Best College Majors For an Aquarius

The Best College Majors For an Aquarius

Communication and creativity-related majors are excellent for the genius of the zodiac, as long as independence is guaranteed.

Aquarius is known as the communicator and the genius of the zodiac so graduating from college should not be a problem.

For Aquarians, there should always be a challenge as they tend to like new and challenging things. Majors involving lots of group work do not fit most people of this sign, as they tend to excel individual tasks.

Communication-related Majors for Aquarius College Students

Aquarius is one of the communicator of the zodiac and any major involving a lot of communication would be a perfect match. Journalism, communication, political science, broadcasting, film or marketing can be perfect majors for people of this sign.

People of the sign Aquarius need new challenges all the time and will have fun with papers, tasks and assignments related to this major, as long as they don’t involve team work. People of this sign can have great trouble dealing with tasks that involve many people, though they may feel comfortable if they assume a leadership position.

Aquarians should be careful not to be too dogmatic or politically incorrect in voicing their opinions when doing presentations or writing papers. Although professors should not be biased, those who do so may get penalized.

Creation-related Majors for Aquarius University Students

Majors that will keep people of Aquarius sign’s creativity going are also a good idea. Whether it’s artistic or scientific creativity, or a mixture of both, people of this sign will find themselves feeling comfortable with that major.

Good majors include computer programming, physics or performing arts. People of this sign can distinguish themselves as the most creative people of their group, coming up with inventions that may be useful or eccentric. Either way, people of this sign will also surprise classmates and professors.

As people with almost prophetic views of the future and with the ability to read other people’s wants and desires, Aquarius people will stand up among their group. They should note however that professors are not always visionaries and that they may reject some projects turned in by Aquarians because they don’t see their short-term use.

Other University Majors for Aquarius

As the genius of the zodiac, there’s a good chance that a person born under this sign will find it easy to assimilate course materials, regardless of the subject. As a sign who often loves socializing, majors like anthropology or sociology can also be a good choice as it creates an opportunity to meet new people.

Either way, when choosing a major, the Aquarius should consider the degree of challenge associated with the topic.

People born under Aquarius zodiac sign are apt to love new information and challenges and will be satisfied when they have a major which helps them learn new things. Eventually, they will love their major so much they will keep talking about it, even in times when it’s not appropriate.

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