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Best Diets For Every Zodiac Sign

Astrology and your DietIt is a well known fact that people can be classified in various respects according to the sign of the zodiac under which they were born. One of the aspects in which people differ from one another is their physical profile.

Dietitians today review the biochemical values of a person’s metabolism before recommending the right diet for them. However astrology has also been proven to be a useful tool for determining the best diet for preserving the health of each person according to his birth sign.

The metabolic profiles of each sign are relevant for the Sun sign (month), Moon sign (day) and the sign of the Ascendant (hour).

Aries people should include in their diet brain and nerve foods like bulgur wheat, oats and barley. For protein, they best eat fish. As far as meat is concerned, they should eat little or no meat at all. They should also avoid heavily spiced foods and stimulants like liquor and red wine. Instead they should eat plenty of fresh salads, especially lettuce, tomatoes and spinach. They should also drink a lot of cooling juices like wheat grass, grape and apple juice, to counteract their tendency towards acidosis due to hyper metabolic activity. Tissue acids are a central factor in causing muscle spasms, tension and pain. And last but not least, Aries people must drink large amounts of water in order to maintain the hot/cold balance.

Taurus people must avoid eating fattening, starchy and heating foods like meats and liquors. Occasional lemon juice and water fasts help to counteract toxic deposits which eventually cause sore throats and earaches. A Taurus person would be well advised to overcome his natural tendency for overeating. Yellow fruits like lemon, grapefruit, banana and melons are especially beneficial for the health of a Taurus person. Carrots, celery, spinach, beans and peas should also be included in the diet of a Taurus person.

Gemini people need to include in their diet oxygenating foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Orange-colored foods like oranges, pink grapefruit, peaches, apricots, carrots, pumpkin and lentils etc., are especially beneficial for Gemini people because they help to decongest the lungs and prevent mucus. Gemini people should also avoid milk which produces mucus. They must refrain from eating heavily before bedtime.

Cancer people must avoid foods which ferment in the stomach, like refined breads. Beer should also be avoided. And they must watch out for Candida yeast producing foods like refined sugar, pastry and meats with antibiotics. Instead they should eat fish which is much healthier for them. Cancer people would be well advised to include in their diet violet colored foods like grapes, purple cabbage and buckwheat. In addition Cancer people should drink regularly fresh cabbage juice which is good for the stomach, counteracting ulcers and irritations. They should also eat regularly fresh sauerkraut which is good for the intestines and offsets dysfermentation.

Leo people should keep vegetarian diets. Meats, that are heating, like beef, turkey and lamb, are bad for Leo people and therefore should be avoided. On the other hand Leo people must make sure they include in their diet vegetable foods which are rich in iron, like spinach, kale and wheat grass. Also coconut, nuts, raisins, lentils as well as blue fruits like grapes and berries are beneficial for a Leo’s health.

Virgo people tend to suffer from digestive problems. Therefore they should avoid raw foods; they best eat lightly steamed vegetables. Also green legumes such as spinach, lettuce, green beans, brown rice, bulgur wheat, millet and lentils should be part of a Virgo person’s diet. As a rule Virgo people must not drink cold beverages with their meals, because they weaken their digestive powers.

Libra people tend to have weaker kidneys and therefore they must avoid eating meat. However they should include in their diet cereals, beans, corn, almonds and eggs. Also fresh vegetable juices made from cabbage, celery and cucumber are beneficial for keeping the kidneys clean and functioning.

Scorpio people should avoid fatty, rich and intoxicating foods and beverages. The best for them is a low-sodium vegetarian diet and they should eat regularly green vegetables such as brown rice, millet, wheat grass, spinach, lettuce, celery and cucumbers. Also cherries, oranges, lemons, asparagus and rhubarb are beneficial for a Scorpio person’s health.

Sagittarius people best avoid stimulants and intoxicants. Instead they should include in their diet cooling fruits like citrus, bananas and berries. Also foods which benefit the nerves such as oats, wheat and barley are essential for a Sagittarius person. Sagittarius people tend to get dehydrated and therefore must take care to drink a lot of water. Asparagus, corn, endive, cucumber, red cabbage and apples are also beneficial to a Sagittarius person’s health.

Capricorn people are generally meat eaters because they need heat producing foods for their health. They also tend to be anemic and must daily eat foods which are rich in iron and vitamin B12, such as cress, liver and red meat. Hot soups and spicy foods are also good for Capricorn people. They would be well advised to drink regularly fresh, green vegetable juices to help prevent toxic deposits and calcifications. In addition rye bread, almonds, eggs, fish, coconuts, kale, leeks and onions are beneficial for a Capricorn person’s health.

Aquarius people need to eat foods which stimulate blood circulation, such as chili and cayenne peppers. They also must include in their daily diet brain and nerve foods, like wheat grass, oats and barley. In general red-colored foods like beetroots, radishes, red peppers, saffron, strawberries, tomatoes, red beans, red meat and red pomegranates etc. are good for Aquarius people.

Pisces people must keep away from all kinds of intoxicants. Many foods, especially milk and dairy products, disagree with Pisces people. For protein they should eat regularly fish. In addition they would be well advised to drink lemon, lime, cranberries, apple, cabbage, celery and green juices for preventing lymphatic stasis. Their daily diet must also include grains like brown rice, bulgur wheat and quinoa, as well as tubers like potato and sweet potato. And for their digestion Pisces people need to eat fresh salads every day.

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