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The Best College Majors For a Pisces

The Best College Majors For a Pisces

For imaginative and sensitive Pisces, the ideal college major would be one that tests your unlimited imagination.

People of the sign Pisces often find themselves daydreaming rather than listening in class. But when it comes to putting imagination into words or art, professors can not help but put these little creative geniuses an A+.

People of this sign feel more comfortable writing papers than memorizing loads of information that they find of little use. But their imagination helps them bring class materials to life in their little minds.

As Pisces people are sensitive, they often worry about their grades and study hard to get what they want. They don’t want to disappoint people and they don’t want to disappoint themselves.

Majors that require imagination

The best majors for Pisces people are majors that require an intense amount of creative imagination. They may not listen very carefully in class, but they spend hours contemplating the meaning of their class materials or majors in bed or over a cup of coffee, as did Pisces, Albert Einstein.

Artistic majors like art, art history, music, drama or creative writing can be excellent for people of this sign. Other majors that call on their imagination include theology, history, physics and astronomy, or mathematics.

Majors that call on their sensitivity

Majors that require a lot of compassion and sensitivity can be an excellent choice for people of this sign.

Such majors include social welfare, community health or peace studies. Natives of this sign make excellent paper presenters and would know how to call attention on their fellow students on topics that require a great deal of compassion or understanding.

Natives of Pisces sign may have trouble sharing the interest with native of other signs who may not understand their passionate interest for such majors and would reacted to their presentations and discussion interventions in a detached and aloof way.

Other majors

Natives of the sign Pisces should consider majors that test their compassion for human nature. Modern languages or cultural anthropology could be an excellent choice as such majors require a great deal of understanding of human nature.

Majors that mix both sensitivity and imagination can be excellent choices for natives of this sign. Such majors include biology and medical studies. While most students may be busy cramming for tests in such majors, natives of this sign will have fun learning in such majors. Their compassion and intelligent sensitivity helps them grasp complex subjects that many people have trouble understanding.

Finally, scientific majors such as veterinarian studies or… marine biology would be excellent choices for natives of this water sign. Either way natives of the Pisces sign will surprise professors at how much they are able to write creatively, regardless of the major. While most students have dull writings that are barely legible, natives of this sign master the craft of writing very well.

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