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The Best College Majors For a Taurus

The Best College Majors For a Taurus

Honest and hard working natives of this sign should choose a major that highlights their honest and rewards them for their hard work.

Though natives of the Taurus sign have a strong dislike for change of pace and and changing environments, their discipline and charisma makes them go through college quite well.

In fact, many majors can be good choices for natives of this sign, as their hard work and discipline always pays off in the end. Their honesty often makes them professor favorites as they never cheat, or do things simply in order to get professor’s attention or to get a good recommendation letter.

For natives of this sign who tend to like routine and repetitive tasks, they can easily go through some majors that others would find boring due to the repetitive nature of learning.

Majors that require honesty

Needless to say that all majors require honesty. But some majors may lead students to careers that require people to prepare deceitful tricks for their customers or co-workers in order to climb the organization or company’s hierarchy.

While majors like political science or business administration are not always the best choice, majors like computer science, medical studies or social welfare studies can be excellent majors for natives of this sign.

Biology, anthropology or archeology are also majors where students have to provide honest but insightful research papers and essays, and lead people to careers where they have to be good and honest observers. Natives of Taurus can handle such majors very well.

Majors that require hard work

Perhaps the most brilliant students in medical school and law school are Taurus. While other students dread the idea of studying all night to ace the test, natives of this sign always take a careful approach to studying and like studying on a regular basis.

Other majors that require hard work and lots of memorization include computer science and engineering. Don’t forget that Taurus Mike Zukerberg worked consistently everyday in his field before he built the giant facebook empire. Natives of this sign can handle days of hard work in any field and will not calculate how much work needs to be done before they are satisfied.

Note though that natives of Taurus dislike situations that require a lot of changes and will not be the kinds of students who will ask that they transfer to another university or another major.

Other good majors

Other good majors for Taurus include elite police or military academies. Natives of this sign love routine and believe that it would have been fun to experience groundhog day.

Elite police or military academies need natives of this sign not only because they are good students, but also because they know how to keep troops motivated. It is unlikely that natives of this sign will complain about the food or the excess of discipline, as they will enjoy themselves and feel at home.

Elite military and police forces happen to have a lot of natives of Taurus zodiac sign who happen to get promotions very quickly and to assume leadership positions early on in their careers.

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