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The Best College Majors For a Sagittarius

The Best College Majors For a Sagittarius

Are you a Sagittarius and wondering what college majors you may excel at?

Natives of the sign of Sagitarius are positive and generous, and choosing a major is a means to underline their generosity towards other people. They will always do things for to help other people.

You may notice natives of this sign always smiling and interacting with other students. They have many goals in mind, which are not limited to their major. They want to join all sorts of club activities and want to learn everything that there is to learn out there.

Their positive state of mind and generosity is always reciprocated by professors. Though they are not always careful enough to turn in the best papers or to spend too much time working on their papers or essays, their work always shows that they have been implied in the course one way or another, usually in their interaction with students.

You may find natives of this sign partying and stay up late with friends and procrastinating before they turn in their papers or study for exams. Perhaps majors that have too many details that need to be memorized or that require constant attention may not be best-suited for them. But their positive energy always takes over, as they are able to learn a lot about the major on the long run.

Majors that require positive thinking

Natives of the sign Sagittarius usually love learning about other people and about human nature. They often like to understand how society works, whether it is the society they grew up in or far away societies.

Their positive energy often translates into helping other people, and their tolerance and open-mindedness often leads them to choose majors that require dealing with people.

Psychology, communication, marketing, cross-cultural studies or area studies such as African studies or Latin American studies are often good choices as they help natives of this sign discover and understand new cultures.

Majors that require generosity

Natives of Sagittarius are often very generous people who like helping others. They sometimes choose majors that can help them understand how to help people who are in need.

NGO studies, social welfare, community health or sociology can be good choices as they usually help natives of this sign turn their dreams of helping human kind into a reality.

Other majors

As natives of Sagittarius often like understand human nature and nature in general, biology, medical studies, veterinary studies or pharmacology can often help natives of this sign learn about nature while hoping that one day their job will deal with nature.

A few natives of the sign Sagittarius take their interest in environmental issues as far as choosing to major in that area. Some of them will even combine what they learned in class with mobilizing people to take action that will help protect the environment.

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