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The Best College Majors For a Libra

The Best College Majors For a Libra

Are you a Libra and wondering what kind of college major you would excel at?

Logical and extroverted, natives of the Libra sign enjoy everything about education. They enjoy being in class as much as spending time with classmates. Natives of this sign will often choose a major that is related to their liking to learn about everything. Though they may choose a specific major, they will always try to attend classes that give them a variety of topics to think about.

You will often find natives of the Libra sign in campus coffee shops discussing what they learned in class with other classmates. Though some classmates may dislike their passion for learning about everything, they tend to talk about things in such a neat way, anyone can understand and grasp their point.

Libra people are often altruistic people who will take time to explain what was learned in class to their classmates. Once they go home, they often try to figure out what the next step should be regarding their homework and papers.

As they are excellent communicators, their papers and essays often show a great deal of logic and are easy to understand. Natives of Libra are able to choose difficult topics to write about and turn them into simple, easy to understand topics.

Majors that require logic

Accounting, finance, math or other scientific majors can be very good choices for natives of this sign. Their logic often pays off as they are usually able to make the link between numbers and data.

They are often very good at everything that requires logical and clear reasoning and often turn in papers and exams that are very neat and easy to understand, which will often impress classmates and professors.

Majors that require social interaction

Teacher’s college, teaching English as a second language, or literature can be very good choices for natives of this sign, as they like jobs and professions where they can interact with a lot of people. Such majors often require internships where natives of this sign will get to work with students who will often be passionate about learning from them.

Natives of Libra will often focus on the communication aspects of these majors, thus communication and marketing can naturally be other good choices for natives of this sign.

Other majors

Creative writing and social welfare are majors where natives of this sign will often find it easy to communicate with crowds while helping them. They often love teaching and lecturing, and like finding large crowds and audiences with whom they can express themselves.

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