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Best Travel Destinations for Aquarius

Best Travel Destinations for Aquarius

The best travel destinations for Aquarians are usually rich in spirituality, harmony and peace to touch the souls of these unconventional individuals.

Aquarians require mental stimulation and a variety of experiences, that traveling to exotic and unusual places have to offer.

The vessel that this Water-Bearer carries is full of bright ideas and endless vision, which is why an Aquarian would opt for a unique vacation and this might involve spending a week in an accommodation, such as an Ice Castle or a Medieval Castle.

Finland, which is also referred to as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, will attract many individuals that are born under the horoscope sign of Aquarius. The Northern Lights can be seen from Finland, and it is a spectacular sight that can impress everyone. In addition, Finland (especially Helsinki – Finland’s’ capital city) is a hub of modern technology.

Auroville, South India is referred to as the “City of Dawn”, and a place of unending education and progress (making current dreams – reality). Auroville is the place that Aquarians can delight in universal harmony, a quality that they cherish and hold dear to their hearts.

Aquarians have an easy going personality, and they adapt to many types of situations, without compliant. They are independent, but also very friendly and make acquaintances wherever they may find themselves. Their endless energy draws them to energetic cities that are bustling with life, music and tons of interesting places.

While travelling, Aquarians need to be close to their laptop computer and smartphones, as they like to stay in touch with their loved ones, when they visit all corners of the world, and post pictures of their adventures to share with their family and friends. Besides having a strong internet connection with the people closest to them, it is not unusual to find the latest “gadget” tucked in the suitcase or backpack of a traveling Aquarian.

Adventure and Aquarians go hand and hand, and they would love to explore the Great Barrier Reef, climb the Swiss Alps or visit the North Pole.

As it is evident, Aquarian travelers have no interest in the ordinary, boring or mundane. To fill their interest and curiosity of science, a trip to visit the Kennedy Space Center, located in Florida, would also be a wonderful place for Aquarians to visit.

There is such a big world out there, that it is rare for Aquarians to visit the same place twice.

Berlin is an excellent location for Aquarians to explore, with its’ endless art galleries and museums.

Petra will offer some breathtaking sights to the Water Bearer; the carved stone canyons are an exquisite sight to behold.

Another great vacation spot for Aquarians would be the subtropical location of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The hiking at Jebel Hafeet is amazing, as is the camel market and handmade pottery. The archaeological digs would be of great interest to anyone born under the horoscope sign of Aquarius.

Some of the best golf courses can be found in Dubai, and for the person seeking more of a thrill, then a drive through the desert in an off road vehicle or a hot air balloon ride may fit the bill.

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