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The Best College Majors For a Scorpio

The Best College Majors For a Scorpio

Are you a Scorpio and wondering what college majors you can excel at?

Extreme but brave, natives of the sign Scorpio will choose a major that can test their ability to perform. They are willing to take challenges and to succeed. Natives of this sign often have problems dealing with professors and classmates but know how to get along with them in the end. Their extreme thinking often leads classmates to distance themselves and avoid them, but they know how to win them back.

Perhaps one characteristic that can define Scorpios is their unpredictability. One day they may seem like perfectly normal people and great allies, and the other day they may appear as enemies that should be avoided at all costs.

You will often see them trying to negotiate grades with professors, or trying to make up excuses for not being able to turn in an assignment in time. Still, they are very clever and are always able to find good excuses that convince their professors.

Natives of this sign often write essays and papers about extreme but original topics. They will often make clever analyses of topics that researchers themselves would never dare to write about. The original and extreme nature of their work often distinguishes them from other students, and they often get rewarded for it.

Majors that require thinking out of the box

Natives of the sign Scorpio often excel at jobs that require people to think out of the box. Quite a few of them will go on to pursue advanced degrees which require critical and analytical thinking.

Scientific majors such as physics, chemistry, computer science, medical school can be very good choices for natives of this sign as their ability to think out of the box often results in doing very good research and doing very well at examinations that require a lot of critical and analytical thinking.

Majors that require physical and mental toughness

Natives of Scorpio are often tough both physically and mentally and have energy that can keep them going for hours. They can usually handle very difficult situations and come out of them unhurt.

Military academies, law school or medical school can be good choices for natives of this sign who will usually know how to handle difficult workloads. Their energy often helps them keep up with class materials and perform very well at such notoriously difficult examinations.

Other majors

Communication, marketing, business or human resources can be good choices for natives of this sign as they are all majors that require dealing with difficult clients and handling whims and caprices from people.

Natives of the sign of Scorpio are often very strong mentally and know how to overcome handling difficult people. They can also sometimes come up with ideas that could convince virtually anyone.

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