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The Best College Majors For a Cancer

The Best College Majors For a Cancer

Natives of Cancer are sensitive and family oriented and may need a major that keeps them close to people and to their families.

The Cancer people tend to avoid talking too much in the classroom from fear to be ridiculed by classmates. But they shouldn’t. They have great intuition and often know the right answer to most questions.

For natives of this sign, college is the opportunity to learn but also the opportunity to bond, make friends, and find a significant other. You will often see them involved in preparing parties and other social events, taking part in conferences and lectures, and talking with other people.

They will usually choose a college that can keep them as close to their families as possible. Either way, they will usually impatiently wait for vacations so that they can go home and relax.

Though natives of Cancer strongly dislike staying up late to study, their essays and papers often show very good intuitions. They are very good at guessing answers and at providing satisfying results in their papers. They may push themselves to study so that they can please their family, their friends and their professors.

A major that highlights their sensitivity

Art, film, music and literature can be excellent majors for Cancers as they know how to produce good work in those areas. They will always impress their classmates and professors with their creative ability which is directly linked to their sensitivity.

Psychology and welfare studies are also excellent majors as they help them overcome their sensitivity by helping others. Through the study of neurology, they can also understand the origins of their feelings better by understanding how the brain works, thus controlling their feelings better.

A major that keeps them close to people

As natives of Cancer understand other people’s family needs very well, human resources studies or anthropology can be excellent majors. They will understand human behavior and social behavior very well and are likely to provide examples from their own home when doing presentations.

As natives of this sign are often spiritual or religious, divinity school or philosophy can also be good majors that will help them understand people better. While they may not often present their point of view to others, they will often carefully listen to what their classmates have to say.

Other majors

Other good majors for natives of Cancer sign can be anything related to languages. Natives of this sign often do well at modern language studies, linguistics or translation. They often learn languages fast and are able to communicate with people from other cultures.

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